Forward: 41 Prime cattle comprising 20 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) & 21 Cast Cattle 2,120 Prime Sheep comprising 1744 Spring Lambs, 52 Prime Hoggs & inc 17 Mature Sheep, 324 Cast Ewes & Rams 53 Rearing Calves 5 Dairy


Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

George Cropper of Sandersons Butchers in Baxenden weighed in with the top priced animal on the day a 550kg Limousin cross heifer from Bill Cowperthwaite of Malham Moor which made 256.5p/kg or £1411. The second high of the day also came from the pens of Bill Cowperthwaite this time a 590kg Limousin cross heifer which sold to Ellisons Butchers of Cullingworth for £1401 or 237.5p/kg. Robertshaws Farm Shop of Thornton was out replenishing stocks bringing 5 high quality cattle to book including both the leading priced steers best gross, a 580kg Limousin cross from CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield for £1395 or 240.5p/kg and leading p/kg at 241.5p (£1365) a 565kg Limousin cross from F&B Smith of Masongill. Leading buyer on the day James Robertshaw of Robertshaws Farm Shop gathered 9 purchases together in total including 4 for Keelham Farm Shop of Skipton whilst Countrystyle Meats Ltd also got amongst the top cattle with the second highest priced steer a British Blue cross weighing 570kg which was purchased for £1365 or 239.5p/kg from RT&J Critchley&Sons of Hutton.

An excellent show with good support from the retail trade making all cattle a very good trade.



465-555kg                                             to 239.5p/kg                        av.238.99p/kg

560kg                                                     to 241.5p/kg                        av.237.61p/kg


400-480kg                                             to 213.5p/kg

485kg+                                                   to 256.5p/kg                        av.225.15p/kg


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1395, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 1365, F&B Smith (Limx) 1364, R Wilson (Limx) 1354

p/kg: F&B Smith (Limx) 241.5, (BBx) 238.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 240.5, 239.5, SD Bennett (Limx) 239.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 239.5


£ per head: TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 1411,1401, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 1385, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 1378,1288, (BBx) 1348

p/kg: TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 256.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 249.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 238.5,(BBx) 238.5,237.5, TW Cowperthwaite (Limx) 237.5



Cull Cow Prices

Not quite as much heat in the cast cow trade but also not quite as much meat in the show. The 2 or 3 heavy dairies were still top side of 125p/kg and straight first cross beef cows were 140p/kg. The plain cows were a shade easier perhaps with the odd factory shut but most still 90p and upwards.

Overall Average                                   115.01p/kg                           £730.04

Black & White                      to 126.5p/kg                        av. 110.75p/kg

Beef Short                             to 127.5p/kg

Limx                                       to 145.5p/kg                        av.143.19p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: JD Crabtree&Son 961, 889,816, JD Taylor&Son 785, JSS Verity 785, E&KM Marshall 784, AN Bolland 733,711

p/kg: JD Crabtree&Son 126.5,126.5,123.5, E&KM Marshall 122.5, AN Bolland 116.5, JD Taylor&Son 115.5, ML&JE Kayley&Son 114.5


£ per head: T Riley (Beef Short) 854

p/kg: T Riley (Beef Short) 127.5


£ per head: M Mallinson Ltd (Limx) 1099, D Beck (Limx) 913.

p/kg: M Mallinson Ltd (Limx) 145.5, D Beck (Limx) 140.5



2,120 Prime Sheep comprising 1744 Spring Lambs, 52 Prime Hoggs & inc 17 Mature Sheep, 324 Cast Ewes & Rams


A good show for numbers today as 1744 lambs were penned for sale and a superb overall average of 237.3p/kg was recorded (+17p on the week).
All classes were keenly contested from start to finish, with heavy lambs very good to sell, whilst the handyweight export lambs would be dearer on the week by some margin.
JS Snowden, Rhylstone had top shot this week at 289p with 39kg at £113 each, closely followed by Upper Wharfedale producers CDRF Kitching, Threshfield with 289p and 278p. All three pens sold to Vivers Scotlamb in Annan. L Simpson and Sons from Pateley Bridge made 280p/kg of Continentals to Harthead Meat Company in Mossley. 70 pens, or just over 300 lambs, today sold for in excess of 250p/kg with this class of lambs in high demand.
J&F Nutter, Hurst Green made top price per head of £134 (49kg @ 273p) selling to Robertshaws Farmshop in Thornton, Bradford, The same vendor-buyer combination seeing a pair of 48kgs at 272p £131 each. WM Hall from Grassington was up to £132 for Charollais Lambs and AF Harker of Long Preston  made £131 of Texels, both pens secured by Farmers Fresh Wales. MJ Spensley Elslack had a cracking run o flambs topping at £130 each selling to Kendalls Farmers Butchers for their retail shops in Pateley Bridge and Harrogate. Countrystyle Meats Farmshop in Lancaster had lambs at £128 from ML Evans, Steeton, whilst Brayton Farm Shop Selby purchased lambs at £129 from Fleets Farms in Rhylstone. The 46kg to 52kg bracket today averaging 242.9p/kg or £116.93 and over 52kg averaging £126. Mule Wethers making an appearance now, topping £92 and averaging 219.4p.
A thought for the day, there were 1744 lambs today weighing from 32kg to 63kg, showing we can handle everything, and all were sold with prices ranging from £72 (32kg) to £134 (49kg) and achieving an overall average of 237.3p or £98.08 each. #SellLiveAndThrive.

Small show of Hoggs still looking a good trade considering the numbers of spring lambs forward.

Cull ewes a flying trade. Heavy ewes keenly contested with best grading Texels selling to heights of £129.50 and Heavy Texel ewes regular £110+. Suffolks lacked in size today. Mediums £80-£95 with a few heavies to reach a height of £111.50. Over Fat Mules are discounted, whilst contrasting with lean meat selling very well with the mules tops of £77.50 with an average of £72. Very lean meat Swales £35 Meated Swales £55-£57.50 with Dalesbred Ewes £62.50. Beltex ewes averaged £104. More ewes required on a weekly basis. Grazing orders coming forward along with the Slaughter ewes. Please ring Kyle or Ted for more information.


Prime Lambs – Overall Average £98.08 per head or 237.3p/kg              

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 250.0p/kg         av 239.0p/kg         or £82.89 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 289.7p/kg         av 236.7p/kg         or £96.64 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 276.1p/kg         av 242.9p/kg         or £116.93 per head

52.1kg and over   to 238.2p/kg         av 218.5p/kg         or £126.00 per head


Beltex average £98.75 per head or 250.8p/kg

£ per head: £121 GA Hewitt; £117 J&T Booker; £105 £104 Frankland Farms; £100 Haddon Farms; £99 TA Robinson;

p/kg: 272.1p J&T Booker; 269.2p 260.0p Frankland Farms; 263.2p Haddon Farms; 263.0p GA Hewitt; 250.0p MG Thompson;

Texel average £98 per head or 237.8p/kg

£ per head: £131 AF Harker; £130 MJ Spensley; £129 Fleets Farml £129 JC&PS Turner; £127 TP&EA Clayton; £126 A&SL Throup;

p/kg: 289.7p 272.7p JS Snowden; 289.2p 278.9p CD&RF Kitching; 280.5p L Simpson; 276.9p J Sugden; 276.7p 276.2p AF Harker;

Suffolk average £101.39 per head or 240.3p/kg

£ per head: £134 £131 £129 J&F Nutter; £128 £127 £125 ML Evans; £126 TH Mellin; £126 JR Airey;

p/kg: 276.1p 272.3p 266.0p ML Evans; 273.5p 272.9p 268.8p J&F Nutter; 272.1p 268.1 TH Mellin;

Charolais average £95.70 per head or 232.8p/kg

£ per head: £132 £125 WM Hall; £122 £119 JC&PS Turner; £115 TA Robinson; £115 KJ Marston; £115 TJ Howarth;

p/kg: 267.4p TA Robinson; 255.6p TJ Howarth; 252.4p A&AR Phillipson; 242.9p JC&PS Turner; 240.4p WM Hall;

Mule average £85.88 per head or 219.4p/kg

£ per head: £92 FM Shepherd; £85.50 JC&N Throup; £74 JA Mellin;

p/kg: 230.0p FM Shepherd; 208.5p JC&N Throup; 205.6p JA Mellin;

Down x average £98.20 per head or 226.3p/kg

£ per head: £115 JH Baker; £104.50 R Judson; £92 JJ Beckwith;

p/kg: 239.6p JH Baker; 227.2p R Judson; 223.1p Charnleys;

Rouge average £104.63 per head or 239.7p/kg

£ per head: £118 £114 £102.50 £97 JA&JM Wade;

p/kg: 253.6p 244.0p 236.0p 225.6p JA&JM Wade;

Zwartable average £84.22 per head or 190.4p/kg

£ per head: £98 £90 £80 £75 JH Baker;

p/kg: 217.8p 192.3p 186.0p 183.7p JH Baker;


Prime Hoggs – Overall Average £76 per head or 237.3p/kg    

Texel to £80, Mule to £74, Cheviot to £80, Down to £80, Beltex to £79


17 Mature Sheep to £84 av £69



Cull Ewes average £76.42

Suffolk to £111.50, Texel to £129.50, BFL to £83.50, Mule to £77.50, Swaledale to £57.50, Gritstone to £75.50, Cheviot to £89.50, Beltex to £111.50, Zwartable to £77.50, Rouge to £119.50, Charollais to £117.50, Dalesbred to £62.50

Top prices:

Lowland: £129.50 L Simpson; £119.50 A&SJ Sugden; £119.50 M Crabtree;

Mule/Masham: £77.50 R&M Towell; £77.50 MD&HE Wallbank; £77.50 B Spensley;  

Horned: £62.50 JK Wilson; £57.50 ML&JE Kayley; £55.50 J Middleton;

Hill: £89.50 J Caygill; £75.50 IJ Pratt;  


Cast Rams average £90.50

Texel to £138.50, BFL to £87.50, Swaledale to £39.50.




53 Rearing Calves to £500

Calves, Skipton is still leading the trade for Young Rearing Calves with an entry of 53 calves forward. Trade still serious with an electric buzz ringside. Black and Whites all in the region of £60-£190. With an average of £91. Best Blue Bulls above £400 with very few below with an Average of £384. Lim Bulls topped at £500 followed by another at £440. With a total average of £380. Blue Heifers £395 top price with 8 in the entry, all 4 weeks and under so no stronger older sorts in the entry with just smalls and mediums shown on the day. Blonde Bull sold to £420. 12 AA Bulls in the entry with best above £300. Mediums and smalls £240-£300. AA Heifers again all £200+ with a top of £370.

Buyers out in force from a wide catchment from both north and south of the county. With any enquires on buyers requirements please call Kyle Hawksworth 07538539077.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £380) to £500                           NM Breaks                                           

Brit Blue x (Av £384) to £435                           DE&MA Booth                                    

Aberdeen Angus (Av £251) to £305 JM Smith

Blonde (Av £420) to £420                                 NM Breaks

Saler (Av £280) to £280                                     ST&JE Foster                       

Black & White (Av £91) to £190                      J Caygill 


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £266) to £370                             NM Breaks                                                                                           

Charolais (Av £150) to £150                             NM Breaks                           

British Blue (Av £321) to £395                         RE Ayrton                             

Limousin (Av £307) to £400                              NM Breaks                           




5 Dairy

Strong demand and trade continued in the sale ring at CCM Skipton for the fortnightly dairy sale with more cattle urgently required.

Trade topped at £2120 for Aireburn Quaich Doll from Brian Moorhouse, Bellbusk with another from the same home also selling at £2020 and both heading to Blezard’s at Ribchester. Mark Smith, Skipton and Pete Baul , Bishop Thornton regular vendors also had good heifers with plenty of milk forward and trade averaged £1908 on the 5 fresh heifers forward.
Next Sale – Monday 6th July


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers                        to £2120 av £1885              GB Moorhouse

Commercial Newly Calven Heifers                  to £2000 av £2000              M&R Smith




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