MARKET REPORT – FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2016 CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday. With selling today spread across 4 sale rings the market was full to capacity with breeds covering the main sales for Blue Faced Leicesters, Suffolks, Hampshire Downs, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex and other breeds. The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes. Forward: 1,136 head of Rams & Females.


SUFFOLK  - Judge – HA Sawrey

Ram Lamb –

1st KR Thomas Lot 595

2nd ML Evans Lot 675

3rd S Bolland Lot 637

Shearling Ram –

1st ML Evans Lot 665

2nd S Bolland Lot 635

3rd Lucas & Nairey Lot 614

CHAMPION – ML Evans Lot 665

RESERVE – KR Thomas Lot 595


TEXEL – Judge – PC Longdin

Ram Lamb –

1st JL North Lot 384

2nd JW Mellin Lot 323

3rd PK Woof Lot

Shearling Ram –

1st  D Towell Lot 279

2nd Procters Farm Lot 398

3rd JW Mellin Lot 213

Female –

1st J Perring Lot 244

2nd E Elliott Lot 253

3rd R Wilson Lot 231

CHAMPION – D Towell Lot 279

RESERVE – JL North Lot 384


BLUE FACED LEICESTER Judge – Steven Taylor

Ram Lamb –

1st D Lodge Lot 189

2nd H Harvey & Son Lot 200

3rd H Harvey & Son Lot 199

Shearling Ram

1st AJ Mason Lot 135

2nd CD&RF Kitching Lot 67

3rd JK Wilson Lot 103


1st AJ Mason Lot 2

2nd AJ Mason Lot 3

CHAMPION – AJ Mason Lot 135

RESERVE – AJ Mason Lot 2


BELTEX Judge – John Stephenson

Best Ram

1st – WG Beckwith Lot 1269

2nd JH Barrow & Son Lot 1243

3rd C Windle Lot 1247


CHAROLLAIS Judge – John Stephenson

Aged or Shearling

1st J Stott Jnr Lot 1204

2nd CW Marwood Lot 1229

3rd CW Marwood Lot 1228

Ram Lamb

1st CW Marwood Lot 1230

2nd CW Marwood Lot 1232

3rd JD&V Towers & Son Lot 1240

CHAMPION – J Stott Jnr Lot 1204

RESERVE – CW Marwood Lot 1230



Ram Lamb –

1st  J Lingings Lot 1385

Female –

1st MJ Beckwith Lot 1370

2nd MJ Beckwith Lot 1371

3rd MJ Beckwith Lot 1372




186 forward & 96.8% clearance rate.


CCM Auctions held their Annual Show & Sale of Blue Faced Leicester Rams & Females at Skipton on Friday where a great sale was experienced, helped by a better show than last year of rams and ram lambs with power and ready for work. 52 Ram lambs were in the entry selling to the days top price of 1,800gns and a total clearance of every lamb was seen, with a 96.8% overall clearance rate.

It was Messrs Booth’s Smearcett flock from Feizor who had the top price on the day with a much fancied ram lamb sired by Kirkby Redgate X1 out of a Z4 Hundith receiving frantic bidding running to 1,800gns eventually falling to Kevin Wilson of Blubberhouses. The Smearcett flock sold another Ram Lamb at 1,300gns, by the Highberries sire purchased last year and out of a full sister to D15, it found a new home with Chris Ryder of Blubberhouses.

John Mason took championship honours at this year’s sale with a shearling ram, sired by the E4 Low Tipalt ram out of a Z7 Smearcett got ewe, it sold to Peter Webster of Windermere for 1,600gns. The Masons also made 1,100gns of a second shearling ram, sired by V33 Lunesdale out of a W2 Lunesdale ewe,

it headed off into South Cumbria with Jeff Burrow of Grayrigg.

Other four figure prices included a homebred shearling from Ian Mellin of Malhamdale by an Otterburn Lodge sire selling to V Verity & Sons of West end for 1,100gns and Messrs Kitching of Threshfield who presented the first prize pen of 20 Mule Gimmers at the 2nd Sale in 2016 whose pen leading shearling ram by Riddings G11 went home with Stephen Pickard and daughter Mellissa to Bolton by Bowland for 1,000gns.  



Aged Ram Av £370

Shearling Ram Av £460

Lamb Ram Av £377

Shearling Ewe Av £525


Prices (gns) –

1,800gns 1,300gns WA&A Booth

1,600gns 1,100gns AJ Mason

1,100gns ID Mellin

1,000gns CD&RF Kitching

950gns 900gns 800gns Ellis Bros

800gns JK Wilson



In the Suffolk’s, Mark Evans of Steeton took the top honours in the Judging with his superb shearling that went on to sell for 700gns to Messrs Middleton. John Key a regular vendor at Skipton Multi Breed Tup Sale topped the sale at 800gns for his tight skinned stretchy Suffolk tup.


A fierce ringside of buyers saw all Suffolk tups well fought over with a 96.4% clearance with Shearlings averaging £378 and Lambs averaged £354, which is £61 up for shearlings and £103 up for Ram Lambs.




In the Lingfield Ring


Shearling Ram   av £378

Lamb Ram           av £354

Shearling Ewe   av £183


Prices (gns) –

800gns JA Key

700gns 550gns 500gns 480gns ML Evans

620gns SJ Bolland

550gns(x2) G&MA Lawn

500gns F Reeday & Son

480gns BL Hardcastle



214 forward & clearance rate of 93%

David Towell of Glusburn hit four figures 5 times in the shearling ram MV acc section. First price shearling and leading price of 1800gns was paid by Phillip Sutcliffe of Horton in Ribblesdale closely followed by a shearling ram of 1600gns selling to RN Kirkby of Northallerton.

John Mellin of Hull House headed the ram lambs at 650gns. Meanwhile John Norths Reserve Champion and first prize was 420gns headed up a pen of lambs averaging 338gns.


Aged Ram           av £262

Shearling Rams av £522

Lamb Ram           av £289

Shearling Ewe   av £207

Aged Ewe            av £201


Prices (gns) –

1,800gns 1,600gns 1,250gns 1,200gns 1,100gns 900gns(x4) 800gns(x2) 750gns DA Towell;

950gns D Pawson

850gns(x2) 750gns  Procters Farm

800gns MA Keighley

800gns JW Mellin

750gns FA Nairey




The non MV sheep section

In the non MV Commerical ring a strong trade was to be had for any well presented cross bred and pure rams with two of the best runs forward again from RC Robinson of Pannal and TC Whiteford of Brampton. Topping the day’s trade was a Texel x tup from James Whiteford selling for 1500gns to Geoff Booth of Dowshaw farm, Lothersdale.


Other good runs helped the trade along to a strong average for the Lingfield ring of £431   



Texel Shearling Ram      av £502

Beltex Shearling Ram    av £413

Rouge Shearling Ram     av £367

Charollais Shearling Ram av £268


Prices (gns) –

The MV sheep section

In the commercial MV ring


Beltex Shearling Ram Av £282

Texel Shearling Ram Av £266


Prices (gns) –

500gns 480gns 380gns C Windle

420gns JH Barrow

360gns WG Beckwith




Shearling Ram Av £266  Top 480gns

Ram Lamb av £388           Top 420gns

Shearling Ewe Av £349  Top 475gns

Ewe Lamb Av £333           Top 350gns


Prices (gns) –

480gns J Rodenburg

475gns 450gns x2 420gns x2 400gns DCS Alenander



CW Marwood had the top price of today’s sale at 480gns and a further entry at 420gns whilst John Stott of Crosscrake, Kendal hit 400gns with his pen leader.


Shearling Ram Av £326

Lamb Ram Av £240


Prices (gns) –

480gns 420gns 350gns CW Marwood

400gns 320gns J Stott Jnr

350gn M Worthington


The trade was selective today with a top price of 750gns. Quality sheep selling well but more resistance for a commercial type of sheep.


Shearling Ewe   av £417

Ewe Lamb           av £378

Shearling Ram   av £210


Prices (gns)

750gns 550gns 420gns J Galbraith

480gns L Chasney

480gns 400gns x2 EB Jones



Zwartable           av £210                 Top 250gns MJ Beckwith

Bleu du Main     av £294                 Top 280gns S Goldie