622 Breeding Sheep (inc: 219 Ewes with 380 Lambs & 23 Store Lambs A fantastic show of sheep with lambs at foot drew a large crowd of buyers. The quality end were an exceptional trade with several vendors seeing the equivalent of £75 to £85 per life for singles and twins. With more young outfits on offer today there was greater choice for buyers looking to put sheep into a flock this summer whilst the usual selection of older sheep with strong lambs offered feeders plenty to bid at.



Today we held  our Early Show & Sale of Ewes with Lambs @ Foot. Our thanks to the judge Mr Richard Caton for offering his expertise and the Sale Sponsors Brian Hoggarth Ltd & JG Animal Health


Class 1 – Cont/Suffolk Pair

1st B&ME Craven £190 each

2nd AV Bailey £230 each

3rd T Boothman £205 each

Class 2 – Cont/Suffolk Pen of 5

1st T Boothman £255 each

2nd T Boothman £235 each

3rd M Jennings £192 each

Class 3 – Mule/Halfbred Pen of 5

1st JE&ME Grange £225 each


Champion – T Boothman

Reserve – B&ME Craven


Ewes & Lambs


Ewes with Singles

Suffolk               to £162                      JE Blacker

Texel                 to £152 av £128          S Sleightholme

Mule                  to £118 av £114          R Parker

Charollais           to £192 av £183          B&M Craven

Gritstone            to £138                      S Sleightholme

Beltex                to £175 av £164          S Beeforth

Ewes with Twins

Suffolk               to £200 av £188          T Boothman

Texel                 to £260 av £197          T Boothman

Mule                  to £162 av £150          MP Jennings

Charollais           to £175 av £157          S Beeforth

Ewes with 1.5

Texel                 to £148                      PN Dalby

Mule                  to £100                      S Beeforth

Beltex                to £135                      S Beeforth

Shearlings with Singles

Texel                 to £170                      T Boothman

Shearlings with Twins

Texel                 to £235 av £216          T Boothman

Mule                  to £225                      JE&ME Grange

Store Hoggs

Texel                 to £81                        S Hickey

Swaledale          to £53                       GA Parker