Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs & Breeding Sheep Forward: 2126 Head, Overall av £61.52 A great start to the sheep sale season at Skipton on Wednesday when CCM held their opening sale of Store Lambs. The average for the sale was a heartening £61.52, representing a fall of just £1.32 on the year. A good crowd of buyers was present on the day looking for sheep which gives good encouragement for the next sale. It fair to say that lambs were would dbe slightly stronger and in better condition than most would be expecting and this certainly helped the days proceedings. # At the pre sale show, judge Thomas Walmsley of Haverah Park awarded first prize to AM Leach of Hebden which later sold for £69 each.



Next Sale is Wednesday 25th July – Entry of 5000 Lambs expected.

Also Opening Lingfield Sale of Early Breeding Ewes and Rams

Entries close Monday 16th July at 4pm



Beltex – Av £67.83

£78 GT Carr; £74 J&B Smith; £69.50 WM&E Dugdale; £69 AM Leach; £68.50 TA&N Whitfield; £68.50 JGE Heseltine

Suffolk – Av £61.48

£71.50, £62, £61.50, £60x3 M Parker; £67.50 SA Robinson; £60 C&RH Weatherhead; £60 MR&VL Parsons;  

Texel – Av £61.65

£74, £73.50 P Sedgwick; £71 T Parker; £71 JME&C Mckenzie; £71 R Capstick; £71 GT Carr; £69 JR Carr;

Mule – Av £44.96

£52 C&M Crawshaw; £42 R Smith;

Charolais – Av £55

£55 CM Crawshaw;


Best Pen of 40 or more lambs

1st AM Leach, Hebden Bridge

2nd Mrs R Capstick, Horton in Ribblesdale

3rd JR Carr, Bolton Abbey