WINTER SALE OF PURE BRED AND SHOW QUALITY CONTINENTAL EWES. This year’s Annual Winter Sale of individual and small groups of Continental sired sheep was one of the best yet. A very nice entry of 102 head saw a better quality show overall, and sheep had scanned better with a greater proportion of twins.

Frank Joel led the way at 380gns with a 2 crop Beltex Ewe sold carrying twins, the 350gns with another Beltex 2crop carrying twins, followed by a pair of 1 crop Beltex/Texels carrying twins at 350gns, then a pair of shearling Beltex/Texels again at 350gns, then another 1crop then shearling at 320gns each. Mr Joel had a further 14 sheep sold in pairs and singles achieve 300gns each contained within an average of £272.82 per head.

Other leading prices saw Tim West top his run at 320gns for  a 2crop Beltex, Robert Towers of Ingleton sell a Suffolk Ewe 1crop scanned twins to the Beltex for 300gns, and Michael Davis had 3 Dutch Texel Shearlings and ewes sell at 300gns from a run of 8 females whilst John Wood of Trawden also topped his run at 300gns for Blue Texel Ewes scanned twins.


AVERAGES –  (overall £254.57) 

F Joel 380gns 350gns(x3) 320gns(x2) 300gns(x14) 280gns(x2) 250gns(x10)

T West 320gns 250gns

R Towers 300gns 280gns 250gns

MR Davis 300gns(x3) 250(x2)

J Wood 300gns 280gns(x4)