MARKET REPORT - WEDNESDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2013 FORWARD: 302 HEAD OF CATTLE Comprising: 111 Young Feeding Bulls, 186 Bullocks & Heifers, 5 Breeding Cattle


41 PRIME CATTLE comprising 1 Clean Cattle & 40 Cast Cattle
4,714 PRIME SHEEP comprising 4,232 Prime Lambs, 482 Cast Ewes & Rams

PRIME CATTLE (over 30 mos)
Overall Average 117.5p/kg £630.75
Top Prices £ per head and p/kg
JH Bradley B&W Hfr £699 117.5p

Overall Average 95.28p/kg £630.75
Despite a slow cast cow trade nationwide, today saw cattle a touch firmer. Dairy types comfortably got away at 100p+ for both meat and steakers. Plains although less plentiful again a better trade. Time of year causes less Beef x cattle to be available tops 120.5p but no pures in today’s entry to test export demand.

Black & White to 114.5p/kg av 93.89p/kg
Jerseyx to 107.5p/kg av 90.58p/kg
Limx to 120.5p/kg av 105.36p/kg
Brit Blue to 92.5p/kg
AAx to 111.5p/kg av 104.43p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head)
G Boothroyd B&W £957
JH Bradley&Son B&W £857
JSS Verity B&W £830
JSS Verity B&W £830
JW Stockdale&Son Limx £819
P Shackleton AA £818
P Shackleton AA £814
BS Simpson Limx £805
JSS Verity B&W £763
G Boothroyd Jerseyx £756

Top Prices (p/kg)
JW Stockdale&Sons Limx 120.5p
BS Simpson Limx 117.5p
JSS Verity B&W 114.5p
JSS Verity B&W 114.5p
JH Bradley&Son B&W 113.5p
JSS Verity B&W 112.5p
P Shackleton AA 111.5p
A&J Carr&Son B&W 110.5p
P Shackleton AA 110.5p
JSS Verity B&W 108.5p

PRIME SHEEP (4,714 head)
A larger show of sheep were forward for sale this week, with trade mainly the same as the previous week. The smart end were a sharp trade, the usual good ringside of retail butcher buyers, wholesalers and premium exporters bid keenly for anything a bit smarter. The commercial export lambs were also short of requirements with anything 37kg to 39kg mainly around 180p to 190p. The 40kg to 42kg lambs were also similar to sell at 175p to 190p, but the 44kg and over lambs, of which there were 1545 head amongst the entry, were 1.4p/kg easier on the week as buyers shy away from over fat lambs.
Hill lambs were good to sell all sale long, especially horned lambs with decent lightweight types 150p to 160p.
PRIME LAMBS – Overall Average £71.54 per head or 169.73p/kg
25.5kg to 32.0kg to 221.0p/kg av 143.2p/kg or £45.43 per head
32.1kg to 35.9kg to 260.0p/kg av 164.6p/kg or £56.51 per head
36.0kg to 45.5kg to 269.2p/kg av 171.7p/kg or £71.88 per head
45.6kg to 52.0kg to 219.1p/kg av 160.4p/kg or £76.20 per head
52.1kg and over to 179.2p/kg av 159.3p/kg or £87.45 per head

Beltex average £81.86 per head or 204.4p/kg
TOP PRICES: £108 AM&HV Brown or 269.2p/kg S Eddleston
Texel average £73.36 per head or 170.5p/kg
TOP PRICES: £95 RH&MR Ireland or 228.9p/kg T&C Robinson
Suffolk average £72.30 per head or 164.9p/kg
TOP PRICES: £96 RA&M Earnshaw or 182.1p/kg JA Wood
Charollais average £75.85 per head or 166.7p/kg
TOP PRICES: £93 CW Marwood or 182.5p/kg R Falshaw
Mule average £66.29 per head or 154.7p/kg
TOP PRICES: £72 AM&HV Brown or 165.3p/kg AR Barker
Cheviot average £73.86 per head or 177.8p/kg
TOP PRICES: £77.50 Grain Farms or 186.3p/kg JW Mellin
Swaledale average £52.68 per head or 149.1p/kg
TOP PRICES: £70 C Mellin or 160.8p/kg AJ Mason
Dalesbred average £55.09 per head or 155.7p/kg
TOP PRICES: £68 JK Wilson or 185.9p/kg 159.0 T Atkins
Lonk average £68.40 per head or 159.3p/kg
TOP PRICES: £72.50 or 161.4p/kg JT Robinson
Cheviot average £73.86 per head or 177.8p/kg
TOP PRICES: £77.50 or 186.3p/kg JW Mellin
Lleyn average £71.61 per head or 181.0p/kg
TOP PRICES: £76 or 190.0p/kg Hurries Farm

CULL EWES average £40.23
Suffolk to £51.50, Texel to £109.50, Charollais to £, BFL to £54.50, Mule to £54.50, Gritstone to £30.50, Cheviot to £67.50,
Lonk to £55.50, Lleyn to £64.50, Swaledale to £37.50, Dalesbred to £41.50.
LOWLAND: £109.50 CT&EM Hammond
MULE/MASHAM: £54.50 JD Taylor & Son
HORNED: £55.50 JT Robinson
HILL: £67.50 Grain Farms

CAST RAMS average £54.13
Suffolk to £40.50, Texel to £89.50, Charollais to £83.50, BFL to £44.50, LLeyn to £73.50, Teeswater to £69.50,
Swaledale to £41.50
TOP PRICES: £109.50, £92.50, £81.50 CT&EM Hammond; £91.50 X2 JD Taylor; £82 PN Dalby; £81.50 R&J Brent; £67.50 Grain Farms; £66.50 BR&JM Jarvis

B&W av £82 Cont av £281 Native av £201
Just a small entry of calves before the Christmas Calf Show next Monday, however a good trade was received by all clients with good black and white calves once again a strong price for all forward.

Christmas Calf Show Next Week 25th November
Christmas Dairy Show 90 Head Forward Inc 30 In milk Heifers and Cows On behalf of EH North & Son

Limousin x to £370 av £300 JC&DJ Marshall
Brit Blue x to £375 av £290 MD&HE Wallbank
MRI to £115 N&R Sutcliffe
Aberdeen Angus to £210 av £209 DA Fort
Black & White to £138 av £82 AL Dean

Limousin x to £275 av £263 JC&DJ Marshall
Saler x to £185 RL Wright

Increased entry and more genuine interest caused most loads to sell. Hay met the best audience of the Autumn with both round and small bales getting away. Straw customers more selective with a load of Spring Barley quads the most competitive.

Hay Round to £95 per tonne
Hay Small bale to £3.40 per bale
Spring Barley Straw Quads to £23 per bale
Wheat Straw Round to £15.50 per bale