Great Annual Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs on behalf of NEMSA Members. Forward: 7,357 head at an overall average of £96.84 per head (+£6.35 up) CCM Auctions conducted their opening Fortnightly Show and Sale of NEMSA members Mule Gimmer Lambs at Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire on Tuesday. The pre-sale show was of a high quality with 21 pens of ten and 12 pens of 20 presented for showing.

It was the champion pen of ten lambs, chosen by judges John Gate and John Greenhalgh, from The Booth Family of Old Hall Farm, Feizor that took the top price on the day selling for £280 a piece, followed by Kevin Wilson’s 2nd prize pen of ten taking the next highest price of £205. The Booth Family also won first prize for the best pen of 20 lambs, judged by Mr David Calvert & Mr Alan Thwaite. Overall a very pleasing sale, with the average showing a sensible increase on the year. The better lambs on the day took the best lift on the year, whilst a commercial lamb saw a marginal increase. Overall average of £96.84 per head.



Please Note that entries for the Second Sale of 10,000 NEMSA Mule Gimmer Lambs to be held on Tuesday 20th September close tomorrow (Wed 7th Sept) at 4pm. The ballot will be drawn immediately afterwards.






(PENS OF 10) Mr J Greenhalgh & Mr J Gate  

(PENS OF 20) Mr A D Calvert & Mr A Thwaite

Pens of 10

1st WA&A Booth sold for £280

2nd JK Wilson sold for £205

3rd FA Caton sold for £138

4th S&T Fawcett sold for £170

5th AV Caton sold for £170

6th JC Walker & Son sold for £125

Pens of 20

1st WA&A Booth sold for £180

2nd AV Caton sold for £135

3rd K&GJ Huck sold for £140

4th JK Wilson sold for £142

5th S&T Fawcett sold for £138

6th JK Wilson sold for £140


Principle Prices
£280 £180            WA&A Booth

£205 £142            JK Wilson

£195                       CD&RF Kitching

£190                       Ellis Bros

£170 £165            AJ Mason

£170                       S&T Fawcett

£170                       AV Caton



Highest Flock Average (100 or more lambs presented)

(Cash Prizes sponsored by Craven Cattle Marts Ltd for highest 3 averages)

WA&A Booth                                                     137 av £137.81

K&GJ Huck                                                         125 av £120.52

JK Wilson                                                            342 av £108.38

WP&B Walker                                                   161 av £106.27

AV Caton                                                             199 av £105.40

R&KA Burley                                                      110 av £104.77

FA Caton                                                              203 av £103.31

KA&HL Fawcett                                                145 av £102.60




Highest Flock Average (under 100 lambs presented)

(Cash Prizes sponsored by Craven Cattle Marts Ltd for highest 3 averages)


S&T Fawcett                                                      72 av £121.75

ASE Crisp                                                           64 av £107.16

ID Mellin                                                             62 av £103.13

F Reeday & Son                                                  50 av £102.40

CM Ryder                                                            80 av £101.38

J&G Huck                                                            50 av £100.78

EW&JR Parkinson                                            50 av £100.60

D Carr                                                                   37 av £100.57