WEEKLY SALE 11:30AM. 473 BREEDING & STORE SHEEP (55 Ewes with 91 Lambs at Foot and 327 Store Lambs)

A good show of ewes and lambs were a nice sharp trade with good outfits of Texel ewes, regardless of age, making £210-£230 for twins and £150-£180 for singles. Sheep and lambs averaged £193 per family or £72.84 per life. More outfits required each week with a good ringside of buyers looking for sheep. 


Also today we sold 327 store lambs with a mixed bag seeing better Continental crosses from £70-£75, and medium to longer keep lambs £65 to £70. Better pens of Mules £66 to £69.

Entries for the Weekly catalogue of Breeding and Store Sheep to the Mart Office by Friday lunchtime please.


Texel 3crop Twins to £230 CE Knaggs & Son

Texel correct Twins to £220 CE Knaggs & Son

Texel B/M with Twins to £215 RJ Umpleby

Texel Shearlings with Twins to £215 M Hutchinson

Texel  Shearling with Single £145 M Hutchinson

Texel Correct with Singles to £165 CE Knaggs & Son

Suffolk Correct with Twins to £220 CE Knaggs & Son

Mule Correct with Single to £170 M Hutchinson

Zwartbles x with Twins to £180 M Hutchinson

STORE LAMBS (Av £65.75)

Texel to £75 (av £69.88) WM May

Mule to £69 (av £62.99) WM May

Charollais to £72.50 (av £69.01) WM May

Swaledale to £47 (av £42.33) Ellis Bros