Market Report – Monday 11th February 2013

FORWARD: 39 PRIME CATTLE comprising 3 Cattle (under 30mos), 5 Cattle (under 48 mos), 31 Cast Cattle 2,558 PRIME SHEEP comprising 2,267 Prime Lambs, 291 Cast Ewes & Rams 20 REARING CALVES 4 LOADS OF PRODUCE

PRIME CATTLE (under 30 mos)


650kg+                                   to 184.5p/kg       


501-590kg                             to 179.5p/kg

590kg+                                   to 164.5p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

G Abbott&Sons                     B&W Hfr                £1077                    164.5p

JJ Beckwith & Sons              Limx Str                  £959                       184.5p

RG Church Ltd                       AAx Hfr                   £951                       179.5p



PRIME CATTLE (30mo to 48mo)

Overall average                                    145.12p/kg or £932

Black & White                                       to 158.5p/kg        av 130.60p/kg

Blonde x                                                to 195.5p/kg

Brown Swiss                                         to 143.5p/kg

Top prices £ per head and p/kg

JD Taylor&Son                      B&W Hfr                £1213                    158.5p

JC&N Throup                         Blonde x Hfr          £1193                    195.5p

D&P Brown                           Brown Swiss Hfr  £782                       143.5p  



Cow trade very similar with a high percentage of worn, plain cows this week. Steakers the pick of the trade. Shortage of high quality Continental Cows but plenty of interest from feeders for leaner types.


Overall Average                                   112.06p/kg           £744

Black & White                       to 131.5p/kg                        av 112.45p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 126.5p/kg                        av 123.48p/kg

Limx                                       to 129.5p/kg

Hefdx                                     to 112.5p/kg



Top Prices (£ per head)

PA Whittaker                        B&W                       £1085

JD Taylor&Son                      B&W                       £1052

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       £989

G Booth                                  B&W                       £959

A&SL Throup&Son               B&W                       £931

PA Whittaker                        B&W                       £926

RD Metcalfe&Son                B&W                       £914

G Abbott&Son                       B&W                       £904

G Booth                                  B&W                       £889

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       £853


Top Prices (p/kg)

PA Whittaker                        B&W                       131.5p

RG Church Ltd                       Limx                        129.5p

A&SL Throup&Son               B&W                       127.5p

RG Church                             BBx                         126.5p

G Abbott&Sons                     B&W                       125.5p

E Bradley&Son                     B&W                       125.5p

G Booth                                  B&W                       124.5p

JD Taylor&Son                      B&W                       124.5p

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       124.5p

E Bradley & Son                   B&W                       123.5p



PRIME SHEEP (2,558 head)

As anticipated a much better trade today. The premium lambs were good to sell, best of these around 210p/kg. But heavy butchers lambs found a good trade with Ellis Bros, Addingham selling 46kg Beltex £100, 47kg Beltex £100, 51kg Texel £90. Taylor Bros sold 43kg Beltex £91, Peter Fox 2 pens 40kg Beltex £82.50, David Grassam presented his usual good run of hoggs 45kg £92, 43kg £86, 42kg £88, PW Simpson sold 33kg £70, Duncan Cowking presented 39kg Beltex £82.50, CT Hammond 39kg £82 and Steven Pepper had the top price per head 51kg Beltex £100.

The commercial export hoggs were a far better trade; a run of 335 Texel x & Char x hoggs bred from Mule ewes from one farm averaged 172p @ 41kg. Most 40-42kg selling at 165 to 185p, whilst 36-38kg were 170 to 190p. Hill lambs continued their better trade, sample prices for Mules are; Philip Metcalfe 45kg £66.50, CD&RF Kitching 42kg £63.50, H Downs & Son 43kg £66, P Mellin 41kg £64.50, 40 £62.80, W&J&E Harker 41kg £65.50, 39kg £61.50, J Shorrock 44kg £69.20, Kevin Wilson 46kg £70, 43kg £66.50, 42kg £65, JW Sayer 41kg £65. Good horned wethers were 140 to 150p topping at £58 for 38kg from W&J&E Harker.

Cast Sheep would see another £5 per head rise on the week.                   


PRIME LAMBS  – Overall Average  £67.91 per head or 168.02p/kg (Standard Quality Quotation 32kg-45kg 169.5p/kg)            

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 212.1p/kg         av 166.8p/kg        or £56.93 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 211.6p/kg         av 171.0p/kg        or £69.35 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 217.4p/kg         av 158.6p/kg        or £75.20 per head

52.1kg and over   to 153.6p/kg         av 142.6p/kg        or £78.64 per head


Beltex average £76.86 per head or 195.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £103 S Pepper or 217.4p/kg Ellis Bros

Texel average £70.62 per head or 172.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £94 S Pepper or 210.3p/kg CT&EM Hammond

Suffolk average £70.07 per head or 170.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £76 RA&M Earnshaw or 180.5p/kg CD&RF Kitching

Charollais average £71.33 per head or 169.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £80 D Bolton or 176.7p/kg H Donws & Son

Mule average £62.53 per head or 151.7p/kg

TOP PRICES: £70 JK Wilson or 159.8p/kg W&J&E Harker

SBF average £39.50 per head or 127.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £ 39.50 or 127.4p/kg I Leslie

Swaledale average £49.57 per head or 135.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £61.50 K Dickinson or 152.6p/kg W&J&E Harker

Gritstone average £71.57 per head or 170.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £72 or 171.4p/kg B Dibb

Cheviot average £55.93 per head or 153.8p/kg

TOP PRICES: £66 or 165.0p/kg RW Wood

Lleyn average £68.57 per head or 166.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £72 West Berwick Fm or 169.5p/kg CD&RF Kitching




CULL EWES average £55.74

Suffolk to £129.50, Texel to £115.50, Charollais to £45.50, BFL to £78.50, Mule to £59.50, Beltex to £78.50, Lonk to £39.50,  Lleyn to £28.50, Swaledale to £47.50, Dalesbred to £22.50.


LOWLAND: £129.50 A Atkinson

MULE/MASHAM: £59.50 M Hall

HORNED: £47.50 K DIckinson

HILL: £78.50 N Heseltine


CAST RAMS average £50.54

Beltex to £68.50, Texel to £119.50, Charollais to £89.50, BFL to £88.50, Gritstone to £, Cheviot to £52.50, Lonk to £44.50,  Zwartable to £64.50, Swaledale to £35.50, Dalesbred to £45.50.


£119.50 RA&M Earnshaw £95.50 G Sunderland



REARING CALVES to £300  average £115.75

Black and White Calves once again stronger than local competition with an average of £80 reached across the board. Although a small entry trade stayed buoyant until the end. Continentals picked up again for this week with a strong blue calf from James Gooch being knocked down for £300. Black and White trade expected to continue with an extra buyer expected Monday.


Limousin x                             to £175                  av £168                  M&R Smith                          

Brit Blue x                             to £300                  av £287                  J Gooch                 

Black & White                       to £98                    av £80                    GB Moorhouse    


HEIFER CALVES                    

Brit Blue x                             to £260                                                  J Gooch 



Black & White                       to £205                  av £187                  G Hayton & EC Stocks



Small Bale Hay                      to £4.10 per bale                 av £3.55 per bale

Wheat Straw Quads            to £63 per ton

Small Bale Straw                  to £2.10 per bale