MARKET REPORT - SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2013 CHRISTMAS PRIMESTOCK SHOW Full results and prices from the Sunday Show

CCM Lingfields Christmas Primestock Shows – Sunday 1st December 2013


The 6th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock Show



 36 Prime Cattle

 312 Butchers Lambs

 51 Lamb Carcasses

 20 Prime Pigs



Pigs -  Judge James Farrington


Class 1 Prime Pig 85kg or less

1st D Pawson Sold for £140 J Summers Butcher

2nd L Findlay Sold for £125 S Taylor

3rd M Jennings Sold for 115 SA Swales

Class 2 Prime Pig 85kg +

1st J Midgley Sold for £230 J Summers Butchers

2nd JG Bamforth Sold for £210 S Taylor

Class 3 Trio Prime Native Bred Pigs

1st JG Bamforth Sold for £210 S Taylor

2nd K Newburn Unsold


Champion: J Midgley Sold for £230 J Summers Butchers

Reserve: D Pawson Sold for £140 J Summers Butcher



Cattle – Judges Mr Michael Atkinson & Mr Paul Leadbeater

Champion at the Christmas primestock show was a 570kg British Blue heifer shown by Willie Timm of Easingwold, bought last year by Mr Timm and bred by Richard Tiplady in the Eden Valley. The Champion sold to Keelham farm shop at Thornton for 510p/kg the Reserve Champion was also the first prize Charolais bred heifer shown by John Stephenson of Bordley which weighed 490kg and sold to D&A Gregory & Sons of Bacup for 360p/kg. A full ringside saw a tremendous show of cattle judged by Michael Atkinson of ABP and Paul Leadbeater of Crossroads. Buyers were cautious of heavy steers but handy weighted cattle met spirited bidding.

Class 2 Native/Dairy bred Steer/Heifer

1st H Baines 475kg Unsold

2nd G&MA Lawn 535kg 270p/kg £1444.50 Swaledale Foods

Class 3 British Blue x Steer

1st JS Stephenson 685kg 250p/kg £1712.50 Keelham Farm Shop

2nd Mellin & Cropper 600kg 290p/kg £1740 Keelham Farm Shop

Class 4 Limousin x Steer

1st TWH Farming 720kg 260p/kg £1872 Keelham Farm Shop

2nd J Cooper 720kg 232p/kg £1670.40 Stanforths Butchers

3rd C Crowther 620kg 275p/kg £1705 Keelham Farm Shop


Class 6 Charollais Bred Steer/Heifer

1st TWH Farming 540kg 295p/kg £1593 Keelham Farm Shop

2nd H Baines 525kg 300p/kg John Whiteside

3rd Mellin & Cropper 500kg 295p/kg £1475 D&A Gregory & Son

Class 7 British Blue x Heifer Light

1st JS Stephenson 490kg 360p/kg £1764 D&A Gregory & Son

2nd H Baines 575kg 350p/kg £2012 SA Swales

3rd TB Moorhouse 590kg 300p/kg £1770 Woolley Bros

Class 7 British Blue x Heifer Heavy

 1st TWH Farming 645kg 290p/kg £1870.50 Wooley Bros Ltd

2nd RH Critchley 685kg 300p/kg £2055 J Boocock & Son

3rd P Summers Agriculture 610kg 285p/kg £1738.50 Woolley Bros Ltd

Class 8 Limousin x Heifer

1st JA Stoney & Son Unsold

2nd H Baines Unsold

3rd Mellin & Cropper 630kg 282p/kg £1776.60 Woolley Bros Ltd

Class 9 Blonde Steer/Heifer

1st H Baines Unsold

2nd P Summers Agriculture Unsold

3rd Mellin & Cropper 465kg 350p/kg £1488 JP Leadbeater

Class 10 Young Handlers

1st J Timms (TWH Farming) 570kg 510p/kg £2907 Keelham Farm Shop

2nd J Stephenson Junior 685kg 250p/kg £1712.50 Keelham Farm Shop

3rd C Cropper  510kg 295p/kg £1504.50 Keelham Farm Shop


Special Prize for Best Beast Purchased from CCM Skipton:

1st TWH Farming

Special Prize Awarded for Best Homebred Beast:

1st JA Stoney & Son


Male Champion: TWH Farming Lim Steer

Male Reserve: JS Stephenson Blue Steer

Female Champion: TWH Farming Blue Heifer

Female Reserve: JS Stephenson Blue Heifer


Champion: TWH Farming Blue Heifer

Reserve: JS Stephenson Blue Heifer









Lambs - Judges Mr Anthony Swales & Mr James Dewhurst

A great show of lambs this year were a fantastic credit to the farmers of Craven and the wider area that sheep are drawn from during the year to be sold at Skipton. All classes were of tremendous quality and our judges for the day carried out their task with great ability and gave the prizes as listed below.

Trade wise, most of the Continental show lambs sold from 250p to 350p/kg, and buyers supported the sale very well. The hill bred lambs were generally overweight lambs 48kg plus, but again trade was on a high note with show hill lambs around £30 to £35 over the weight.

The champions came from Martin, Val & Hannah Brown and with several interested parties bidding at them whilst they were being sold, the successful bid of £420 each for the trio of 36kg lambs coming from regular Skipton show buyer Mr George Cropper to be sold through his butchers shop at Accrington.

Robert Garth from Burton in Lonsdale followed up from his success in the carcass competition by presenting the Reserve Supreme Champion, also 36kg’s, they sold for £175 each to Anthony Swales for Knavesmire Butchers in York.


Class 1 Mule any weight

1st JC&N Throup 50kg £88 Swaledale Foods

2nd JK Wilson 52kg £79 P Watson

3rd ASE Crisp & Son 46kg £80 H Atkinson

Class 2 Masham any weight

1st JK Wilson 53kg £95 P Watson

2nd JM Wilson & Son 55kg £84 Swaledale Foods

3rd JM Wilson &  Son 52kg £79 J&E Medcalfe


Class 3 Swaledale any weight

1st ASE Crisp & Son 46kg £74 A Atkinson

2nd JR Smith 45kg £76 P Watson

3rd P Addyman & Son 44kg £70 P Watson

Class 4 Dalesbred any weight

1st H Carr & Son 45kg £72 P Watson

2nd J Verity & Son 43kg £74 Swaledale Foods

3rd JA Stoney & Son 47kg £75 P Watson

Class 5 – Other Hill Breed

1st Grain Farms 45kg £80 A Atkinson

2nd Grain Farms 46kg £74 P Watson

3rd J Drinkall Ltd 44kg £74 A Atkinson


Hill Bred Champion: JK Wilson 53kg £95 P Watson

Hill Bred Reserve: JC&N Throup 50kg £88 Swaledale Foods


Class 6 Suffolk x any weight

1st JA Thompson 46kg £110 JP Leadbeater

2nd A Thompson 40kg £88 R Scholfield

3rd B Lund 42kg £79 A Atkinson

Class 7a Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less

1st AM&HV Brown 36kg £150 Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd R Caton 37kg £140 SA Swales

3rd N Caton 38kg £128 I&M Lancaster


Class 7b Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more

1st R Garth 40kg £155 SA Swales

2nd AM&HV Brown 44kg £140 Vivers Scot Lamb

3rd R Caton 43kg £135 Vivers Scot Lamb

Class 8a Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less

1st AM&HV Brown 36kg £420 G Cropper

2nd R Garth 36kg £175 SA Swales

3rd S Eddleston 37kg £120 Vivers Scot Lamb

Class 8a Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more

1st S Pepper 45kg £145 Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd R Garth 49kg £140 J Summers Butchers

3rd AM&HV Brown 47kg £135 Vivers Scot Lamb


Lowland Champion:  AM&HV Brown 36kg £420 G Cropper

Lowland Reserve:  R Garth 36kg £175 SA Swales


Overall Supreme Champion: AM&HV Brown

Supreme Reserve:  R Garth


Beltex Sired Lambs – AM&HV Brown

Texel Sired Lambs – MR Ireland




Suffolk - £110 JA Thompson; £88 AL Thompson; £79 B Lund;

Texel - £118 £96 RH&MR Ireland; £108 J Baines; £98 D Asquith; £92 JA Drake;

Masham - £95 £80 JK Wilson; £84 JM Wilson & Son; £83 £82 J Verity & Son;

Mule - £88 JC&N Throup; £83 ASE Crisp; £80 JK Wilson; £80 H Carr & Son;

Swaledale - £76 JR Smith; £74 £70 ASE Crisp; £71 R Tennant; £70 P Addyman; 

Dalesbred - £75 JA Stoney & Son; £74 £70 J Verity & Son; £72 H Carr & Son;  £70 JM Wilson;

Lonk - £74 J Drinkall;

Jacob - £64 GP Haworth

Cheviot - £80 £74 Grain Farms;  £71 J Drinkall

Beltex - £420 £150 AM&HV Brown; £175 £155 R Garth; £145 S Pepper



Carcass                 Judge – Mr G Cropper

Breeders and feeders from Craven and further afield produced a magnificent show of carcases. Lambs were delivered to the mart and weighed live on Wednesday before slaughter at John Penny and Sons of Rawdon with delivery back to the Stanforths Meat Plant on the CCM site on Saturday. Carcases were individually graded by EBLEX   and judged independently by George Cropper on the show day. All classes were keenly contested and the Champion carcase was provided by Robert Garth of Bentham with a Beltex lamb that weighed in at 29kg alive but returned at 17.5kg a killing out percentage of 60.34% and a grade of E3L. Judge George Cropper proved unstoppable at sale time and the lambs will be on sale in his Accrington market shop in the run up to Christmas after topping the sale at £300 or £17.14p/kg.

The Reserve Champion carcase came from David Findlay whose 37kg Beltex lamb returned at 20.9kg or 56.48% killing out and an E2 on classification before selling to Anthony Swales of Knavesmire Butchers for £200 or £9.57p/kg.


Class 1 Und 35kg Cont                                                                                    Averages by Grade

1st R Garth 17.5kg £300 G Cropper                                                             E1           to £8.65p/kg

2nd H Brown 19.1kg £170 SA Swales                                                          E2           to £9.57p/kg       av £8.50p/kg

3rd AM&HV Brown 18.7kg £170 Le Bistro Des Amis                            E3L         to £17.14p/kg    av £7.00p/kg

Class 2 35-40kg Cont                                                                                       E3H        to £5.72p/kg       av £4.42p/kg

1st DR Findlay 20.9kg £200 SA Swales                                                        E4L         to £3.15p/kg

2nd WC Logan 19.1kg £135 SA Swales                                                        U1          to £6.96p/kg

3rd M Hall 17.9kg £155 SA Swales                                                               U2          to £7.97p/kg       av £6.55p/kg

Class 2 35-40kg Native                                                                                   U3L        to £5.78p/kg

1st DR Findlay 16.5kg £74 Watson Livestock                                           U3H       to £4.30p/kg

2nd DR Findlay 16.9kg £83 Le Bistro Des Amis                                        R2           to £4.43p/kg

Class 3a 41-44kg Cont                                                                                     R3L         to £4.91p/kg       av £4.69p/kg

1st M Hall 24.3kg £150 G Cropper                                                               R3H        to £4.67p/kg

2nd MR Ireland 24.3kg Unsold                                                                      O3L        to £4.31p/kg       av £4.25p/kg

3rd JE Grange 21.7kg £142 JH Jackson                                                       O3H       to £4.14p/kg       av £4.00p/kg

Class 3b 41-44kg Hill                                                                                       O4L        to £4.23p/kg       av £4.05p/kg

1st JM Wilson & Son 20.3kg £95 Stanforths                                            O4H       to £4.00p/kg

2nd JM Wilson & Son 22.5kg Unsold                                                          Averages by breed                         

3rd JW Stockdale 19.3kg £80 A Parnaby                                                   Beltex                   av £6.29p/kg

Class 3b 41-44kg Native                                                                                                Texel                     av £5.58p/kg

1st I Bell 20.7kg £112 SA Swales                                                                   Suffolk                  av £5.41p/kg

Class 3c 41-44kg Swaledale                                                                         Cheviot                                av £4.46p/kg

1st C Nelson & Son 23.1kg £89 Stanforths Butchers                            Masham              av £4.33p/kg

2nd C Nelson & Son 19.7kg £78 A Parnaby                                               Mule                     av £4.14p/kg

3rd JW Stockdale 20.3kg £88 Le Bistro Des Amis                                   Swaledale           av £4.04p/kg

Class 3d 41-44kg Dalesbred                                                                         Dalesbred           av £4.14p/kg

1st RH&EA Close 19.7kg £85 Le Bistro Des Amis                                    Overall Average £5.35p/kg

2nd W&R Verity 19.3kg £81 J&S Hartley

3rd JK Wilson 18.9kg £84 L Wilson


Champion – R Garth 17.5kg £300 G Cropper

Reserve – DR Findlay 20.9kg £200 SA Swales


Beltex Sired – R Garth

Texel Sired – JW Stockdale

Dalesbred – RH&EA Close



Pork Pies


1st Robinsons Farm Shop

2nd G Middlemiss

3rd Lund Butchers


1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd Robinsons Farm Shop

3rd Haighs Farm Shop




1st Lund Butchers

2nd Farmhouse Fare

3rd Brindon Addy


Best Yorkshire Pie: Farmhouse Fare


Overall Champion: Farmhouse Fare

Reserve Champion: Robinson Farm Shop


Pie exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands were – Ellisons, Robinsons Farm Shop, Lunds Butchers, Farmhouse Fare, Two Valleys Fresh Produce, G Middlemiss & Son, Billys Farm Shop, JB Addy Butchers, John Whiteside, Blue Pig Company,   





Produce                               Judge: Clive Hanson


Bale of Old Meadow Hay

1st RH & EA Close

2nd SL&SD Lund

3rd C Nelson & Son


Bale of Seed Hay

1st M Bentham

2nd Briggs Bros

3rd Jack Brigg


Champion Bale – RH & EA Close

Reserve – M Bentham



Christmas Fruit Cake                      Judge: Julie Clark & Shirley Mason

1st Dorothy Dean

2nd Margaret Booth

3rd Judith Throup


Sausgae Rolls                                    Judge: AS Pie Judges

1st Janette Pate

2nd Farmhouse Fare

3rd Cathy Cromarty


Pair of Scotch Eggs                          Judge: As Pie Judges

1st G Middlemiss

2nd Two Valleys

3rd Jackie Bradley


Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Brooklands School were:- Ellisons Butchers, Jackie Bradley, Blue Pig Co, Farmhouse Fare, Two Valleys, G Middlemiss, Janette Pate, Cathy Cromarty, Haighs Farm Shop, Janet Sheard, Jenifer Garth, Judith Throup, Dorothy Dean, Mrs Parnaby, Mary Carr, Jill Perrings, Judith Elliott, Margaret Booth, Margaret Lawn, Eileen Addyman, Hazel Gamble, Ann Atkinson, Oscar Atkinson.


Shepherds Crooks                           Judge – Ernest Ellison


Class 1 – Horned Crooks

1st G Smithson

2nd T Collins

3rd S Bell

Class 2 – Wooden Crooks

1st G Smithson

2nd S Bell

3rd S Bell

Class 3 – Horned Walking Stick

1st T Linton

2nd S Bell

3rd A Collins

Class 4 – Wooden Walking Stick

1st G Smithson

2nd S Bell

3rd S Bell

Class 5 – Fancy Stick

1st S Bell

2nd R Parker

3rd R Parker


Champion – G Smithson (Horned Crook)

Reserve – S Bell (Fancy Stick)