CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday covering the main sales for Suffolks, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex and other breeds. The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes. Forward: 897 head of Rams & Females.



SUFFOLK  - Judge – James Foster

Ram Lamb –

1st SJ Bolland Lot 373

2nd ML Evans Lot 438

3rd L Needham Lot 379

Shearling Ram –

1st S Kirby Lot 419

2nd F Reeday Lot 402

3rd F Reeday Lot 403

CHAMPION – S Kirby Lot 419

RESERVE – SJ Bolland Lot 373


TEXEL – Judge – Thomas Walmsley  

Ram Lamb –

1st JD Houghton Lot 180

2nd S Spyrou Lot 189

3rd MR Ireland Lot 46

Shearling Ram –

1st Procters Farms

2nd B McAlister Lot 953

3rd D Towell Lot

Female –

1st P Weaver Lot 1

2nd J Perrings Lot 23

3rd J Perrings Lot 22

CHAMPION – Procters Farm Lot 73

RESERVE – B McAlsiter Lot 953


BELTEX Judge – Jen Aiken

Best Ram

1st G&L Robinson Lot 1013

2nd Ellis Bros Lot 554

3rd K Armistead Lot 1001


CHAROLLAIS Judge – James Drake

Aged or Shearling

1st M Worthington Lot 1027

2nd CW Marwood Lot 1015

3rd CW Marwood Lot 1014

Ram Lamb

1st CW Marwood Lot 1018

2nd J Stott Lot 1029

3rd CW Marwood Lot 1019

CHAMPION – M Worthington Lot 1027


ZWARTABLE Judge – Andrew Fisher

Best Zwartable Ram

1st P&T Harsley Lot 1112

Best Zwartable Female

1st MJ Beckwith Lot 1109

CHAMPION – JJ Beckwith Lot 1109



The Suffolk section saw a reduced entry to last year however a much improved sale average was seen along with a much improved sale average of £367 with the top price of 1000gns for the Reserve Champion presented by Matt Reeday of Hetton. Champion, a super tup from Stephen Kirkby of Ainderby Steeple was picked out buy our judge James Foster of Bolton Abbey who stuck to his decision and bought it for 750gns.


All in all a strong day which saw the Suffolks sold in their new of the Craven Ring which seemed to make a really buoyant atmosphere for both buyer and seller.   



Shearling Ram                   Av £405

Lamb Ram                           Av £343


Prices (gns) –

1000gns 650gns                F Reeday & Son

750gns                                  S Kirby

600gns  500gns                  SJ Bolland

600gns  520gns 500gns   G&MA Lawn






Shearling Rams                 av £460

Ram Lamb                           av £282

Shearling Ewe                   av £222


Prices (gns) –

Shearling Ram

1000gns 950gns 850gns 780gns                 Procters Farm

900gns                                                                  R Green

780gns                                                                  DA Towell

750gns                                                                  FA Nairey


Lamb Ram

600gns  500gns                                                  S Spyrou

550gns  520gns                                                  Procters Farm





The non MV sheep section -


Plenty of choice this year in the Lingfields sheep ring and a large company of buyers present to bid for tups. Several excellent runs of rams present and prices peaked at 2400gns from Ellis Bros for a Beltex Shearling Ram purchased by Messrs AL Thompson, Lancashire. Ellis Bros sold a second shearling at 1000gns to Frankland Farms, Rathmell.
Steve Buckley from Doveholes, Buxton had a great pen full of rams sired by the Beltex out of Texel Hoggs with a pen leader at 1100gns to KG&J Huck, Bordley and 1000gns to C&C Doney, Harrogate.
William McAllister made the trip over from Northern Ireland and sold to a top of 1100gns locally to JJ Beckwith & Sons, Gargrave and a second at 1000gns to Nathan Wade, Bradley and 950gns to GT Booth, Lothersdale.
Thomas & James Whiteford had the largest run of the day presenting 60 rams selling to a top of 950gns with a very solid, commercial trade, most selling for 500gns to 700gns.
Plenty of customers for strong tups today at between 450gns and 800gns and commercial sorts 200gns to 400gns.


Texel Shearling Ram                       av £423

Texel Shearling Ewe                       av £116

Beltex Shearling Ram                     av £550

Beltex Lamb Ram                             av £441

Charollais Shearling Ram              av £455

Charollais Ram Lamb                      av £140


Prices (gns) –

2400gns 1000gns 800gns              Ellis Bros                             

1100gns 1000gns                              SJ Buckley                                          

1100gns 1000gns 950gns              B McAlister

950gns 850gnsx4                              TC Whiteford

900gns                                                  SD Bennett

780gns                                                  OM Chapman


The MV sheep section -

In the commercial MV ring Beltex and Charollais rams sold very well. Top price was a Dutch spotted selling for 780gns. Blue Texels were also sort after with the Zwartables harder to place.

The MV Texel sale ring saw a strong trade for both shearling rams and ram lambs. Numerous high quality runs were presented, with possibly the pick being Procters Farms selling 17 Shearlings to average £789 and 10 ram lambs to average £424.


Beltex Shearling Ram                     Av £348

Beltex Shearling Ewe                     Av £129


Prices (gns) –

450gns x2 420gns 400gns             C Windle



Shearling Ram   av £282                 Top 320gns

Ram Lamb           av £294                 Top 280gns

Shearling Ewe   av £329                 Top 700gns

Ewe Lamb           av £273                 Top 400gns


Prices (gns) –

700gns                                  AM&E Hartley

400gns                                  H Dean

300gns                                  RA Hird



Shearling Ram   Av £373

Lamb Ram           Av £325


Prices (gns) –

550gns  480gns                  M Worthington

500gns                                  B Roberts

480gns  450gns 400gns   CW Marwood




Zwartable Shearling       av £105                 Top 100gns

Zwartable Ewe                  av £147                 Top 140gns

Bleu du Main                     av £129                 Top 200gns

Hampshire                         av £98                   Top 100gns

Cheviot                                av £378                 Top 480gns

Dutch Spotted                                                  Top 780gns