MARKET REPORT - Monday 1st April

50 PRIME CATTLE comprising 7 Cattle (under 30mos), 2 Clean Cattle (over 30mos), 41 Cast Cattle 2,449 PRIME SHEEP comprising 2,168 Prime Hoggs, 281 Cast Ewes & Rams 28 REARING CALVES 375 EWES & LAMBS 10 LOADS OF PRODUCE

PRIME CATTLE (under 30 mos)

The rescheduled Easter Show of Prime Cattle produced a good entry from John and Alison Spensley

of Thorlby who took the championship and reserve. Their Champion and first prize heifer a 580kg

Charolais cross heifer joined Mesrs D&A Gregory & Sons retail butchers of Bacup for 246.5p/kg

or £1430. Mesrs Gregory were again purchasers of the third prize heifer a Blonde cross from

 Roger Wood of Crossroads which made 240.5p/kg or £1467.


501-590kg                             to 246.5p/kg        av 207p/kg

590kg+                                   to 240.5p/kg        av 236.51p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

Roger Wood                          Blonde x Hfr          £1467                    240.5p

B Spensley Ltd                      Char x Hfr              £1430                    246.5p

Roger Wood                          Blonde x Hfr          £1285                    227.5p

B Spensley Ltd                      Char x Hfr              £1218                    217.5p

DE & MA Booth                     B&W Hfr                £974                       175.5p


Overall Average                                   123.33p/kg           £803.73

As anticipated cows a very good trade with suppliers stocking up for re-opening tomorrow after the Easter break. A shortage of fed cows but a good indicator was that the top 11 Dairy cows averaged 139.86p/kg. Feeders keen on young lean dairies and beef crosses with the latter topping at 164.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus cross.

Mature bulls sought after with James Hall from Darnbrook heading up the section with a Longhorn weighing 825kg making 143.5p/kg or £1183.

Black & White                       to 160.5p/kg                        av 119.58p/kg

Charx                                      to 150.5p/kg                        av 143.87p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 148.5p/kg                       

AAx                                         to 164.5p/kg

Limx                                       to 139.5p/kg


Overall Average                                   138.41p/kg           £998.86

B&W                                       to 134.5p/kg

Longhorn                               to 143.5p/kg

Galloway                                to 136.5p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head)

G Abbott&Sons                     B&W                       £1209

J Whittaker                           Charx                     £1136

CM&EM Gratton                  B&W                       £1067

AN Bolland                            B&W                       £1045

J Whittaker                           AAx                         £1036

AN Bolland                            B&W                       £1011

AN Bolland                            B&W                       £970

JC&N Throup                         Limx                        £963

GB Moorhouse                     B&W                       £961

J Whittaker                           Charx                     £928

Top Prices (p/kg)

J Whittaker                           AAx                         164.5p

CM&EM Gratton                  B&W                       160.5p

J Whittaker                           Charx                     150.5p

DR&FE Wallbank                 BBx                         148.5p

G Abbott & Sons                   B&W                       146.5p

AN Bolland                            B&W                       146.5p

AN Bolland                            B&W                       141.5p

JC&N Throup                         Limx                        139.5p

AN Bolland                            B&W                       138.5p

AN Bolland                            B&W                       137.5p



The averages may show a slight reduction, but in truth trade very similar. Quality Beltex types, 7 pens over 300p/kg and some fantastic runs of sheep, Fox Farms £137 £133 £128 £127 £123x2 £122 £121 Sarah Eddleston £125 £116, Tim Robinson £125 £121, Stock Enterprises £121 £115, Geoff Blezzard £116, Jim Baines £115, Greame Jackson £109. Fox Farms 342p 324p 300p 297p 295p, Sarah Eddleston 324p 320p 305p, Tim Robinson 297p 295p, Stocks Enterprises 300p. Commercial Export sheep 210p to 225p, but those lacking finish are not as dear as a few weeks ago with processors definitely sticking to fleshed sorts 40kg to 43kg. Hill bred lambs a similar trade as long as they are finished, best Mules around 200p.

Cast Sheep were a phenomenal trade compared to recent weeks, the sale average price up into the £70’s for some time with heavy ewes £120 to £140 regular away, and better Mules up into the high 80’s.

PRIME HOGGS  – Overall Average £80.91 per head or 197.76p/kg                                                          

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 324.2p/kg         av 188.8p/kg        or £63.81per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 342.5p/kg         av 203.5p/kg        or £82.60per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 227.2p/kg         av 192.7p/kg        or £93.20per head

52.1kg and over   to 200.0p/kg         av 176.7p/kg        or £96.54per head

Beltex average £103.73per head or 267.1p/kg

TOP PRICES: £137 or 342.5p/kg Fox Farms

Texel average £83.59per head or 199.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £125 TA Robinson or 300.0p/kg Stocks Enterprises

Suffolk average £83.54per head or 190.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £98 J Drinkall or 212.5p/kg CD&RF Kitching

Charollais average £83.10per head or 192.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £95 PW Simpson or 205.6p/kg B Dibb

Mule average £75.71per head or 183.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £89 JR Lancaster or 202.4p/kg CD&RF Kitching

Lleyn average £76.33per head or 198.8p/kg

TOP PRICES: £85.50 or 208.5p/kg W Tomlinson

Swaledale average £59.10per head or 163.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £82 R Tennant or 184.1p/kg RG Church Ltd

Lonk average £74.14per head or 180.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £82 D Feather or 190.8p/kg J Lord

Cheviot average £81.11per head or 194.1p/kg

TOP PRICES: £95.50 WH&JW Hartley or 208.1p/kg B Dibb

SBF average £78.54per head or 191.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £81 MD Shields or 193.8p/kg J&E Slater

Gritstone average £82per head or 207.7p/kg

TOP PRICES: £83 J Lord or 207.5p/kg B Dibb

CULL EWES average £73.84

Suffolk to £129.50, Texel to £136.50, BFL to £133.50, Mule to £89.50, Down to £147.50, Teeswater to £73.50, Jacob to £81.50,  Lleyn to £83.50, Swaledale to £45.50, Dalesbred to £54.50, SBF to £74.50.


LOWLAND: £136.50 T Boothman; £134.50 N Caton

MULE/MASHAM: £89.50 A&SL Throup; £88.50 B Watchorn

HORNED: £81.50 S&JS Thompson; £74.50 CJ&J Harker;

HILL: £133.50 J Middleton; £83.50 West Berwick Farms

CAST RAMS average £105.61

Suffolk to £103.50, Texel to £132.50, Cheviot to £138.50, Lleyn to £89.50, Swaledale to £, Dalesbred to £.

TOP PRICES: £138.50 T Boothman; £132.50 A&CL Gray;



A cold and bitter day kept many farmers away defrosting parlours and combatting the miserable weather. However the vendors who braved the harsher climate met a strong trade with a strong Simmental bull calf from Andrew Ogden, Cowling reach £302. Duncan Holme had the trade of the day with a nice run of Aberdeen Angus calves averaging £204.50 and John Blackwell with three Hereford bull calves averaging £220 and topping at £250. Hope to see a larger entry next week.  


Limousin x                             av £160  to £225                  JC Marshall                           

Shorthorn                             to £250                                  JR CJ & D Drake   

Aberdeen Angus                  av £204.50 to £222             GD& JC Holme                     

Black & White                       av £75.52 to £98                                 JC Marshall

Hereford X                            av £220  to £250                  HJ&K Blackwell

Simmental                            to £302                                  AJ Ogden                              


HEIFER CALVES                    

Limousin x                             av £180  to £200                  JC & DJ Marshall                  

Shorthorn x                          to £230                                  JR CJ & D Drake   

Aberdeen Angus                  av £160  to 170                    GD&JC Holme                                                      


PRODUCE (10 Loads)

Haylage Hestons                                  to £40 per bale

Haylage Rounds                                    to £36.00 per bale

Bales Hay Hestons                               to £33.50 per bale

Meadow Hay Bales                              to £32.50 per bale

Small Hay Bales                                    to £3.50


A good entry of sheep & lambs for the Easter Show & Sale saw all outfits with strong lambs to sell to a good trade. The champions, a pen of 5 Texel Ewes  with 6 Beltex Lambs sold at £260 per outfit from Greame Jackson, Bentham purchased by Kevin Marshall, who also bought the Reserve Champions and 1st prize pair with twins again from Greame Jackson. Thomas Boothman, Linton sold a pen of Texel Shearlings with twin lambs at £245, 4 Texel 2 Shrs & twins at the same money and 12 Oxford 3 crop with 20 lambs at £232.

Vendors please advise the office of entries and numbers by 12noon Friday prior to each Monday Sale for entries to be included in the online catalogue. This helps us greatly in advising buyers travelling distance of anticipated sale entries. Thankyou.

Show Results –

Class 1 – 2 Ewes with Lambs

1st GE Jackson selling for £235 to Kevin Marshall

2nd B&ME Craven selling for £208 to Parkin Butchers

Class 2 – 5 Ewes with Lambs

1st GE Jackson selling for £260 to Kevin Marshall

2nd RJ Umpleby selling for £155 to GT&B Blezard

Champion – GE Jackson (5)                 Reserve – GE Jackson (2)



Texel Shlgs & Twins                            to £245

Texel Shlgs & 1.5 Lambs                     to £218

Texel Shlgs & Singles                          to £162

Texel Ewes Crct & Twins                     to £235  av £182

Texel Ewes Crct & 1.5 Lambs             to £260 av £215

Texel Ewes Crct & Singles                  to £138

Texel Ewes B/M    & Twins                                to £155 av £128

Texel Ewes B/M & Singles                  to £128

Suffolk Ewes Crct & Twins                                 to £135

Rouge 2 Shr & Twins                           to £212

Charollais Shlgs & Twins                  to £198

Charollais Shlgs & Singles                                to £150

Cheviot Ewes B/M & Twins                to £132

Cheviot Ewes B/M & Singles              to £132

Mule Ewes Crct & Twins                     to £132 av £142

Mule Ewes B/M & Twins                    to £130 av £123

Mule Ewes B/M & Singles                  to £105 av £88

Oxford Ewes Crct & 1.7 Lambs          to £232

Zwartable Ewe Crct & Single             to £100