MARKET REPORT - MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER 2013 43 PRIME CATTLE comprising 1 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 42 Cast Cattle 3,782 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3,447 Prime Lambs, 335 Cast Ewes & Rams 51 REARING CALVES 5 LOADS OF PRODUCE


43 PRIME CATTLE comprising 1 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 42 Cast Cattle

3,782 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3,447 Prime Lambs, 335 Cast Ewes & Rams





Cast cattle recorded an improved average for the third consecutive week. Non Farm Assured cattle fall immediately outside most specifications unless suitable for further finishing beyond the residency period and as result non assured cattle for immediate slaughter are heavily discounted.



Class 1 – Native

1st                  J Hall                                      96.5p/kg

2nd                 J Hall                                      93.5p/kg

3rd           JR CJ &D Drake                     109.5p/kg

Class 2 – Continental

1st            K Gamble                               159.5p

2nd           R Wilson                                123.5p

3rd           E Priestley                             110.5p

Class 3 – Dairy

1st            G Pickersgill&Sons               121.5p

2nd           KM&L Throup & Sons          153.5p

3rd           G Pickersgill & Sons


Champion –  K Gamble

Reserve – J Hall

Overall Average                   102.62p/kg           £678.65

Black & White                       to 153.5p/kg                        av 94.67p/kg

Jerseyx                                   to 98.5p/kg

Dairy Shorthorn                   to 112.5p/kg                        av 110.63p/kg

Brit Blue                                to 159.5p/kg                        av 128.73p/kg

Lim                                         to 128.5p/kg                        av 116.11p/kg

Beef Shorthorn                    to 109.5p/kg

Devon                                    to 105.5p/kg

Welsh                                     to 93.5p/kg

Longhorn                               to 93.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head)

KW Gamble                           BB                           £1140

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       £1021

R Wilson                                                Lim                          £982

H&S Maudsley                      BB                           £883

M Ryder&Son                       B&W                       £870

G Boothroyd&Son                B&W                       £858

WA&A Booth                        B&W                       £820

JR CJ&D Drake                      Beef Shorthorn    £816

JR Carr                                    Limx                        £790

JR Carr                                    Limx                        £789


Top Prices (p/kg)

KW Gamble                           BB                           159.5p

KM&L Throup&Son             B&W                       153.5p

JR Carr                                    Limx                        128.5p

R Wilson                                                Limx                        123.5p

G Pickersgill&Sons               B&W                       121.5p

JR Carr                                    Limx                        119.5p

H&S Maudsley                      BB                           118.5p

H&S Maudsley                      BB                           118.5p

I Barrett & Son                      BBx                         116.5p

H&SMD Lund                        Limx                        116.5p


PRIME SHEEP (3,782 Sheep)

Considering all the show lambs that were in yesterday’s sale, there was still some good quality today. This best end found a top of 276p from Clive Robinson, and several other lots 220p to 250p. Export weight lambs were good to sell all sale long 180p to 190p for nice meated 38kg to 41kg Suffolk & Texel crosses, but some heavier lambs (44kg plus) that were over fat found a bit of resistance from buyers. Hill lambs were better to sell especially fleshy lightweight horned lambs as these begin to fit the bill of the ethnic orders looking for more lambs 34kg to 37kg and also helped with there being less lowland lambs on the market in this weight bracket as store lamb trade has warmed up recently for the wintering lambs.

The Christmas Show & Sale of Cast Sheep was held today, and this corresponded with another improved trade and an increase in average of £5 per head.

PRIME LAMBS  – Monday Sale Overall Average £74.70 per head or 176.28p/kg                                                 

25.5kg to 32.0kg                 to 219.4p/kg         av 153.9p/kg         or £47.04 per head

32.1kg to 35.9kg                 to 237.0p/kg         av 164.3p/kg         or £56.20 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 278.4p/kg         av 180.9p/kg         or £75.29 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 225.0p/kg         av 167.2p/kg         or £80.67 per head

52.1kg and over                  to 179.2p/kg         av 153.1p/kg         or £84.40 per head

Beltex average £88.60 per head or 230.9p/kg

TOP PRICES: £104 PW Simpson or 278.4p/kg T&C Robinson

Texel average £75.39 per head or 177.8p/kg

TOP PRICES: £97 M Hall or 236.3p/kg RH&MR Ireland

Suffolk average £74.67 per head or 171.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £83.50 JR Parker or 192.3p/kg AJ&HC Clark

Charollais average £75.41 per head or 177.1p/kg

TOP PRICES: £95 or 226.2p/kg D Calvert

Mule average £69.77 per head or 159.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £72.50 Ellis Bros or 170.6p/kg D Lodge

Swaledale average £58.01 per head or 157.7p/kg

TOP PRICES: £68 I Wilson or 170.3p/kg W Mason & Son

Dalesbred average £57.17 per head or 156.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £67 JC&DJ Marshall or 161.3p/kg T Atkins

Rouge average £79.15 per head or 162.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £89 or 167.9p/kg JA&JM Wade & Son


CULL EWES average £45.33

Suffolk to £63.50, Texel to £109.50, Charollais to £67.50, BFL to £55.50, Mule to £66.50, Rough Fell to £47.50, Cheviot to £45.50, Swaledale to £43.50,


LOWLAND: £109.50 K Gamble; £98.50 PN Garth;

MULE/MASHAM: £66.50 B Lund; £60.50 M Smith

HORNED: £47.50 A Clarke; £43.50 C Nelson & Son

HILL: £55.50 JH Throup; £45.50 Grain Farms;


Class 1 – Cont/Down x

1st K Gamble

Class 2 – Horned

1st AJ&HC Clark

2nd C Nelson & Son

Class 3 – Mule/Masham

1st A Dean

2nd A Fisher

3rd S Spensley


Champion – K Gamble

Reserve – A Dean

CAST RAMS average £63.59

Texel to £76.50, Charollais to £84.50, BFL to £95.50, Cheviot to £96.50,


£96.50 Grain Farms; £95.50 JC Crabtree



REARING CALVES to £365  (51)

B&W av £72.10 Cont av £291.5 Native av £169.40

A decent show of calves to follow the Christmas Show last week, with a predominantly black and white showing trade was a little lighter though good well fed calves easily pushing £100. Those good honest month old calves are worth as much here as anywhere. 



Brit Blue x                             to £365                  av £295 RL Wright & Son                  

MRI                                         to £195                                                 

Aberdeen Angus                  to £210                  av £189.40 DL DM & J Heron                           

Black & White                       to £125                  av £72.10 Jennings Farmers                             


HEIFER CALVES                                    

Brit Blue x                             to £335                  av £288 Church Farm Enterprises                                                                                   

Aberdeen Angus                  to £202                  av £144.75 Church Farm Enterprises                             



Hay Big Bales to £29.50

Barley Straw Round Bales to £18