MARKET REPORT - SUNDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2012 XMAS SHOW The 5th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock show proved to be the biggest and best yet since the inception of the Sunday show & sale. The mart was packed with customers and onlookers which created a wonderful atmosphere during the judging of livestock and produce. One of the most eagerly anticipated events was the carcass competition. This created a great amount of interest with the sale producing an average of £104.50 per lamb. All prize awards and buyers for each section are as listed below.


45 Prime Cattle

402 Butchers Lambs

43 Lamb Carcasses

33 Prime Pigs


Pigs -  Judge Paul Leadbeater


Class 1 Prime Pig 85kg or less

1st J Barry Astin 41kg £36 W Taylor & Son

2nd J Barry Astin 42kg £38 W Taylor & Son

Class 2 Prime Pig 85kg +

1st J Midgley 89kg £235 J Summers Family Butchers

2nd S Throup 123kg £130 W Taylor & Son

3rd L Findlay 97kg £172 J Summers Family Butchers

Class 3 Trio Prime Native Bred Pigs

1st CA&J Ridsdale 117kg £81 W Taylor & Son


Champion: J Midgley sold to J Summers for £235

Reserve: S Throup sold to W Taylor & Son for £130


Cattle – Judges Mr Geoff Nutter & Mr John Whiteside

Class 1 Continental Bull

1st W Timms 485kg 285p £1382.25 SA Swales

Class 3 British Blue x Steer

1st Mellin & Cropper 405kg 300p £1215 SA Swales

2nd M Townsend 675kg 252p £1701 Andew Atkinson

Class 4 Limousin x Steer

1st G Burrows 560kg 312p £1747.20 Kitsons Ltd

2nd L Bamforth & Son 485kg 329p £1595.65

3rd W Timms 595kg 275p £1595.65 Messrs Stoddart

Class 7 British Blue x Heifer

1st H Baines 600kg 635p £3810 F&A Walker

2nd CR Fawcett 595kg 385p £1993.25 Bowland Foods

3rd Cropper & Mellin 555kg 295p £1637.25 Kitson Ltd

Class 8 Limousin x Heifer

1st W Timms Not Sold

2nd G Burrows 510kg 330p £1683 Bowland Foods

3rd W Timms Not Sold

Class 11 Young Handlers

1st C Cropper 560kg 320p £1792 Keelham Farm Shop

2nd J Timms 515kg 290p £1493.50 J Whiteside

3rd AM&E Hartley 495kg 300p £1485 SA Swales


Special Prize for Best Beast Purchased from CCM Skipton:

1st P Summers

2nd G Burrows

3rd B Townend

Special Prize Awarded for Best Homebred Beast:

1st Bamforth

2nd G Burrows

3rd R Maudsley

Special Prize for Beast from Regular CCM Vendor:

1st G Burrows

2nd CR Fawcett

3rd Mellin & Cropper


Male Champion: Mellin & Cropper

Male Reserve: G Burrows

Female Champion: H Baines

Female Reserve: Cropper & Mellin

Champion: H Baines sold to A&V Walker for £3810

Reserve: Mellin & Cropper sold to Keelham Farm Shop for £1792


Lambs - Judges Paul Watson and Nick Dalby

Class 1 Mule any weight

1st K Throup 49kg £78 sold to Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

2nd K Throup 52kg £72 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

3rd K Wilson 53kg £70 Andrew Atkinson 

Class 2 Masham any weight

1st S Fawcett 50kg £80 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

2nd JM Wilson 51kg £72 Millstones Restaurant

3rd MB Allen 48kg £70 Global Halal Foods

Class 3 Swaledale any weight

1st JR Smith 46kg £74 R Greenwood

2nd P Addyman & Son 46kg £62 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

3rd C Akrigg 45kg £65 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

Class 4 Dalesbred any weight

1st JK Wilson 42kg £70 Millstones Restaurant

2nd RA&EH Close 44kg £74 Dalesbred Butchers

3rd JA Stoney & Son 44kg £75 Dalesbred Butchers

Class 5 – Other Hill Breed

1st CA&A Crowther (Cheviot) 44kg £74 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

2nd M&E Hartley (Lonk) 44kg £64 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

3rd CA&A Crowther (Lonk) 45kg £65 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers


Hill Bred Champion: K Throup

Hill Bred Reserve: JK WIlson


Class 6 Suffolk x any weight

1st B Lund 49kg £86 RC&B Binns & Daughter

2nd G Howarth 46kg £100 RC&B Binns & Daughter

3rd A Thompson 55kg £108 RC&B Binns & Daughter

Class 7a Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less

1st R Garth 37kg £105 Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd AM&HV Brown 38kg £130 J Summers Family Butchers

3rd R Caton 38kg £100 Vivers Scot Lamb

Class 7b Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more

1st AM&HV Brown 48kg £125 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers

2nd S Pepper 55kg £125 Kendalls Farmers Butchers

3rd Ellis Bros 41kg £106 Vivers Scot Lamb

Class 8a Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less

1st R Garth 39kg £160 Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd AM&HV Brown 33kg £115 Vivers Scot Lamb

3rd RH&MR Ireland 38kg £100 M Leeming Butchers

Class 8a Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more

1st AM&HV Brown 41kg £500 Lancashire Direct Halal Meat Suppliers

2nd S Pepper 44kg £145 DP Moore

3rd RH&MR Ireland 44kg £115 RC&B Binns & Daughter


Lowland Champion:  AM &HV Brown

Lowland Reserve:  R Garth & K Armitage


Overall Supreme Champion: AM & HV Brown £500 Lancashire Direct Halal Meat Suppliers

Supreme Reserve:  R Garth & K Armitage £160 Vivers Scot Lamb


Carcass                 Judge – I Weatherhead

Class 1 Und 35kg Cont

1st N Caton L-31kg D-17.3kg E3L 55.8% £102 G Cropper

2nd R Caton L-34KG D-17.7KG E2 52% £113 G Cropper

3rd M Hall L-34KG D-16.5KG E2 480.5% £99 SA Swales

Class 2 35-40kg Cont

1st AM&HV Brown L-40kg D-23.1KG E3L 57.7% £160 SA Swales

2nd R Caton L-39Kkg D-21.7kg E2 55.6% £118 G Cropper

3rd R Garth L-36kg D-19.7kg E2 54.7% £126 G Cropper

Class 3a 41-44kg Cont

1st S Pepper L-43kg D-24.8kg E3H 57.6% £272 G Cropper

2nd AM&HV Brown L-41 D-25.4 E3L 61.9% £128 Watson Livestock

3rd D Asquith L-41 D-22.1kg E3L 53.9% £112 G Cropper

Class 3b 41-44kg Hill

1st JK Wilson L-53kg D-24.8kg O4L 46.7% £86 Stanforths Butchers

Class 3c 41-44kg Swaledale

1st RH&EA Close L-44kg D-21.1kg R3H 47.9% £78 Stanforths Butchers

2nd J&JH Ryder L-40kg D-19.3kg O3H 48.2% £69 Stanforths Butchers

3rd C Nelson & Son L-43kg D-18.9kg O3L 43.9% £77 Stanforths Butchers

Class 4a Heavy Cont

1st J Garnett L-47kg D-24.1kg E3L 51.2% £105 SA Swales

2nd R&M Ireland L-47kg D-24.5 E3L 52.1% £115 SA Swales

3rd J Grange L-46kg D-23.5kg E3L 51% £108 SA Swales

Class 4b Heavy Native

1st G Howarth L-53kh D-27.6kg E4L 52% Not sold

2nd G&M Lawn L49kg D-22.3kg R3H 45.5% £90 Stanforths Butchers

Class 4c Heavy Hill

1st G Fairburn L-45kg D-23.1kg O3H 51.3% £77 J Middleton

2nd R Nelson L-46kg D-44.5kg O3L 44.5% £77 Stanforths Butchers

3rd JW Stockdale L-46kg D-21.5kg O3H 46.7% £74 A Paranby

(Lambs over 44kg liveweight were not eligible for the championship)

Champion – S Pepper £10.97 p/dw/kg

Reserve – AM&HV Brown £6.93 p/dw/kg


Pork Pies


1st Bolstermoor Farm Shop

2nd Lunds Butchers

3rd Bentleys of Pudsey


1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd Bolstermoor Farm Shop

3rd Bolstermoor Farm Shop


1st Farmhouse Fare

2nd Bolstermoor Farm Shop

3rd Lunds Butchers


Best Yorkshire Pie: Farmhouse Fare

Best Lancashire Pie:  John Whiteside


Champion & Reserve Champion: Farmhouse Fare

Pie exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands were – Lunds Butchers, Farmhouse Fare, Browns Butchers, G Middlemiss & Son, Chamleys Butchers, Bentleys of Pudsey, Two Valleys Fresh Produce, Rusby Farm Shop, Bolstermoor Farm Shop, Sharlands of Paddock, Hamlets Butchers, JB Addy Butchers, John Whiteside, Dysons of Almondbury,

Produce                               Judge: Clive Hanson

Bale of Old Meadow Hay

1.       J Asquith

2.       J Coates

3.       P Fortune

Bale of Seed Hay

1.       H Briggs

2.       J Briggs

3.       M Bentham


Champion Bale – J Asqwith        

Reserve – H Briggs         


1. D Coates

2. GB Grange

3. GB Grange


Christmas Fruit Cake                      Judge: Julie Clark & Shirley Mason

1.       Helen Herd

2.       E Addyman

3.       A Atkinson


Pair of Scotch Eggs                          Judge: Matthew Schofield

1.       Bentleys of Pudsey

2.       Bolstermoor Farm Shop

3.       J Bradley


Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Brooklands School were:- Middlemiss & Son Butchers, J Perrings, S Heseltine, J Whiteside Butchers, C Keele, J Bradley, Bentleys of Pudsey, Bolstermoor Farm Shop, JB Addy Butchers, R Turner, D Dean, H Herd, R Paranby, M Lawn, C Cromarty, J Shorrock, M Carr, C Crowther, C Haworth, H Gamble, S Wright, E Addyman, J Sheard, J Elliott, O Atkinson, A Atkinson, R Garth, J Asqwith, R&EA Close, KR Flintoff, P Fortune, S Coates, J Coates, D Coates, J Stockdale, J Briggs, J Bread, M Bentham, H Briggs.




Suffolk - £108 LR Thompson; £100 GP Haworth; £86 B Lund

Texel - £155 LM Metcalfe; £140 Ellis Bros; £115 £100 RH&MR Ireland; £110 PN Dalby; £106 Ellis Bros; £100 JA Stoney; £100 D Asquith; £88 LR Thompson; £88 B Lund

Masham - £80 CR Fawcett; £72 £69 JM Wilson; £70x2 JK Wilson; £70 MB Allen

Mule - £78 KM&L Throup; £77 £70 JC&N Throup; £75 Ellis Bros; £73 R Mawson; £73 M Burnop; £72 KM&L Throup; £71 ASE Crisp; £70x2 JK Wilson; £70 F Reeday & Son;

Swaledale - £74 JR Smith; £64 CT Akrigg; £63 £60 ASE Crisp; £62 P Addyman; £589 WR&M Airey; £56 G&MA Lawn;

Dalesbred - £76 £67 JK Wilson; £75 JA Stoney & Son; £74 £66 RH&EA Close; £64 JH&J Ryder; £63 £60 JM Wilson;

Lonk - £65 AM&E Hartley; £64 Fairbanks Farms;

Gritstone - £59 S&P Scriven

Cheviot - £74 £67 Fairbanks Farm; £62 E Shorrock;

Beltex - £500 £130 £125 £115 AM&HV Brown; £160 £110 R Garth; £145 £125 S Pepper; £130 DR&DC Findlay; £112 £110 R Caton