Great Annual Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs on behalf of NEMSA Members. SOLD: 7,045 head at an overall average of £104.81 per head (+14.06) CCM Auctions conducted their opening Fortnightly Show and Sale of NEMSA members Mule Gimmer Lambs at Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire on Tuesday 8th September with a wonderful entry of over 7,000 forward for sale.


In this funny old year the sale was deemed a success, even if the atmosphere was rather different to normal with a crowd limited to just buyers in the vast environment of the main sale ring operating on a socially distanced nature. However, it soon became evident in the morning that the 100 or so folk who were registered had clearly come to secure the type of quality lambs on offer for which Skipton is quickly gaining a reputation for, and prices were probably sharper than most had hoped for, backed up by the sale averaging £104.81 per head, a rise of £14.06p on the year.
This year we also gave our customers the option to bid live online, with this being as much a learning curve for us as auctioneers too, but lambs were sold to the internet during the sale albiet in relative small numbers. But we will offer the option again at the second sale of 10,000 head in 2 weeks time, and customers who wish to bid this way can contact either of the auctioneers for more details.

Back to todays business, and the top end pens sold better than anticipated with the champions from JC Walker & Son of Dunsop Bridge leading the prices at £230 per head, and four other pens at £200 or more and another 8 pens in the £190’s. All throughout the sale lambs with skin quality, bone and good carcass were keenly contested as buyers looked to secure the basic components of a good commercial breeding ewe, with premium prices for the smart headed types, but well put together lighter headed sorts finding good prices to go straight into flocks. Running lambs were in good demand as volume buyers looked to fulfill orders early season and these were mainly £90 plus, although the smallest end of lambs on the day could be bought at £85/£88.
Full show results and prices achieved are listed below.

Tomorrow (Wed 9th Sept)

10,550 Store Lambs at 10am, inc Main Sale of 3,469 Top Draw Suffolk Mule, Texel Mule, Continental and Cheviot Gimmer Lambs.



Please Note that entries for the Second Sale of 10,000 NEMSA Mule Gimmer Lambs to be held on Tuesday 22nd September close tomorrow (Wed 9th Sept) at 4pm. The ballot will be drawn immediately afterwards.






(PENS OF 10) Mr D Buck & Mr W Allen   

(PENS OF 20) Mr G Rogerson & Mr M Middleton


Pens of 10

1st JC Walker & Son sold for £230

2nd KA&HL Fawcett sold for £190

3rd CD&RF Kitching sold for £195

4th JA&R Caton sold for £195

5th JK Wilson sold for £210

6th WA&A Booth sold for £190


Pens of 20

1st JA&R Caton sold for £210

2nd WA&A Booth sold for £160

3rd CD&RF Kitching sold for £150

4th JA&R Caton sold for £170

5th JK Wilson sold for £170

6th FA Caton sold for £160


Principle Prices
£230                                       JC Walker & Son

£210                                       JK Wilson

£210 £195                            AV Caton

£205                                       CM Ryder

£200                                       FA Caton

£195(x2) £185                    CD&RF Kitching

£195 £190                            AJ Mason

£190                                       KA&HL Fawcett

£190                                       WA&A Booth

£190                                       S&T Fawcett

£175                                       JC&N Throup





Highest Flock Average (100 or more lambs presented)


JC Walker & Son               107 av £125.22

JA&R Caton                        227 av £124.02

WA&A Booth                     120 av £123.67

FA Caton                              206 av £122.97

JK Wilson                            310 av £120.19

AJ Mason                            192 av £118.44



Highest Flock Average (under 100 lambs presented)


S&T Fawcett                      34 av £143.29

K&GJ Huck                          54 av £120.33

Saddle End Farms            40 av £116.25

A&SL Throup                     30 av £114.00

EW&JR Parkinson            50 av £114.40

SH TA & M Sutcliffe        48 av £112.00



BEST RUN OF LAMBS (Judged by Messrs Edmondson, Keswick)

Messrs FA Caton, Weston.