Forward: 51 Prime cattle comprising 4 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 1 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 46 Cast Cattle 1843 Prime Sheep comprising 1718 Prime Lambs, 125 Cast Ewes & Rams 95 Rearing Calves 3 Loads of produce

Prime Cattle (under 30 mos)

October Primestock Show- Champion was a 645kg Limousin cross steer which tipped the scales at 645kg from Simon Bennett of Silsden Moor and was bought by  Keelham Farm Shop who also purchased the reserve champion a 540kg British Blue Heifer at 251.5p/kg from Bernard Simpson of Heathfield


Steer      1.&2. S Bennett

Heifer     1. BS Simpson       2.S Bennett



551-650kg                                             to 239.5p/kg        av 229.5p/kg


501- 590kg                                            to 251.5p/kg

590kg+                                                   to 241.5p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

Contx Steer

£ per head: SD Bennett (Limx)1545,(BBx)1469

p/kg: SD Bennett (Limx)239.5,(BBx)229.5

Contx Heifer

£ per head: BS Simpson (Limx)1509,(BBx)1358

p/kg:BS Simpson (BBx)251.5,(Limx)241.5



Cull Cow Prices

Dairy Breeds         1.JP&KE Hartley   2.F Spence            3. WP Gratton

Beefx                      1&2 D Pearson     3.Hurries Farm

Overall Average                                   96.44p/kg             £644.63

Black & White                       to 121.5p/kg                        av 92.82p/kg

Jersey                                     to 70.5p/kg

Limx                                       to 141.5p/kg                        av 128.05p/kg

BBx                                         to 109.5p/kg                        av 102.5p/kg

Simx                                       to 114.5p/kg

AAx                                         to 116.5p/kg                        av 112.03p/kg



Top Prices (£ per head or p/kg)

B&W: av p/kg

£ per head: JD Taylor&Son 898, LD&MA Clarke 897, MP Jennings(Dairy)Ltd 881, AL Dean&Son 864

p/kg: MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd 121.5, F Spence 117.5, LD&MA Clarke 113.5, WP Gratton 112.5


Brit Blue: av p/kg

£ per head: JA&E Metcalfe 684,618

p/kg: JA&E Metcalfe 109.5,96.5


Lim: av p/kg

£ per head: D Pearson 969,BS Simpson 778

p/kg: D Pearson 141.5, BS Simpson 779



Overall Average                                   124.5p/kg             £946.20


£ per head: RG Church Ltd 946

p/kg: RG Church Ltd 124.5



Prime Sheep

October’s Monthly Primestock Show – The Champion award went to Kevin Huck with his 5 Beltex x Lambs weighing 42kg bought by Keelham Farm Shop for £96 per head. Show was judged by Mr Nick Dalby.

Trade was as expected, handy weighted lowland lambs were short of requirements and easy to sell, whilst heavy lambs were cheaper. Hill Bred lambs were also less money on the week following the end of Eid festival and less demand for the ethnic trade.


Show Results –


1st K Huck weighing 42kg £95 to Keelham Farm Shop

2nd T&C Robinson weighing 44kg £89 to Bowood Lamb

3rd G Sunderland weighing 44kg £84.50 to A Atkinson


1st K Huck weighing 42kg £49 to A Atkinson

2nd V Verity weighing 35kg £45.50 to A Atkinson


1st V Verity weighing 52kg £71 to Stanforths Butchers

2nd ASE Crisp weighing 49kg £66 to Bowood Lamb

3rd T&C Robinson weighing 44kg £64 to A Atkinson

Champion – K Huck weighing 42kg £95 to Keelham Farm Shop

Reserve – T&C Robinson weighing 44kg £89 to Bowood Lamb



Prime Lambs  – Overall Average £67.88 per head or 153.2p/kg                                                             

32.1kg to 35.9kg                 to 158.6p/kg         av 132.8p/kg         or £46.30 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 228.6p/kg         av 157.7p/kg         or £67.04 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 178.0p/kg         av 147.1p/kg         or £70.27 per head

52.1kg and over   to 154.5p/kg         av 134.9p/kg         or £73.74 per head


Beltex average £79.23 per head or 188.6p/kg

£ per head: £98 WC Logan; £96 K Huck; £96 PN Dalby; £89 T&C Robinson; £85.50 L Robinson; £82.50 £80 Ellis Bros

p/kg: 228.6p K Huck; 217.8p WC Logan; 213.3p PN Dalby; 202.3p T&C Robinson; 201.2p Ellis Bros; 200.0p A Fisher;

Texel average £68.57 per head or 153.9p/kg

£ per head: £89 £77.50 M Hall; £86 £78.50 WC Logan; £85x2 £83.50 £81 K Marshall; £84.50 G Sunderland; £79 A Fisher;

p/kg: 209.8p 182.6p WC Logan; 192.0p 179.1p G Sunderland; 180.0p K Marshall; 179.7p C Booth; 178.0p M Hall;

Suffolk average £66.94 per head or 151.2p/kg

£ per head: £70.50 DW&CJ Towler; £69.50 B Spensley; £69.50 TH Mellin; £67 RG&SJ Paul; £65 TE Walker; £65 A Fisher;

p/kg: 158.5p A Fisher; 158.0p TH Mellin; 156.7p DW&CJ Towler; 153.6p CD&RF Kitching; 151.1p B Spensley Ltd;

Charollais average £73.17 per head or 152.1p/kg

£ per head: £75.80 £75.50 £74.50 £73 JA&JH Hewetson; £68 P mellin; £64.80 N Parker;

p/kg: 158.5p 149.0p 148.6p 148.0p JA&JH Hewetson; 154.3p N Parker; 141.7p P Mellin;

Lleyn average £63.14 per head or 145.0p/kg

£ per head: £64x2 RG&SJ Paul; £63 CD&RF Kitching; £61.50 DC Wood;

p/kg: 150.0p CD&RF Kitching; 146.4p DC Wood; 142.2p 142.0p RG&SJ Paul;

Mule average £59.93 per head or 137.0p/kg

£ per head: £66 ASE Crisp; £64 T&C Robinson; £62 FG Throup; £60 CH&OF Hammond; £59 J&SJ Harrison; £59 Ellis Bros;

p/kg: 157.9p 134.5p CH&OF Hammond; 134.8p FG Throup; 134.7p ASE Crisp; 134.1pJ&SJ Harrison; 132.9p N Parker;

Swaledale average £46.23 per head or 124.6p/kg

£ per head: £56 £40.50 W&R Verity; £49 K Huck; £46 MJ Gray; £43 O Chapman;

p/kg: 143.6p W&R Verity; 125.6p 122.7p K Huck; 122.9p O Chapman; 112.2p MJ Gray;

Lonk average £63.86 per head or 138.2p/kg

£ per head: £67 £64 £63 £53 JT Robinson;

p/kg: 143.2p 136.7p 136.2p 132.5p JT Robinson;



Cull Ewes average £51.07

Suffolk to £46.50, Texel to £91.50, BFL to £85.50, Mule to £69.50, Lleyn to £56.50, Swaledale to £31.50, White Faced to £34.50, Zwartable to £63.50.

Top prices:

Lowland: £91.50 83.50 S Cockcroft

Mule/Masham: £69.50 PJ Gill; £65.50 AM Binns;

Horned: £34.50 RJ Halsall

Hill: £85.50 JJ Beckwith & Son; 60.50 CD&RF Kitching;


Cast Rams average £65.00

Texel to £66.50 JE&ME Grange; £63.50 S Cockroft;



Rearing Calves to £420 (95)

B&W av £72.83 Cont av £306.35 Native av £197.25


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £385) to £410 Hayton & Stocks                           

Brit Blue x (Av £285) to £370 ML&JE Kayley & Son                     

Sim x to £420 Hayton & Stocks                                                        

MRI (Av £114) to £160 L&A Watson                                              

Black & White (Av £72.83) to £178 P Sharp & Son                      


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x (Av £238) to £295 JC&DJ Marshall                              

Brit Blue x (Av £241) to £250 PJ Bolland                       

Ab Angus (Av £200) to £200 GB Moorhouse