81 Rearing Calves. Rearing Calves to £710 (81) B&W av £81 Cont av £413 Native av £260.5 A fantastic show of rearing calves today with a top quality entry from all supporters. The top honours of the day went to a suckler bred calf from Phillip Summers, Clayton which rocketed to a new auction record of £710. The day was full of other high prices with Shaun & Peter Sowray taking the next top with a Limousin Bull peaking at £630. Other vendors such as Fred Houseman and John Marshall of Monk Ing had some strong runs with an average of £434 for British Blue Bulls. Strong prices were also received for Aberdeen Angus calves with bulls averaging £251 and Heifers averaging to £268. Credit to all the entered and congratulations to the prize winners.

Calf Show

Class 1 – Brit Blue Bull

1st  P Summers Agriculture                2nd A Sowray & Son                            

Class 2 – Brit Blue Heifer

1st A Sowray & Son                              2nd A Sowray & Son                             3rd JP&KE Hartley

Class 3 – Limousin Bull

1st A Sowray & Son                              2nd RD Metcalfe

Class 4 – Limousin Heifer

1st RD Metcalfe & Son

Class 7 – Native x Bull

1st JC Marshall                                       2nd JR CJ&D Drake                                3rd K&M Berry

Class 8 – Native x Heifer

1st Church Farm Enterprises              2nd DL DM J Heron                               3rd JP&KE Hartley

Class 9 – B&W Bull

1st DL DM J Heron

Class 10 – Cont x Male Stirk

1st Church Farm Enterprises              2nd Church Farm Enterprises             3rd JC Marshall

Class 11 – Cont x Heifer Stirk

1st JC Marshall                                       2nd Church Farm Enterprises

Class 12 – Native Stirk

1st M&R Smith

Champion – P Summers Agriculture

Reserve – A Sowray & Son



Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £532.5) to £630 A Sowray & Son                        

Brit Blue x (Av £434) to £710 Phillip Summers                            

Aberdeen Angus x (Av £251.67) to £280 JC Marshall                                                 

MRI (Av £77.50) to £80 L&A Watson                                             

Shorthorn to £235 JR CJ & D Drake

Black & White (Av £81) to £200 M&R Smith



Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x (Av £257.4) to £305 RD Metcalfe                               

Brit Blue x (Av £345.71) to £380 JC Marshall                               

Aberdeen Angus (Av £268.33) to £290 JP&KE Hartley                                                              

Saler to £230 RL Wright & Sons