CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday. With selling today spread across 4 sale rings the market was full to capacity with breeds covering the main sales for Blue Faced Leicesters, Suffolks, Hampshire Downs, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex and other breeds.

The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes.


Forward:   1,373 head of Rams & Females.



SUFFOLK  - Judge – Tony Shepherd

Ram Lamb –

1st ML Evans Lot 901

2nd S Bolland Lot 923

3rd R Fitton Lot 804

Shearling Ram –

1st S Bolland Lot 921

2nd L Bethell  Lot 1361

3rd F Reeday & Son Lot 907

CHAMPION – ML Evans Lot 901

RESERVE – S Bolland Lot 921


TEXEL – Judge – James & David Towler

Ram Lamb –

1st J North Lot 359

2nd G Gray Lot 577

3rd J Mellin Lot 507

Shearling Ram –

1st – S&S Richardson Lot 390

2nd J Mellin Lot 490

3rd G Gray Lot 369

Female –

1st J Mellin Lot 321

2nd J Mellin Lot 322

3rd J Perrings Lot 319

CHAMPION – J North Lot 359

RESERVE – S&S Richardson Lot 390



Ram Lamb –

1st W Wildman Lot 209

2nd N Peacock Lot 263

3rd WA&A Booth Lot 229

Shearling Ram

1st Ellis Bros Lot 108

2nd AJ Mason Lot 43

3rd JC Walker & Son Lot 50


1st AJ Mason Lot 279

2nd AJ Mason Lot 280

CHAMPION – Ellis Bros Lot 108

RESERVE – W Wildman Lot 209


BELTEX Judge – David Findlay

Best Ram

1st –A Story Lot 1420

2nd C Windle Lot 1447

3rd N Noble Lot 1440

CHAMPION – A Story Lot 1420


CHAROLLAIS Judge – Margaret Watkinson

Aged or Shearling

1st D Whitcher Lot 1392

2nd CW Marwood Lot 1378

3rd R&VJ Towers Lot 1399

Ram Lamb

1st CW Marwood Lot 1386

2nd R&VJ Towers Lot 1386

3rd J Stott Jnr Lot 1363

CHAMPION – D Whitcher Lot 1392

RESERVE – CW Marwood Lot 1386


ZWARTABLE Judge – Margaret Watkinson

Ram Lamb –

1st  F Harrison Lot 1577

2nd S Hird Lot 1574

3rd F Harrison Lot 1576

Female –

1st MJ Beckwith Lot 1565

2nd T Sutcliffe Lot 1555

3rd T Sutcliffe Lot 1558

CHAMPION – MJ Beckwith Lot 1565

RESERVE – F Harrison Lot 1577






In the accredited Texel ring top price was the a shearling ram from David Towell, Moor Top flock which sold to RJ Bradbury of Berwick upon Tweed for 1150gns. The Moor Top flock achieved other notable highs with shearling rams at 950gns 850gns x3 and a 20 head average of £653.

Champion in the section was a lamb ram from John Norths Loxley Flock which sold to Mr P Smith of Helmsley for 400gns.

There was solid trade for shearling rams throughout the sale where ram lamb purchasers were more selective and females meeting a near total clearance. Full sale ring clearance 87%   


Aged Ram           av £394

Shearling Rams av £402

Lamb Ram           av £217

Shearling Ewe   av £231

Aged Ewe            av £276


Prices (gns) –

1150gns 950gns 850gns x3 700gns DA Towell

800gns 680gns S&S Richardson

780gns Procters Farm

680gns R Green



In the Lingfield Ring 503 rams were presented for sale and over 80% found new homes. The Suffolk pre sale judging was carried out by Mr Tony Shepherd of Eshton who had 18 ram lambs presented before him along with a healthy showing of shearlings that made for interesting judging. Mark Evans of Steeton was judged to have best in show with a fantastic tup lamb whilst Stephen Bolland took 1st placed Shearling ram and reserve champion. The champion sold for 580gns to Gareth Daniels of Norfolk, whilst the reserve champion headed to the Stapleton of Switches Farm for 360gns. Other notable breeders were John Key of Stocksbridge who had some strong prices with his run of shearlings to 520gn. Ben Hardcastle of Pateley had another pen of strong tup lambs topping with his favourite at 500gns.


Shearling Ram   av £317

Lamb Ram           av £251


Prices (gns) –

580gns 450gns ML Evans

500gns 440gns B Hardcastle

420gns SJ Bolland




The non MV sheep section

In the non MV Commerical ring every type of tup was up for grabs. Top runs of tups from RC Robinson of Pannal, John Stephenson of Bordley , TC Whiteford of Brampton, Jones & Roberts of Camarthen and Paul Slater of Macclesfield drove the trade forward with good prices throughout. 1150gns was top price from the Whiteford Family selling to Geoff and Margaret Booth of Lothersdale and backed up by a strong average with Thomas & James Whiteford selling 55 tups av £694.72

In the Lingfield ring 503 tups were forward with clearance of 82%. Strong and quality shearlings sold well with tup lambs hard to sell.


Texel Shearling Ram      av £400

Texel Ram Lamb               av £179

Beltex Shearling Ram    av £391

Beltex Ram Lamb             av £178


Prices (gns) –

1150gns 950gns x2 900gns x3 TC Whiteford

920gns RC Robinson

800gns P Slater

600gns Jones & Roberts

The MV sheep section

In the commercial MV ring Chris Windle had top joint price at 920gns for a beltex shearling and other prices of 480gns and 420gns. B&W McAllister had the top price cross bred ram with a beltex x texel at 920gns and other prices of 550gns and 500gns.


Beltex Shearling Ram Av £348

Texel Shearling Ram Av £308


Prices (gns) –

920gns 550gns 500gns B McAllister

920gns 480gns C Windle




Leading price at the Annual Sale of Blue Faced Rams & Females at Skipton held on Friday was 2,000gns for a ram lamb that stood 3rd in the show consigned by WA&A Booth, Feizor. This strong lamb from the Smearsett Flock was sired by Lunesdale V33 and out of a Hundith 24 ewe that went back to the old pink tag Ravenscar Ewe. It found a new home with Ashley & Rachael Caton at Otterburn Lodge.

After a successful season showing some tremendous  mule lambs Patrick & Thomas Walker, Appletreewick had the 2nd highest price for a 3shear ram that was bred by Messrs Booth by the C1 Shafthill it sold for 1600gns to Andrew Ogden, Cowling.

Next in the price stakes at 1200gns was the Champion sheep consigned by Ellis Bros, Ilkley Moor, this shearling ram by their own D1 Bull & Cave sold to Messrs JW Stockdale & Son, Burnsall.

John Masons Oddacres flock had the usual following and produced a brace of shearling rams at 1,100gns. The first one to achieve this was the 2nd prize ram sired by E4 Low Tipalt  sold to JR Upmleby, Kirkby Malzeard. The second ram sold to JA Stoney & Son, Pateley Bridge.  


Aged Ram Av £403

Shearling Ram Av £392

Lamb Ram Av £297

Shearling Ewe Av £157

Ewe Lamb Av £183


Prices (gns) –

2000gns WA&A Booth

1600gns WP&B Walker & Son

1200gns Ellis Bros

1100gns x2 AJ Mason

900gns R Mawson

900gns JA Throup

900gns x2 JK Wilson



David Alexanders trip from the North of Scotland proved fruitful with 31 out of his consignment of 36 Blue Texels finding new homes. Ages ewes sold to 600gns shearling ewes to 500gns and ewe lambs to 340gns.

Ivanhoe Livestock had a virtual clearance of their Blue Texels which peaked at 500gns for a shearling ewe bought by John Stephenson of Bordley.

All in all there was a 90% clearance with 55 out of 60 blue texels changing hands.


Shearling Ewe Av £443  Top 1500gns

Ewe Lamb Av £366           Top 420gns


Prices (gns) –

520gns 500gns x2 480gns x2 440gns DCS Alexander

500gns Ivanhoe

460gns J Rodenburg



DR Whitcher had the leading two prices with shearlings @ £500gns and 480gns for the champion. CW Marwood closely followed again with shearlings @ £480gns and 460gns. Ram lamb leading prices were headed by Charles Marwood with 380gns and 360gns.


Aged Ram Av £333

Shearling Ram Av £355

Lamb Ram Av £285


Prices (gns) –

500gns 480gns DR Whitcher

480gns 380gns x2 360gns CW Marwood

460gns 380gns 320gns x2 JD&V Towers



The trade was patchy with a top price of 500gns being achieved by J Galbraith with a shearling ewe and J&H Harrison with a ewe lamb.


Aged Ewe            av £311

Shearling Ewe   av £343

Ewe Lamb           av £253

Shearling Ram   av £325

Lamb Ram           av £294


Prices (gns)

500gns 450gns 420gns J Galbraith

500gns 380gns J&H Harrison

450gns  A Vrona

450gns K&A McArthy

360gns 350gns x2 JA Birkwood




Zwartable           av £220                 Top 220gns MJ Beckwith