MARKET REPORT – MONDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2013 FORWARD: 50 PRIME CATTLE comprising Clean Cattle & Cast Cattle 4,608 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3768 Prime Lambs, 840 Cast Ewes & Rams 71 REARING CALVES 1 LOADS OF PRODUCE

PRIME CATTLE (under 30 mos)

Messrs R&C Binns of Saltaire attended the September Primestock Show and went away with the Supreme Champion beast a 500kg Limousin cross heifer consigned by Jim Baines of Trawden which made the leading price on the day of 267.5p/kg or £1338. Reserve Champion and the third prized Continental cross heifer both British Blues weighing 515kg and 505kg respectively joined Keelham Farm Shop of Thornton for 252.5p/kg and 235.5p/kg.


Monthly Show


1st – J Baines

2nd – J Baines

3rd – J Baines

Champion – J Baines                            Reserve – J Baines



501-590kg                             to 252.5p/kg                        av 207.77p/kg

590kg+                                   to 267.5p/kg                        av 204.63p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

J Baines                 Limx Hfr                 £1338                    267.5p

J Baines                 BBx Hfr                   £1300                    252.5p

J Baines                 BBx Hfr                   £1189                    235.5p

J&D Barritt            Hefdx Hfr               £1144                    195.5p


CLEAN CATTLE (Over 30 mos)

Overall Average                   144.01p/kg                           £866.95

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

F Stephenson                        Blondex                 £946                       152.5p

RG Johnson & Son               B&W                       £914                       137.5p

A&N Fothergill&Son            Limx                        £884                       141.5p

A&N Fothergill &Son           Limx                        £837                       149.5p







Monthly Show


1st  2nd 3rd M Jennings (Dairy) Ltd


1st AJ Mason

2nd J&G Huck

3rd F Stephenson

Champion – AJ Mason                         Reserve – M Jennings (Dairy) Ltd


Increased numbers of cast cattle available and trade remaining strong although the entry with 64% dairy shows a reduction on the week. Cattle with finish and assured the trade of the day with Martin Jennings’ pen of Black and Whites seeing 3 over £1000. Same also the order of the day for beef breeds with John Masons pure Limousin cow at £1266 or 165.5p/kg and John and Gill Huck’s Blonde cross cow at £1037 or 159.5p/kg the notable highlights.


Overall Average                                   123.04p/kg           £818.89

Black & White                       to 137.5p/kg                        av 114.75p/kg

Lim                                         to 165.5p/kg                        av 144.13p/kg

Blonde x                                to 159.5p/kg                        av 147.3p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 140.5p/kg                       

AAx                                         to 135.5p/kg                        av 131.61p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head)

AJ Mason                               Lim                          £1266

MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd     B&W                       £1203

MP Jennings ( Dairy) Ltd    B&W                       £1150

J&G Huck                               Blondex                 £1037

MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd     B&W                       £1000

S&PE Bowker&Son               B&W                       £940

JR Taylor&Son                      Blondex                 £935

JR Taylor&Son                      B&W                       £921

NA Bell                                   B&W                       £910

N Parker                                                B&W                       £889


Top Prices (p/kg)

AJ Mason                               Lim                          165.5p

J&G Huck                               Blondex                 159.5p

TB Moorhouse&Son            Limx                        159.5p

TB Moorhouse&Son            Blondex                 143.5p

Miss I Hopkinson                                BBx                         140.5p

JR Taylor&Son                      Blondex                 138.5p

S&T Fawcett                          Limx                        137.5p

MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd     B&W                       137.5p

PJ&RH Wallbank                 AAx                         135.5p

MP Jennings (Dairy) Ltd     B&W                       134.5p



Overall average                    126.5p/kg                             £1252.35

Top Price £ per head and p/kg

E&SCL Harker                        Limousin               £1252                    126.6p



PRIME SHEEP (4,608 Head)

A huge show of sheep met with a full attendance of buyers at Skipton today. Lamb trade was just a touch easier on the week, the overall average showing a fall of 1.5p/kg. But generally lambs would only be £1 per head down on the week. The Primestock Show was kindly judged this month by Mr James Dewhirst. Overall Champions were awarded to a nice pen of 39kg Beltex crosses from Frank & Robert Fielden selling at £82 each to Vivers Scotlamb, whilst top price of the day was paid to T&C Robinson of Tosside for their 37kg Beltex selling for £111 each or 300p/kg to Vivers Scotlamb. Ewes were better to sell, with the large show of 840 ewes all direct from local farms.

Show Results

Texel – Sponsored by The Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders

1st G Sunderland weighed 42kg selling for £87 to Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd H Baines weighed 38kg selling for £81.50 to A Atkinson for Bowland Foods

3rd F&R Fielden weighed 40kg selling for £77 to A Atkinson for Bowland Foods

Cont x – Sponsored by Wynstay

1st F&R Fielden weighed 39kg selling for £82 to Vivers Scot Lamb

2nd WA VJ & JA Towler weighed 41kg selling for £77 to J&E Medcalf

3rd J Garth & Son weighed 39kg selling for £80 A Atkinson for Bowland Foods

Char x – Sponsored by The British Charollais Sheepbreeders Society

1st I Marsden weighed 45 selling for £83 to N Dalby for H Lee & Son

2nd CD Baxter weighed 43kg selling for £72 to A Atkinson for West Scottish Lamb

Down x – Sponsored by Wynstay

1st RA&M Earnshaw weighed 43kg selling for £76.50 to Woodhead Bros

2nd CD&RF Kitching weighed 40kg selling for £65.80 to Kepak Uk Ltd

3rd TH&A Pickard weighed 40kg selling for £65.80 to J Boocock

Mule – Sponsored by Wynstay

1st ASE Crisp weighed 47kg selling for £74.50 to RT Booth

2nd WA&A Booth weighed 46kg selling for £72.80 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston

3rd JC&N Throup weighed 43kg selling for £67.80 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston

Masham – Sponsored by The Masham Sheepbreeders Association

1st W&R Verity weighed 43kg selling for £70 to Stanforth Butchers

2nd J Barker & Son weighed 43kg selling for £67.20 to RT Booth

Champion – F&R Fielden                                    Reserve – G Sunderland


PRIME LAMBS  – Overall Average  £69.21 per head or 168.84p/kg                                                         

25.5kg to 32.0kg to 179.0p/kg         av 157.2p/kg        or £55.50 per head

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 211.8p/kg         av 168.7p/kg        or £72 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 300.0p/kg         av 170.5p/kg        or £111 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 189.1p/kg         av 163.3p/kg        or £92 per head

52.1kg and over   to 169.8p/kg         av 152.0p/kg        or £90 per head


Beltex average £81 per head or 210.1p/kg

TOP PRICES: £111 or 300.0p/kg T&C Robinson

Texel average £70.20 per head or 171.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £92 RH Marston or 171.3p/kg H Baines

Suffolk average £68.80 per head or 163.7p/kg

TOP PRICES: £87 B&J Sutcliffe or 183.8p/kg CD&RF Kitching

Charollais average £64.81 per head or 166.2p/kg

TOP PRICES: £83 I Marsden or 197.5p/kg D Asquith

Mule average £63.26 per head or 154.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £74.50 ASE Crisp or 160.7p/kg Ellis Bros

Zwartable  average £74.83 per head or 148.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £82 or 186.4p/kg JJ Beckwith

Swaledale average £44 per head or 133.3p/kg

TOP PRICES: £44 or 133.3p/kg C Mellin

Masham average £68.60 per head or 159.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £70 or 162.8p/kg J Verity & Son

Cheviot average £68.32 per head or 170.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £90.50 or 177.5p/kg Grain Farms Ltd

BFL average £69.33 per head or 143.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £77 or 148.9p/kg AJ Mason

Lleyn average £59.18 per head or 160.0p/kg

TOP PRICES: £67.80 RW&B Chapman or 173.1p/kg CD&RF Kitching



CULL EWES average £44.67

Suffolk to £90.50, Texel to £99.50, Charollais to £78.50, Beltex to £38.50, Mule to £65.50, Gritstone to £40.50, Cheviot to £47.50, Lonk to £42.50, Lleyn to £46.50, Swaledale to £45.50, Masham to £49.50 White Faced to £26.50.


LOWLAND: £99.50 RL Handy; £96.50 SD Bennett

MULE/MASHAM: £65.50 JA Throup; £65.50 JA&JH Hewetson;

HORNED: £45.50 C Thompson; £42.50 J Drinkall Ltd;

HILL: £47.50 JR Metcalfe; £46.50 HW&F Wilkinson


CAST RAMS average £55.64

Wensleydale to £67.50, Texel to £74.50, Charollais to £71.50, Beltex to £66.50, Swaledale to £33.50.


£74.50 W Warburton; £71.50 JR Metcalfe



REARING CALVES to £390  average £126

Despite the big calf show last week a solid entry of 71 Calves were forward and met by an almost equal trade to the week before with all breeds and classes of calves making solid money throughout the sale. Joint top trade went to JP&KE Hartley of Bolton Abbey and MP Jennings of Cowling both having a trade of £390 for some top quality continental calves.  PA Whitaker also met fierce competition for his stock with a Pure 1 ½ Mth old Friesian going all the way to £210.


Dairy Sale Next Week with Extra Black and White Calf Buyer Expected.



Limousin x                             to £390                  av £298                  MP Jennings Dairy

Brit Blue x                             to £390                  av £322                  JP&KE Hartley                      

MRI                                         to £148                  av £112                  L&A Watson                        

Aberdeen Angus                  to £188                  av £162                  RH Lofthouse                       

Black & White                       to £210                  av £81                    PA Whitaker                        


HEIFER CALVES                    

Limousin x                             to £210                                                  M Jennings Dairy                 

Brit Blue x                             to £195                                                  P Sharp & Son                      

Aberdeen Angus                  to £190                  av £155                  JP&KE Hartley                                                      

Black & White                       to £32                                                    JM Smith & Son                                                                   



Mini Heston Hay                                  £35 per bale