Market Report – Monday 7th January 2013

FORWARD: 84 PRIME CATTLE comprising 9 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos) 15 Cattle (under 48 mos), 60 Cast Cattle 3,640 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3,198 Prime Lambs, 442 Cast Ewes & Rams 121 REARING CALVES 26 DAIRY CATTLE 3 LOADS OF PRODUCE


At the Opening Show of Primestock the Champion and Reserve were both sourced from Bernard Simpson of Heathfield. The Champion a British Blue Heifer weighing 485kg joined James Robertshaw of Keelham Farm Shop for 260.5p/kg.


Heifers –

1st & 2nd  BS Simpson          3. J Baines



Dairy Bred –

1st JA Drake                           2nd R Greenwood                  3. DA Fort

Beef x –

1st B Spensley Ltd                 2nd RG Church Ltd 3. K Lister & Son

Champion -           B Spensley Ltd


501kg to 590kg                                                    to 257.5p/kg        av 242.82p/kg     

590kg +                                                                  to 260.5p/kg        av 191.81p/kg


Top prices £ per head and p/kg

BS Simpson                           Limx Hfr                 £1377                    257.5p

J Baines                                 Blonde x Hfr          £1354                    229.5p

BS Simpson                           Limx Hfr                 £1354                    227.5p

BS Simpson                           BBx Hfr                   £1263                    260.5p

RG Church Ltd                       AAx Hfr                   £1112                    176.5p

RG Church Ltd                       AAx Hfr                   £1110                    180.5p



PRIME CATTLE (30mo to 48mo)

Overall average                                    129.21p/kg or £709.35

Black & White                                       to 128.5p/kg        av 113.85p/kg

Limx                                                       to 140.5p/kg

BBx                                                         to 174.5p/kg        av 159.04p/kg

AAx                                                         to 136.5p/kg

Devonx                                                  to 140.5p/kg


Top prices £ per head and p/kg

R Davy                                    BBx Hfr                   £1117                    174.5p

JA&E Metcalfe                      BBx Hfr                   £976                       138.5p

CJ Lumb                                  Limx Hfr                 £892                       140.5p

JA Drake                 B&W Hfr                £818                       118.5p

R Davy                                    BBx Hfr                   £817                       168.5p



Overall Average                                   118.14p/kg           £779.09

Black & White                       to 132.5p/kg                        av 113.91p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 145.5p/kg                        av 132.84p/kg

Simx                                       to 138.5p/kg                        av 131.86p/kg

Limx                                       to 161.5p/kg                        av 142.55p/kg


Top Prices (£ per head)

B Spensley Ltd                      Limx                        £1106

RG Church Ltd                       BBx                         £1055

RG Church Ltd                       BBx                         £1033

R Davey                                  Simx                       £1012

J Wellock                               B&W                       £992

A&M Beecroft                       B&W                       £972

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       £968

JSS Verity                               B&W                       £960

K Lister & Sons                     Limx                        £948

B Spensley Ltd                      Limx                        £949


Top Prices (p/kg)

B Spensley Ltd                      Limx                        161.5p

RG Church Ltd                       BBx                         145.5p

RG Church Ltd                       BBx                         145.5p

LR Thompson                        Sim                         138.5p

KA&HL Fawcett                     Limx                        137.5p

K Lister & Sons                     Limx                        135.5p

B Spensley Ltd                      Limx                        135.5p

E Bradley & Son                   B&W                       132.5p

A&M Beecroft                       B&W                       130.5p

DE & MA Booth                     B&W                       127.5p



PRIME SHEEP (3,640 Head)

Sponsors of the Monthly Prime Sheep Show

A large show of sheep was presented to a full company of buyers today where we also held


the monthly prize sale of Prime Sheep. Judging was undertaken by Mr Bobby Booth who

awarded the results as shown below. Prizes were generously given by Guy Farm Machinery.

Trade was very much as anticipated, the lowland sheep were good to sell, especially if well fleshed. 38 pens of lambs sold at over 200p per kilo to a top of £94 for a pen of 34kg or 276p/kg from Paul Simpson, Wigglesworth. A Further 54 pens of lambs sold from 175p to 200p/kg. The Hill lambs though were slightly cheaper on the week, handy weight Mules £12 to £15 over the weight, Heavy Mules, 46kg upwards were around £9 to £12 over the weight. Averages for the whole sale were, Standard Quality Quotation (SQQ) Lambs from 25.5kg to 45.5kg was 159.2p whilst the overall average was 156.1p/kg, this for a show of 2,368 lowland lambs and 828 Hill bred lambs.

The ewes were better to sell, although there are a lot more plain ewes in the market at this of year to normal.


Continental (Pen of 5)

1st J Garnett  44kg selling for £1100 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

2nd WA Towler  40kg selling for £95 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

3rd K Stapleton & Son 47kg selling for £84 to Riley Bros

Down x (Pen of 5)

1st CD&RF Kitching 41kg selling for £67 to Woodhead Bros

2nd B Lund 49kg selling for £72 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

3rd B Lund 49kg selling for £72 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb

Mule/Masham (pen of 10)

1st CD&RF Kitching 41kg selling for £56 to RT Booth

2nd ASE Crisp 49kg selling for £59 to A Atkinson

3rd I Mellin 43kg selling for £53 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston

Horned (Pen of 10)

1st ASE Crisp 45kg selling for £58.50 to A Atkinson

2nd N&M Sutcliffe 40kg selling for £52 to P Watson for Dunbia Preston


Champion – J Garnett         Reserve – WA Towler


PRIME LAMBS  – Overall Average £64.30per head or 156.17p/kg                                                           

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 276.5p/kg         av 158.7p/kg        or £54.19 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 250.0p/kg         av 159.3p/kg        or £65.05 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 195.7p/kg         av 141.6p/kg        or £68.13 per head

52.1kg and over   to 158.5p/kg         av 138.6p/kg        or £76.09 per head


Beltex average £76.23per head or 203.07p/kg

TOP PRICES: £110 J&J Garnett or 276.5p/kg PW Simpson

Texel average £68.50per head or 164.45p/kg

TOP PRICES: £96 or 240.0p/kg M Hall

Suffolk average £63.39per head or 144.51p/kg

TOP PRICES: £78 Procters Farms or 165.1p/kg JP&KE Hartley

Charollais average £66.71per head or 157.17p/kg

TOP PRICES: £72 WM Hall or 165.0p/kg DB Nowell

Mule average £53.35per head or 127.06p/kg

TOP PRICES: £59 Ellis Bros or 139.50p/kg JJ Beckwith

Zwartable  average £61.67per head or 136.03p/kg

TOP PRICES: £62 or 138.6p/kg MJ Beckwith

Swaledale average £42.98per head or 121.11p/kg

TOP PRICES: £58.50 ASE Crisp or 134.7p/kg  FG Throup

Masham average £47.75per head or 129.05p/kg

TOP PRICES: £50.50 or 132.90p/kg D Charnley

Dalesbred average £46.71per head or 123.82p/kg

TOP PRICES: £51 or 137.8p/kg F&R Fielden

Gritstone average £64.40per head or 154.55p/kg

TOP PRICES: £65 or 158.8p/kg B Dibb

Cheviot average £67.13per head or 168.44p/kg

TOP PRICES: £70 or 184.2p/kg JW Mellin

Lleyn average £64.97per head or 145.82p/kg

TOP PRICES: £69.50 or 158.1p/kg GM&SC Pickles



CULL EWES average £51.37

Beltex to £82.50, Texel to £134.50, Charollais to £53.50, BFL to £74.50, Mule to £68.50, Gritstone to £76.50, Cheviot to £71.50, Lonk to £34.50,  Lleyn to £68.50, Swaledale to £41.50, Dalesbred to £47.50, SBF to £43.50


LOWLAND: £134.50 JL North; £134.50 JW Mellin;

MULE/MASHAM: £68.50 L Throup; £60 D&J Isherwood

HORNED: £47.50 RJ Bradley; £41.50 A&PM Hall

HILL: £71.50 A Atkinson; £70.50 RG Church Ltd


CAST RAMS average £70.73

Beltex to £91.50, Texel to £93.50, Charollais to £119.50, BFL to £54.50, Gritstone to £64.50, Cheviot to £77.50,

TOP PRICES:  £119.50 PN Dalby; £93.50 JW Stockdale; £92.50 KG Stapleton


Sponsors of
The Monthly Calf Show

REARING CALVES to £470  average £160.26


BULL CALVES                       av £160.26


A good show of strong quality calves saw the New Year in at the Opening BOCM Calf Show

with Mesrs A Sowray & Son of Bishop Thornton presenting an outstanding entry of calves

to take the honours. The Supreme Champion and first prize British Blue Bull calf a 38 day

old son of the Genus sire, Gamma joined Mesrs N&M Mason of Scunthorpe for £470,

who went home with a highly impressive pen of quality calves. Shaun and Peter Sowray’s

Reserve Champion the first prize British Blue Heifer was a 37 day old calf by the Cogent sire Echo which joined the co judges David and Julie Asquith of Otley for £400. David Smith trading with his brother as C.Smith from Sutton in Craven ran Mesrs Sowray a very close second in both British Blue classes and particularly worthy was their 36 day old bull calf that joined Mesrs Mason for £450. In a highly successful opening sale 10 calves made £350+ and numerous others £300+ reflecting the quality and strong demand. Of the 121 calves forward 68 were Black and White bulls which returned a healthy average of £81.43 with the top Friesian selling at £198 (F. Spence).

The increasing number of buyers seeking Native breeds backed up a solid trade in this section for both male and female calves particularly if entries carried sire identitiy.


Prize Awards

Champion and Reserve Champion, the first prize British Blue Bull and Heifer were both presented by

Mesrs A Sowray & Son making £470 and £400.

BBx Bull                  1. A Sowray & Son               2. DN&RM Smith                 3. A Sowray & Son

BBx Hfr                   1. A Sowray & Son               2. DN&RM Smith                 3. A Sowray & Son

Lim x Bull               1. RH&EA Close

Native Bull            1. M DB &J Ashworth

B&W Bull               1. AL Dean & Sons

Cont x Male Stirk 1. E Pennock & Son              2. G Booth

Cont x Hfr Stirk    1. G Booth                             2. G Booth                             3. RH&EA Close


Limousin x                             to £405                  av £340                  F Spence                               

Brit Blue x                             to £470                  av £354                  A Sowray & Son

Char x                                     to £290                                                  G Abbott & Sons 

Saler x                                    to 220                    av £193                  RL Wright & Son                                                 

Aberdeen Angus                  to £250                  av £178                  JP&KE Hartley                      

Hefd x                                    to £240                  av £207                  M DB & J Ashworth

Black & White                       to £198                  av £81                    F Spence



HEIFER CALVES                    

Limousin x                             to £330                  av £224                  F Spence                               

Brit Blue x                             to £400                  av £303                  A Sowray & Son                  

Saler x                                    to £290                  av £268                  RL Wright & Sons                                                

Hefd x                                    to £250                                                  HJ&KL Blackwell                                                  




A tidy entry of Newly Calved and Incalf Dairy cattle for the New Year sale found a ready ringside of

buyers. Judging was in the hands of local dairy farmer Angus Dean from Threshfield who awarded

championship honours to Jeremy Taylor with a pedigree New Calved Heifer from his Smellows herd

based at Broughton. With an opening bid of £2,000 she soon raced on to the days top price of £2,380

before being knocked down to Messrs Blockley, Chester. Messrs A Lawson & Son from Arthington presented 2 Pedigree Newly Calved heifers and these sold at £2,350 and £2,150 purchased by R Metcalfe and P Crabtree & Son respectively. Robert Crisp of Calton showed 3 grand homebred heifers all selling for over £2,000 each to a top of £2,250. Chris Broadwith presented the first prized Newly calved cow and this found a new home at £2,080 with Wick Williams.


Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st JD Taylor & Son, 2nd A Lawson & Son 3rd M Baul & Ptnrs

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st 2nd & 3rd FA Broadwith

                                Incalf Heifer/ Cow               1st M Baul & Ptnrs 2nd & 3rd J Lawn

CHAMPION –         JD Taylor & Son    RESERVE – A Lawson & Son


Newly Calven Heifers          1st Quality to £2,380 av. £2,133

                                                2nd Quality to £1,640 av. £1,483  overall average £1,855

Newly Calven Cows             1st Quality to £2,080 av. £1,782

                                                2nd Quality to £1,000 av. £800  overall average £1488

Incalf Heifers                       to £1,640 av £1,386



JD Taylor & Son                    £2,380

A Lawson & Son                   £2,350 £2,150

ASE Crisp & Son                   £2,250 £2,070 £2,020

F Broadwith & Son              £2,080 £1,880

M Baul & Ptnrs                    £2,000 £1,850




Wheat Straw Sq                                   £65 per ton

Wheat Straw Mini Heston                 £17 per bale

Barley Straw Round                            £21 per bale