MARKET REPORT – FRIDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2014 CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday. With selling today spread across 4 sale rings the market was full to capacity with breeds covering the main sales for Blue Faced Leicesters, Suffolks, Hampshire Downs, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex, Cheviot and other breeds. The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes. The Flickr Gallery contains a photo album of some of the prize winners and highest priced sheep from todays sale. Forward: 1,264 head of Rams & Females.


SUFFOLK  - Judge Craig Bradbury

Ram Lamb –

1st – SJ Buckley Lot 897

2nd – ML Evans Lot 848

3rd – SJ Buckley Lot 898

Shearling Ram –

1st – Bethell Lot 781

2nd – L Bethell Lot 780

3rd KR Thomas Lot 799

CHAMPION – Bethell Lot 781

RESERVE – SJ Buckley Lot 897


TEXEL – Judge Mr Robert Fielding

Ram Lamb –

1st G Gray Lot 646 selling for 630gns

2nd  P Woof Lot 619 selling for 320gns

3rd J Green Lot 640 selling for 290gns

Shearling Ram –

1st   Procters Farm Lot 677 selling for 800gns

2nd Procters Farm Lot 676 selling for 900gns

3rd Procters Farm Lot 675 selling for 750gns

Female –

1st – J Mellin Lot 382 selling for 540gns

2nd – J Mellin Lot 381 selling for 300gns

3rd – FA Nairey Lot 373 selling for 250gns

CHAMPION – Procters Farm Lot 677 selling for 800gns

RESERVE – G Gray Lot 646 selling for 630gns


BLUE FACED LEICESTER Judge – F&J Kitching, Threshfield.

Ram Lamb –

1st – AJ Mason Lot 294 selling for 600gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 295 selling for 450gns

3rd – D Lodge Lot 319 selling for 250gns

Shearling Ram

1st – Ellis Bros Lot 137 selling for 750gns

2nd – C Nelson & Son Lot 205 selling for 650gns

3rd – EW&JR Parkinson Lot 178 selling for 650gns


1st – AJ Mason Lot 334 selling for 200gns

2nd – JH Critchlow Lot 329A selling for 200gns

3rd – AJ Mason Lot 335 Unsold

CHAMPION – AJ Mason Lot 294 selling for 600gns

RESERVE – Ellis Bros Lot 137 selling for 750gns


BELTEX Judge – James Drake

Best Ram

1st – MR Davis Lot 703 selling for 420gns

2nd – PN&VJ Noble Lot 1418 selling for 520gns

3rd – R Garth Lot 1025 selling for 350gns

CHAMPION – MR Davis Lot 703 selling for 420gns


CHAROLLAIS Judge – James Drake

Aged or Shearling

1st – D Whitcher Lot 1384 selling for 460gns

2nd – CW Marwood Lot 1353 selling for 300gns

3rd – R Tindall Lot 1341 selling for 300gns

Ram Lamb

1st – J Stott Lot 1392 selling for 250gns

2nd – CW Marwood Lot 1361 Unsold

3rd – CW Marwood Lot 1367 Unsold

CHAMPION – D Whitcher Lot 1384 selling for 460gns

RESERVE – J Stott Lot 1392 selling for 250gns



ZWARTABLE Judge – Mr C Windle

Ram Lamb –

1st – M Preston Lot 1498 selling 230gns

2nd – B&M Watkinson Lot 1496 selling for 80gns

3rd – B&M Watkinson Lot 1497 selling for 80gns

CHAMPION – M Preston






MV Texel Shearlings met a selective audience with buyers looking for power and quality. Ram lambs met a similar trade to the shearlings with well bred good types the subject of plenty of ringside competition.

Shearling females started from a solid commercial base with a good following for the breeders sheep.


Shearling Rams Av £461

Lamb Ram Av £259

Shearling Ewe Av £206


Prices (gns) –

1300gns 1100gns 900gns x2  850gns x2 820gns x2 800gns x2 DA Towell

800gns G Gray

800gns 780gns 750gns x2 Procters Farm

780gns D Pawson

750gns G Riby

720gns FA Nairey



A larger entry than previous years with 15% more tups forward. The pre sale show judged by Craig Bradbury resulted in the Bethell family of Brindle taking top honours with a fantastic shearling tup. The Ram only second into the ring sold for the top Suffolk price of the day at 1080gns to Robert Metcalfe, Brearton. Reserve Champion was a sweet ram lamb from Steve Buckley, Buxton which sold for 380gns to judge Craig Bradbury.

One of the best runs of suffolks came from Mark Evans of Steeton with some fantastic shearlings and ram lambs topping at 600gns.

The ringside was much more selective this year with exceptional tups hard fought over but middle of the road tups much harder to place.

On a positive there were a number of new vendors looking for some top quality tups and went home full to the brim.


Shearling Ram Av £387

Lamb Ram Av £281


Prices (gns) –

1080gns 780gns L Bethell

850gns x2 F Reeday & Son

650gns KR Thomas



The non MV sheep section



In the commercial ring were one again up and down to sell with strong tups a pleasure to sell.

One of the best runs of sheep came from regular supporters Thomas and James Whiteford of Brampton with no less than 60 Tups, with none of his run below 300gns and topping at 1000gns.

Another strong run came from Geoff and Anne Robinson of Pannal with a run of 20 tups anywhere between 400gns and 700gns.

Top price of the day however went to local rearers Ellis Bros of Addingham Moorside with a Dutch Texel Shearling flying to 1350gns and the next tup to 1100gns.

Like the other rings today the trade was up and down with good tups flying off the shelves but straight crossing tups harder to place.  



Beltex Shearling Ram Av £417

Texel Shearling Ram Av £481


Prices (gns) –

1350gns 1100gns Ellis Bros

1000gns 900gns 850gns 800gns x2 750gns

800gns R&M Towell

750gns RC Robinson

750gns OEM Jones & EM Roberts




An increased entry of sheep at this year’s annual fixture sold to a mixed trade. Strong well bred sheep found favour with buyers, especially aged rams and shearlings, but ram lamb purchasers were far more selective than last year.

Richard Mawson of Addingham had a good day with his much fancied pen of Shearling rams which produced the days leading price of 2,000gns when selling locally to KM&L Throup & Sons of Silsden Moor. Mr Mawson sold two further shearlings both at 1,100gns each to R&C Greenwood of Low Bradley.

John & Claire Mason of Oddacres, Embsay presented a good pen of Shearling Rams and their pen leader achieved 1,600gns when selling to A Newbould & Son in Dallowgill. The Masons also sold a shearling at 1,000gns to R&VJ Brown of Kirkby Malham.

WA&A Booth of Feizor were among the leading prices when taking home 1,300gns for their Shearling ram which sold to H Horsfield & Son of Foulridge.

Ram Lambs although a mixed trade still managed to top at 1,000gns from Kevin Wilson of Blubberhouses selling to JC Walker & Son of Dunsop Bridge.


Aged Ram Av £428

Shearling Ram Av £499

Lamb Ram Av £296

Aged Ewe Av £189

Shearling Ewe Av £147

Ewe Lamb Av £296


Prices (gns) –

2000gns 1100gns x2 R Mawson

1600gns 1000gns AJ Mason

1300gns WA&A Booth

1000gns JK Wilson

900gns JC&N Throup

850gns J Hopkinson



David Alexander produced the days top priced female at 1500gns and sold a second shearling at 1100gns with a total clearance of his consignments of females it was noticeable that the rams were much harder to sell.


Shearling Ewe Av £443  Top 1500gns

Ewe Lamb Av £366           Top 420gns


Prices (gns) –

1500gns, 1100gns, 600gns, 520gns DCS Alexander

500gns J Rodenburg



D Whitcher was Champion in the section with a shearling ram and also received top price 460gns. CW Marwood had shearlings at 460gns and 440gns. R Tindall had 320gns and 300gns x2. Ram Lambs CW Marwood topped the trade with a strong lamb at 360gns, he alos had lambs at 300gns and 280gns.


Aged Ram Av £168

Shearling Ram Av £295

Lamb Ram Av £247


Prices (gns) –

460gns 440gns 360gns C Marwood

460gns DR Whitcher



The show and sale held on behalf of the society produced a wonderful spectrum of results with a top price of 1200gns for K&A McCarthys shearling ewe which had been reserve champion in the mornings show. Ewes lambs peaked at 1000gns from the same consignmer with both animals being bought by A&C Farms other sheep sold to 900gns 850gns x2. Full prices below.


Aged Ewe Av £340

Shearling Ewe Av £656

Ewe Lamb Av £651


Prices (gns)

1200gns 1000gns 900gns 850gns 750gns K&A McCarthy

850gns G&J Galbraith

650gns TI&J Hunter

620gns S Short



Cheviot                                av £322                 Top 360gns KO Stones

Rouge                   av £246                 Top 260gns P Strickland

Bleu du Main     av £217                 Top 250gns A Fearnley