Beef Breeding Cattle The drinks were on Oddacres Landlord at the final multibreed showdown of CCM’s Pedigree month. Terry and Elaine Priestely’s charge purchased from John and Claire Mason’s, Oddacres Herd and has been used on the pedigree Limousin “Prietec” Herd, the 2015 Gallois Son was picked out by judge Andrew Fisher before selling to David White of Horton In Ribblesdale.

Reserve Champion was the Simmental bull Scotland Hill Godfrey 15 from T Hill & R Wright, a 2015 son of Burghbridge Duncan 12 which joined DW&BL Mattinson of Bracewell for 1800gns.

Brian Lund of Walshaw dispersing his Pedigree Parthanais cattle sold a 2016 bull. Walshaw Smokey Joe for 1900gns to R&E Pollard of Colne and the 2016 Maiden Heifer Walshaw Misty sired by the same bull, Willow Creek Frankie for 2500gns to a Yorkshire buyer.

A good entry of Cows with Calves at foot followed the Pedigree sale and trade was fast. More cattle promised for the next sale with 40-50 outfits anticipated to be forward.

Show Pedigree Cattle

Simmental Bull                                            1800gns

Limousin Bull                                               2900gns

Pathanaise Bull                                            1900gns            

Beef Shorthorn                                             1100gns


Simmental Cow & Calf                                1700gns

Limousin Cow & Calf                                   2100gns


Pathanaise Heifer                                        2500gns

Non Show Pedigree Cattle

Pedigree Brit Blue 2015                                                                2650gns

Pedigree Brit Blue 2010                                                                2000gns

Pedigree Brit Blue Cow with Blue Bull Calf                               1950gns


Beef Breeding Cattle

Lim x Hfr with Lim x Hfr Calves                 £2150

Lim x Cows with Lim x Hfr Calves             £1600

Blue x Hfr with Bld x Hfr Calves                 £2250

Blue x Cow with Lim x Hfr Calves             £1450

Blue x Cow with Blue x Hfr Calves           £1450

Luing Cow with Blue x Hfr Calves             £1500

Hefd x Cow with Lim x Hfr Calves            £1500

AA x Cow with AA x Bull Calves                 £1450

Ped Lim Heifers with Lim Bull Calves     £1950