MARKET REPORT - MONDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2013: 52 PRIME CATTLE comprising 8 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 3 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos), 1 Young Bull & 40 Cast Cattle 4601 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3950 Prime Lambs, 651 Cast Ewes & Rams 39 REARING CALVES 4 LOADS OF PRODUCE

PRIME CATTLE (under 30 mos)


The championship was awarded to Mac Townsend for his British Blue steer weighing 610kg which originated from a Skipton store cattle sale and sold to Stanforths Butchers for 267.5p/kg or £1632. Jim Baines was the reserve champion with British Blue heifer which tipped the scales at 490kg and sold for 274.5p/kg.


Monthly Show –    Str- 1. JM Townsend

                                Hfr- 1. J Baines     2. B Lund               3. J Baines



551-650kg                             to 267.5p/kg


551-650kg                             to 225.5p/kg       


501-590kg                             to 249.5p/kg        av 218.53p/kg

590kg+                                   to 274.5p/kg        av 260.48p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

JM Townsend                        BBx Str                   £1632                    267.5p

J Baines                                  BBx Hfr                   £1345                    274.5p

R Davey                                  BBx Bull                  £1319                    225.5p

J Baines                                  Limx Hfr                 £1297                    249.5p

B Lund                                    BBx Hfr                   £1267                    253.5p

B Lund                                    Limx Hfr                 £1229                    253.5p


CLEAN CATTLE (Over 30 mos)

Overall Average                   128.03p/kg                           £819.37


Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

JD Taylor&Son                      B&W Hfr                £849                       130.5p

JD Taylor & Son                    B&W Hfr                £842                       130.5p

RG Johnson&Son                  B&W Hfr                £767                       147.5p






Monthly Show –    Dairy- 1. GW&M Coates      2. N&J Thwaite    3. Hayton & Stocks

                                Beef- 1. M Ryder & Son      2. JM Townsend   3. J Shorrock

                                Champion- M Ryder            Res- JM Townsend


Overall Average                                   96.12p/kg             £631.36

Black & White                       to 111.5p/kg                        av 85.56p/kg

MRI                                         to 98.5p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 107.5p/kg                        av 107.01p/kg

Limx                                       to 141.5p/kg                        av 121.15p/kg

Simx                                       to 103.5p/kg

Devonx                                  to 112.5p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head)

M Ryder&Son                        Limx                       £976

JM Townsend                        Limx                       £914

J&G Huck                               Limx                       £908

J&G Huck                               Limx                       £891

GW&M Coates                      B&W                       £857

K&J Marshall                         Blondex                 £771

J Shorrock                              Blondex                 £768

JM Townsend                        BBx                         £758

DF&FE Wallbank                   Simx                       £750

RG&SJ Paul                            Limx                       £726


Top Prices (p/kg)

J&G Huck                               Limx                       141.5p

M Ryder&Son                        Limx                       138.5p

J&G Huck                               Limx                       137.5p

J Shorrock                              Blondex                 116.5p

LN&JE Roe                             Blondex                 113.5p

K&J Marshall                         Blondex                 112.5p

K&J Marshall                         Devonx                  112.5p

N&J Thwaite                         B&W                       111.5p

K&J Marshall                         Limx                       110.5p

JM Townsend                        BBx                         107.5


PRIME SHEEP (4601 Head)


A big show of lambs as is now traditional for the first week in October were forward for sale and found a very keen ringside of buyers to average up 10p on the week at 172p/kg. All weights were good to sell with Mule lambs and heavy lambs of all breeds finding buyers in good form trying to fill orders ready for next week’s ethnic festival. Continental and Suffolk lambs were £4 to £6 apiece dearer on the week with export weights generally £30 to £34 over the weight and smartest end 190p to 240ppk. Cast Sheep were good to sell and the overall average stands at over £60 per head.

As part of todays sale we held our October Monthly Show and our thanks go to our judges Mr JH Dewhirst & Mr N Dalby and our regular sponsors Wynstay group. The following awards were given

Continental –

1st – A Thompson weighed 46kg sold for £105 to Yorkshire Halal Meats

2nd – R Garth weighed 48kg sold for £98 to N Dalby for Kendalls Farmers Butchers

3rd – G Sunderland weighed 39kg sold for £91 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston

Suffolk –

1st – RA&M Earnshaw weighed 44kg sold for £80 to Woodhead Bros

2nd – D Towler weighed 43kg sold for £76.50 to Woodhead Bros

3rd – CD&RF Kitching weighed 39kg sold for £91 to RT Booth for Worldwide Foods


1st – ASE Crisp & Son weighed 50kg sold for £80 to Yorkshire Halal Meats

2nd – CM Ryder weighed 46kg sold for £75.50 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston

3rd –TC Robinson weighed 44kg sold for £72 to RT Booth for Worldwide Foods

Masham –

1st – J Verity & Son weighed 49kg sold for £79 to Yorkshire Halal Meats

2nd – J Verity & Son weighed 49kg sold for £79 to A Atkinson for Thompson Wholesale Meats


CHAMPION – A Thompson                RESERVE – R Garth


PRIME LAMBS  – Overall Average  £72.21per head or 172.0p/kg                                                           

25.5kg to 32.0kg                  to 178.8p/kg         av 149.5p/kg         or £45.65 per head

32.1kg to 35.9kg                  to 177.3p/kg         av 152.4p/kg         or £50.09 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg                 to 243.6p/kg         av 174.3p/kg         or £71.91 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg                 to 228.3p/kg         av 167.12p/kg      or £78.50 per head

52.1kg and over                 to 186.8p/kg         av 169.09p/kg      or £96.29 per head


Beltex average £79.50 per head or 202.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £105 LR Thompson or 202.2p/kg S Pepper

Texel average £73.51 per head or 174.0p/kg

TOP PRICES: £123 JW Mellin or 215.0p/kg G Sunderland

Suffolk average £73.18 per head or 169.0p/kg

TOP PRICES: £96 TH Mellin or 195.2p/kg G Sunderland

Charollais average £70.53 per head or 170.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £99 or 199.0p/kg LR Thompson

Mule average £68.98 per head or 162.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £80 ASE Crisp or 162.6p/kg Ashfield Farms

Zwartable average £63.13 per head or 145.9p/kg

TOP PRICES: £72 M Stockdale or 150.0p/kg DB Nowell

Swaledale average £44.50 per head or 129.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £59.50 K Dickinson or 166.7p/kg J&G Huck

Masham average £79 per head or 161.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £79 or 161.2p/kg J Verity & Son

Rouge average £76.07 per head or 180.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £78.50 or 197.4p/kg M&E Thornber

Cheviot average £72.73 per head or 166.8p/kg

TOP PRICES: £77 or 167.4p/kg JW Mellin

Lleyn average £66.14 per head or 163.9p/kg

TOP PRICES: £70 or 170.7p/kg CD&RF Kitching


CULL EWES average £61.59

Suffolk to £108.50, Texel to £125.50, BFL to £89.50, Mule to £67.50, Gritstone to £73.50, Cheviot to £77.50, Lonk to £37.50,  Lleyn to £88.50, Swaledale to £38.50, Masham to £53.50, Wensleydale to £64.50,


LOWLAND: £125.50 JW Mellin; £117.50 E&KM Marshall;

MULE/MASHAM: £67.50 A Guy & Son; £67.50 D&J Coates;

HORNED: £38.50 JC Crabtree; £37.50 A Guy & Son;

HILL: £89.50 R&KA Burley; £77.50 Grain Farms;

CAST RAMS average £92.50

Charollais to £129.50, BFL to £96.50, Cheviot to £115.50, Lleyn to £71.50,


£129.50 £115.50 JW Mellin; £96.50 R&KA Burley;



REARING CALVES to £430  average £139.23

A good show of calves this morning with all calves good to sell. Black and whites with plenty of flesh were a strong trade and easily pushing past £100. Blues were supported well with Fred Houseman having the trade of the day with a 1 ½ mth old Blue bull which eventually was crashed down to Tony Binns of Clint. Good numbers in demand in particular meaty Friesians for next week. 



Simmental x                         to £235                                                  AL Dean                

Brit Blue x                             to £430                  av £340.83            Church Farm Enterprises                                                  

Aberdeen Angus                  to £202                  av £200                  AP Townsend

Black & White                       to £132                  av £78.15              M Ryder & Sons  


HEIFER CALVES                    

Simmental x                         to £185                                                  AL Dean                

Brit Blue x                             to £270                                                  Church Farm Enterprises





Hay                         £37 per bale