FORWARD: 678 HEAD OF REGISTERED LLEYN SHEEP CCM Auctions conducted the Annual Sale of MV Acc Registered LLeyn Sheep at Skipton Mart on Thursday for members of The Lleyn Sheep Society. Judging this year was in the hands of Mr Tim Riley and he awarded the following results:

Rams –

1st – G&A Fort sold for 800gns

2nd – WJ&DJ Williams sold for 700gns

3rd – P Knowles sold for 600gns


Shearlings –

1st – JA&R Geldard sold for £195

2nd – WJ&DJ Williams sold for £180

3rd – G&A Fort sold for £190


Ewe Lambs –

1st – C Sackville Hamilton sold for £110

2nd – Farmstock Genetics sold for £140

3rd – P Knowles sold for £120


CHAMPION – G&A Fort (Ram)

RESERVE – JA&R Geldard (Shearlings)


Trade for the females was in general much stronger than last year with averages showing a healthy rise on the year. The best end of yearling ewes trading at £160 to £195, and commercial types £140 to £155. A fast trade for ewe lambs produced an overall selling average of £96.69.

The rams sale saw a very good clearance rate of 95%, although without any four figure prices to boost the average then it was slightly down on the year.  


Averages – (2013)

Rams – £487.06 (£519)

Shearlings – £163.66 (£127)

Ewe Lambs – £95.69 (£80)


Principle Prices –


Shearling Ram

900gns D Jones

800gns 620gns G&A Fort

700gns 550gns AW Davies

700gns 550gns WJ&DJ Williams

650gns JA&R Geldard


Yearling Ewes

£195 £180 JA&R Geldard

£195 £182x2 DCS Alexander

£190 TA&J Swinbank

£185x3 £180 G&A Fort

£185 H&M Dugdale

£180 WJ&DJ Williams


Ewe Lambs

£140 £125 £118 £105 Farmstock Genetics

£120 WJ&DJ Williams

£120 P Knowles

£110 C Sackville Hamilton

£108 G&A Fort

£105 T Fort