Leading price at the Craven Limousin Day Sale was the Reserve Champion ‘Oddacres Hoggarth’ shown by John Mason of Embsay. By ‘Homebyres Dixon’ and out of the ‘ Vandale’ daughter ‘Oddacres Clover’ the first prize intermediate bull sold to Mac Townsend of Laneshawbridge for 5,400gns. Stephen and Michael Priestley, (Brontemoor) on a sortie from their base at Kirkcambeck received good support at the ringside with their pen lead by ‘Brontemoor Hawk’, the 2012 son of Elite Benn out of the good stock cow ‘Brontemoor Vanessa’ which sold to R Wood of Asygarth for 3,500gns. Supreme Champion was the Senior Bull first prize winner ‘Carlospride Henry’ travelling down from Hummerbeck in County Durham with Chris Moffett who achieved his first championship success with the ‘Wilodge Cerberus’ son which went to A Foster of Markenfield Hall for 3700gns.

The Coach house heard of Heald & Co from Retford was awarded second prize in the senior bull class and the strong 2012 son of ‘Overthwaite Crackerjack joined RO Gilson of Spennymoor for 3500gns.

Ian and Glen Sedgwick (Gallaber) also achieved the same 3500gns bid for ‘Gallaber Handsome’ a full brother to ‘Freddie’ sold for 4800gns at the 2012 sale, the son of ‘Melbreak Chariot’ out of the ‘Ronick Parachute’ daughter was selected by farm manager Jonathon Coates for the Suckler herd at Bank House Farm, Cowan Bridge.

Chirs and Caroline Prince from Toftgate above Pateley Bridgelead the Junior Bulls with their First Prize by ‘Millbrook Dartangan’ which sold to local buyer Colin Nelson of Grantleyfor 2850gns. Second prize in the senior section of junior bulls was ‘Oddacres Inn Keeper’ the ‘Homebyres Dixon’ son of the French cow ‘Favela’ (Monsieur Champeval Bred) which joined the Carl and Julia Stephenson of Woodland, Teesdale for 2300gns after carl had seen ‘Favela’ on a previous herd visit.

Cows and Calves met a good trade with the ‘Millerscotenook’ herd reduction causing significant interest with ‘Millerscotenook Endora’ lead the prices when the 2009 ‘Mas du Clo’ daughter sold with  a smart February born bull calf by ‘Fieldson Alfy’ was sold to CCM Fieldsperson Janet Sheard for 3200gns.

With a strong entry of maiden heifers,  John Mason (Oddacres) headed the prizes and prizes with ‘Oddacres Ivy’ the pick when she took Reserve Supreme Championship and highest price at 2100gns. A nice crop of 2013 heifer from ‘Coachhouse’ found favour with R Barnard of High Ackworth who secured a notable high with ‘Coachhouse Iviola’ a ‘Coachhouse Eebygum sired daughter of the ‘Haltcliffe Picasso Cow’  ‘ Coachouse Iviola’ going for 2000gns.

The sale continues to draw in a wide audience with year on year improvement in quality ensuring choice for premium beef produces and dairy men.




Head – 64       Judge – Mr Chris Jerman, Caersws.


Show Results –

Class 1 – Senior Bull born 01.01.12 to 31.07.12

1st – C Moffett Lot 7 selling for 3700gns to A Foster

2nd – Heald & Co Lot 1 selling for 3500gns to R Gilson

3rd – Heald & Co Lot 2 Unsold

Class 2 – Intermediate Bull born 01.08.12 to 31.12.12

1st – AJ Mason Lot 15 selling for 5400gns to JM Townsend

2nd – I&G Sedgwick Lot 23 Unsold

3rd – A Howarth Lot 21 selling for 2500gns to D Robinson  

Class 3 – Junior Bull born 01.01.13 to 07.04.13

1st – D&D Prince Lot 29 selling for 2850gns to C Nelson & Son

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 33 selling for 2300gns to C Stephenson

3rd – OJ&AJ Kendall Lot 24 Unsold

Class 4 – Junior Bull born 08.04.13 to 31.05.13

1st – C Schofield Lot 35 Unsold

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 34 selling for 1800gns to G Pickersgill

3rd – D&D Prince Lot 39 selling for 1650gns to J Shorrock


Male Champion – C Moffett Lot 7

Male Reserve – Heald & Co Lot 1


Class 5 – Cow in Calf or with Calf @ Foot

1st – P Summers Agriculture Lot 52 selling for 1100gns to S Greenwood

Class 6 – Maiden Heifer born 01.01.12 to 31.12.12

1st – T&E Priestley Lot 57 selling for 1400gns to JP Barnes

2nd – T&E Priestley Lot 54 selling for 1450gns to TH Pickard & Son

3rd – T&E Priestley Lot 56 selling for 1450gns to TH Pickard & Son

Class 7 – Maiden Heifer born 01.01.13 to 31.12.13

1st – AJ Mason Lot 65 selling for 2100gns to JA Marks

2nd – Heald & Co Lot 75 selling for 2000gns to R Barnard

3rd – Heald & Co Lot 69 selling for 1800gns to R Barnard


Female Champion – AJ Mason

Female Reserve – Heald & Co


Overall Supreme Champion – C Moffett

Overall Supreme Reserve – AJ Mason


Averages –

Senior Bulls                             to 3500gns av £3080

Int Bulls                                   to 5400gns av £3105

Jun Bulls                                  to 2850gns av £2342

Senior Maiden                          to 1450gns av £1318

Junior Maiden                          to 2100gns av £1632

Cows Incalf                             to 1100gns

Cows with Bull Calves               to 3200gns av £2747


Chief Price amendments


AJ Mason – Oddacres

5400gns, 2550gns, 2300gns, 2100gns,

C Moffett – Carlospride


Heald & Co – Coachhouse

3500gns, 2000gns, 1800gnsx3,

JM&SM Priestley – Brontemoor

3500gns, 2400gnsx2, 2100gns,

T&JM Sedgwick – Gallaber


D&D Prince – Toftgate


I&G Sedgwick – Gallaber


AR Howarth – Copperhurst