Craven Dairy Auction (22 head) Harder work throughout today with the milk cheques starting to make a dent in the buyers pockets with cattle less right the way through the sale. Top end struggled to make record prices with Robert Crisp and Jeremy Taylor enjoying the best of the trade reaching £1860 for some strong heifers. Middle of the road heifers were good to sell just not to a massive price. With all animals averaging £1641, a straight trade with buyers and sellers satisfied with the outcome in the dairy industry’s current difficult trading conditions.

Judge – Richard Crabtree

Prize Awards:      

Newly Calven Heifers:1st A Lawson & Son              2nd JD Taylor          3rd ASE Crisp & Son

Jersey/Coloured:                 1st & 2nd D&P Brown            3rd GB Moorhouse

                                Champion – A Lawson & Son            Reserve – JD Taylor


Newly Calven Heifers (10): to £1860 av £1608 ASE Crisp & Son


Newly Calven Brown Swiss (5): to 1820 av £1664 D&P Brown  


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers (6): to £1860 av £1675 JD Taylor & Son

Newly Calven Jersey Heifer (1): to £1520 GB  Moorhouse

59 Rearing Calves to £410

B&W av £67.58 Cont av £341.72 Native av £231

A strong trade with a lot of extra custom around with half term. British Blue heifers were in strong demand with 13 averaging £349 almost catching the bulls at an average around £357. Other continentals were also on fire with Simmentals to £345 for month old goods and a Blonde D’Aquitaine to £330.

Black and White Calves were up through the gears today with extra buyers in the market taking the top to £185 and averaging £67.58 for a good run of Calves all under 1 ½ months of age.   


Bull Calves

Limousin x to £290 AP Townsend                   

Brit Blue x (Av £356) to £410 RL Wright & Son                            

Blonde x to £330 N&R Sutcliffe                                       

MRI to £170                                        

Simmental x (Av £311) to £345 J Peel

An Angus to £270 AP Townsend

Black & White (Av £67) to £185 F Spence


Heifer Calves                       

Brit Blue x (Av £348) to £390 RL Wright & Son                            

Ab Angus to £160 ML&JE Kayley                                                     

Saler to £325 RL Wright & Son