Market Report - Monday 27th April 2020

Forward: 45 Prime cattle comprising 24 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 1 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 20 Cast Cattle. 2,714 Prime Sheep comprising 141 Spring Lambs, 2,377 Prime Hoggs, 186 Cast Ewes & Rams & 10 Goats. 39 Rearing Calves. 5 Dairy.


Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

Another ring full of retail customers keen for cattle to keep fridges full as demand from customers old and new continues. George Cropper with a popular shop in Baxenden bought the days two top prices both from Charles and Richard Kitching of Threshfield both heifers one a 585kg British Blue at £1489 or 254.5p/kg and the other a 570kg Limousin cross at £1451 or 254.5p/kg. Top p/kg price was 262.5p/kg for a 535kg (£1404) Blonde cross heifer from Steven Jowett of Thornton which sold to Keelham Farm shop of Skipton. Top price steer was a 570kg Bazadaise cross steer from RT&J Critchley&Sons of Hutton which joined Countrystyle Meats Ltd of Lancaster for 246.5p/kg or £1405 an identical price to a 570kg Limousin cross steer sold by  Mesrs F&B Smith of Westhouse to James Robertshaw who bought the beast for his own shop Robertshaws Farm Shop of Thornton. A very useful show of retail cattle met another very strong trade with a steer average of 239.39p/kg and heifer average of 234.12p/kg.



465-555kg                                             to 235.5p/kg                        av.232.52p/kg

560kg+                                                   to 246.5p/kg                        av.243.13p/kg


485kg+                                                   to 262.5p/kg                        av.234.12p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg


£ per head: F&B smith (BBx) 1412, (Limx) 1405, RT&J Critchley&sons (Bazx) 1405, (Limx) 1336, Phoenix Grain Co Ltd (Limx) 1347

p/kg: RT&J Critchley&Sons (Bazx) 246.5, F&B Smith (Limx) 246.5,236.5, (BBx) 245.5, Phoenix grain Co Ltd (Limx) 240.5


£ per head: CD&RF Kitching (BBx) 1489, (Limx) 1451,1447,1419, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1411, S Jowett (Blondex) 1404

p/kg: S Jowett (Blondex)   262.5, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 260.5, (Limx) 255.5, 247.5, CD&RF Kitching (Limx) 254.4,249.5, (BBx) 254.5


Prime Cattle (over 30 mos)

Overall Average                                   98.5p/kg                               £472.80

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

£ per head: E&KM Marshall (B&W Hfr) 473

p/kg: E&KM Marshall (B&W Hfr) 98.5




Cull Cow Prices

A good show of meat and cattle with scope for improvement met a very good trade with a number of young lean dairies

Overall Average                                   113.71p/kg                           £785.47

Black & White                      to 126.5p/kg                        av. 112.57p/kg

Blondex                                 to 131.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)


£ per head: JD Taylor&Son 1090,932,841, RD Metcalfe&Son 958,830, AL Dean&Son 867, G&PS Fleetwood 776, E&KM Marshall 772

p/kg: AL Dean&Son 126.5, G&PS Fleetwood 124.5,118.5, RD Metcalfe&Son 118.5,117.5, JD Taylor&Son 117.5, Wood Bros 117.5


£ per head: ML Evans (Blondex) 1039

p/kg: ML Evans (Blondex) 131.5



Overall Average                                   156.5p/kg                             £1158.10


£ per head: GB Moorhouse 1158

p/kg: GB Moorhouse 156.5



2,714 Prime Sheep comprising 141 Spring Lambs, 2,377 Prime Hoggs, 186 Cast Ewes & Rams & 10 Goats.

Increasing numbers of spring lambs arriving now week on week, but wholesale trade is strong and demand is outstripping the early season supply. A very pleasing overall average of 267p (SQQ to 45kg of 275p), with tops of 357p (38kg at £136) for Continentals from NA Tattersall of York selling to George Croppers Sandersons Butchers in Baxenden. The same vendor also made 344p (34kg at £117) to Yorkshire Halal Meat Supplies, Keighley.
A very mixed show of 2377 hoggs were forward for sale and quality at a premium. Jeff Burrow of Hanlith led the way at 321p 312p and 302p all three lots selling to Vivers Scotlamb who also claimed hoggs at 302p form PW Simpson of Wigglesworth. Top price of £125 was achieved by GA Depledge, and also by EP&JM Hutchinson of Faceby.
Again lightweight and handyweight hoggs were good to sell and short of buyers requirements, whilst heavy hoggs 46 kg or more, made up more than half the sale and prices of either side of £100 per head is the norm for heavies with supply plentiful.

We ask that vendors please help the auction staff at this difficult time by adhering to the delivery times of 7am to 11am and pre-entering sheep with Ted. We have everyone’s sheep to sort correctly prior to the sale starting, and late arrivals hamper us from doing so, especially when we are operating with reduced numbers of staff available too. Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thankyou.


Spring Lambs – Overall Average £112.99 per head or 267.1p/kg           

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 357.9p/kg         av 274.9p/kg         or £113.09 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 265.2p/kg         av 234.7p/kg         or £112.41 per head

52.1kg and over   to 187.5p/kg         av 180.2p/kg         or £103.33 per head


Suffolk average £109.81 per head or 245.3p/kg

£ per head: £118 £117 £113 ML Evans; £108 £105 LF Horton; £100 HL Kitching;

p/kg: 274.4p 251.1p 238.8p ML Evans; 263.4p 187.5p LF Horton; 232.6p HL Kitching;

Texel average £113.44 per head or 262.6p/kg

£ per head: £136 £129 PA&NS Tattersall; £127 B Spensley; £122 T&J Moran; £122 KJ Marston; £121.50 EP&JM Hutchinson;

p/kg: 357.9p 344.1p 339.5p 322.2p PA&NS Tattersall; 302.5p KJ Marston; 292.5p RG&SJ Paul; 292.3p TA Robinson;

Charolais average £113.22 per head or 274.8p/kg

£ per head: £115 £113 CW Marwood; £115 £112 KJ Marston;

p/kg: 294.9p 266.7p KJ Marston; 287.5p 275.6p 267.4p CW Marwood;

Hampshire average £105.63 per head or 226.2p/kg

£ per head: £109 £103 £100 SJR&EA Short;

p/kg: 247.7p 223.9p 166.7p SJR&EA Short;


Prime Hoggs – Overall Average £92.97 per head or 194.3p/kg              

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 321.2p/kg         av 254.3p/kg         or £86.47 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 312.8p/kg         av 210.7p/kg         or £88.12 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 243.5p/kg         av 196.7p/kg         or £95.07 per head

52.1kg and over   to 234.0p/kg         av 169.6p/kg         or £97.34 per head


Beltex average £108.03 per head or 274.8p/kg

£ per head: £124 K Marshall; £122 £120 £116.50 £115 £106 JE Burrows; £115 £98 JGE Heseltine;

p/kg: 321.2p 312.8p 302.6p 292.7p 284.1p 267.4p JE Burrow; 255.6p 239.0p JGE Heseltine;

Suffolk average £92.04 per head or 178.2p/kg

£ per head: £99 PA&NS Tattersall; £96 LF Horton; £94 HL Kitching; £93 A&E Stead; £93 PL Metcalfe; £93 K Marshall;

p/kg: 206.3p PA&NS Tattersall; 197.7p E Simpson; 191.7p J&JA Schofield; 191.3p D&GM Scott;

Texel average £96.06 per head or 199.2p/kg

£ per head: £125 GA Delpledge; £125 EP&JM Hutchinson; £120 A&K Kiernan; £119 K Marshall; £118 MJ&GC Dobson £118 JM Smith;

p/kg: 302.9p 287.5p PW Simpson; 291.1p A&K Kiernan; 266.7p TA Robinson; 261.4p K Marshall; 257.1p JJ Beckwith;

Mule average £87.16 per head or 177.8p/kg

£ per head: £90.50 £90 J Pickles; £90 E&S Baines; £89 LF Horton; £89 SR Dorey; £89 J&D Barritt; £89 E Simpson;

p/kg: 193.2p 185.9p RG Church; 190.9p WA VJ JA Towler; 189.4p LF Horton; 189.1p D Reay; 185.4p SR Dorey;

Charollais average £98.08 per head or 195.3p/kg

£ per head: £102 £98 £97.50 PR Baker; £98 SM&S Collinson; £94.50 E&S Baines;

p/kg: 225.0p E&S Baines; 220.0p W&M Oldfield; 209.8p Toothill Bros; 200.0p PR Baker;

Masham average £86.46 per head or 192.3p/kg

£ per head: £88 MJ Spensley; £88 SR Dorey; £87 W&M Oldfield; £75 I Kinder;

p/kg: 197.7p W&M Oldfield; 195.6p MJ Spensley; 187.2p SR Dorey; 178.6p I Kidner;

Swaledale average £73.98 per head or 183.6p/kg

£ per head: £89 J Baines; £86 HL Kitching; £85 £80 W&M Oldfield; £79 MJ ODonnell; £78.50 W Mason;

p/kg: 202.3p J Baines; 195.5p HL Kitching; 190.2p 189.2p RG Church; 186.0p 184.8p W&M Oldfeild;

Gritstone average £89.14 per head or 196.5p/kg

£ per head: £92 JM&VJ Howard; £83 E Simpson;

p/kg: 197.6p E Simpson; 195.7p JM&VJ Howard;

Cheviot average £81.93 per head or 207.5p/kg

£ per head: £86 W&M Oldfield; £83.50 BF Blezard; £83 W&M Oldfield;

p/kg: 218.4p MJ ODonnell; 208.8p BF Blezard; 208.3p I Kinder;

Herdwick average £79 per head or 183.4p/kg

£ per head: £82.50 S&D Robinson; £74 JR&WE Leeming;

p/kg: 192.1p S&D Robinson; 180.5p JR&WE Leeming;




Cull Ewes average £80.75

Heavy ewes today exceeding £100 with a leading price on the day of £127.50 from DA Towell of Glusburn. Heavy Mules 385 to £100, mediums £70 to £85 with plain ewes of all breeds well sought after with an audience of buyers containing orders for grazing ewes. Heavy horned ewes to £80.50, others £70+ and lighter ewes in the £55 to £68 region. A great average of £80.75 was achieved.

Suffolk to £108.50, Texel to £127.50, BFL to £104.50, Mule to £96.50, Lleyn to £85.50, Swaledale to £69.50, Masham to £, Jacob to £58.50, Cheviot to £75.50, Herdwick to £67.50, Lonk to £80.50, White Faced to £57.50,

Top prices:

Lowland: £127.50 DA Towell; £113.50 J&J Garnett;

Mule/Masham: £96.50 J&A Weare; £96.50 AM&SA Binns;  

Horned: £90.50 Westalls; £69.50 F Reeday;

Hill: £85.50 CD&RF Kitching; £85.50 RG&SJ Paul;  


Goats to £70.50 av £68.90


Cast Rams average £76.36

Texel to £87.50.



Rearing Calves to £405 (39)


Best end calves in high demand today with a top price of £405. Best blue bulls regular exceeding £380 with an average £298. Best Black & Whites upto £60 with smarter sorts regular either side of £40. More calves required to fulfil orders many purchasers are leaving short of calves. Purchasers keen for calves week on week.

Call Kyle with enquires.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £220) to £220                           KT Wood                              

Brit Blue x (Av £298) to £405                           N&SA Fort                                                           

Aberdeen Angus (Av £187) to £215 AP Townsend

Black & White (Av £58) to £100                      RE Ayrton                             


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £145) to £178                             Rainhall Farm                                                      

British Blue (Av £215) to £290                         N&SA Fort

Limousin (Av £235) to £240                              A Sowray



5 Dairy (av £1510)

A nice entry to get the sales underway again and although the milk price is under pressure there were planty of men in the big sale ring to sell many more than 5 New Calved Cattle too. Meesrs Baul led the way at £1800 with a Pedigree Heifer, whilst Messrs Parkinson run of NC Cows sold to £1620.
Next sale in 2 weeks, contact Sarah with all your entries. Thankyou.

Newly Calved Cows         to £1620               av £1485

Newly Calved Hfrs            to £1800               av £1526                                              




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