FORWARD: REGISTERED LLEYN SHEEP CCM Auctions conducted the Annual Sale of MV Acc Registered LLeyn Sheep at Skipton Mart on Thursday for members of The Lleyn Sheep Society. Champion was A Shearling Ram from The Fort Family of Brighton House, Steeton. Sired by Clansman, he went on to sell for 1,000gns to Tim Riley, Hebden Bridge. In a year when Lleyn Females have generally been less money, Skipton had a solid trade for Gimmer Shearlings to record an average on a par with last year. The clearance rate for rams was also good with the usual strong trade for commercial types. A poor show of ewe lambs this year were not up to the usual size seen at Skipton and the average of £77 reflects this.

Judging this year was in the hands of John Morton, Bank Hall, Kirkland, Penrith and he awarded the following results:


Rams –

1st G&A Fort

2nd G&A Fort

3rd A Davies


Shearlings –

1st JA&R Geldard

2nd H Goldie

3rd M Shields


Ewe Lambs –

1st Farmstock Genetics

2nd WJ&DJ Williams

3rd M Shields



RESERVE – JA&R Geldard


Averages – (2016)

Rams – to £1050 (£397)

Shearling Ewes – to £155 (£129)

Ewe Lambs – to £115 (£77)


Principle Prices –

Shearling Ram

1000gns G&A Fort; 650gns AW Davies; 600gns G&A Fort; 480gns JA&R Geldard; 480gns H&M Dugdale & Sons; 450gns WJ&DJ Williams;  


Yearling Ewes

£155 JA&R Geldard; £152 G&A Fort; £152 DCS Alexander; £150 M Shields; £150 DCS Alexander; £148 H Goldie;

£147, £146 TA&J Swinbank; £145 H Goldie; £145 DCS Alexander;


Ewe Lambs

£115 Farmstock Genetics; £100 WJ&DJ Williams; £95 P Knowles; £92 M Shields; £90 WJ&DJ Williams; £90, £88, £86 Farmstock Genetics; £85 D Knowles; £85 P Knowles;