CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle today with a brilliant trade to match the atmosphere. A total of 151 head of Bulls, Heifers, Steers, and in Calf Cows. 55 Black and White stirks in the entry to avg at £528 and topped the trade at £775. Mont x sold to £600. Good 6-8 month Limi’s around the £600 mark. BB X heifers sold very well with the bidders ringside pushing on strong to buy numbers with them £600/ £700 strongest ones up to £820 and a few smaller/ younger ones either side of £500. BB X Bullocks again selling well with Wednesday store vendors looking to replenish stock sold recently.


More numbers required for next Months sale with buyers coming from the East and Southern Counties to the local area.

5 Incalf AA Cows sold to avg £902 with plenty of buyers ringside.
Next Livestock Only Sale – Saturday 8th August. (entries to mart office)




Online Working Sheep Dogs –
Wednesday 15th July ** LOTS 1-25** bidding commences @ 11am and finishes at 9pm onwards.

Thursday 16th July ** LOTS 27-51** bidding commences @ 11am and finishes at 9pm onwards


Opening Sale of 4,666 Store Lambs – Wednesday 15th July. Sale 10.30am. Main Ring


 Online Machinery Sale –

Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th August (Sale for Tractors/Trailers/Stone/Timber/Reclaim etc)

Entries close Friday 24th July – Full entry form can be found online.

Forward – 151 head cattle & 10 Sheep & Goats



Hereford                             to £505

Limousin                             to £565



Brit Blue                              to £630 av £555

Limousin                             to £600 av £598

B&W                                     to £775 av £528

Shorthorn                           to £600 av £535

Ab  Angus                            to £580 av £561

Jersey                                   to £240 av £132

Hereford                             to £630

Mont Bel                             to £600



Charolais                             to £590

Limousin                             to £795 av £551

Brit Blue                              to £820 av £689

Shorthorn                           to £525 av £469

Hereford                             to £640 £574

An Angus                             to £770 av £506

B&W                                     to £810 av £750


Cows Incalf

Blue x                                    to £880

AA x                                       to £980

Lim x                                     to £900