CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Rams at Skipton Mart on Friday. With selling today spread across 4 sale rings the market was full to capacity with breeds covering the main sales for Blue Faced Leicesters, Suffolks, Blue Texels and Zwartbles together with second sales for Texels, Charollais, Beltex and other breeds. The results of the shows and prices achieved are as below. Thanks to all our judges for giving their time and to sponsors who generously gave prizes. Forward: 1178 head of Rams & Females.


SUFFOLK  - Judge – Keith Denby

Ram Lamb –

1st SJ Buckley Lot 684

2nd ML Evans Lot 650

3rd JA Key Lot 594

Shearling Ram –

1st B Hardcastle Lot 633

2nd ML Evans Lot 641

3rd B Hardcastle Lot 634

CHAMPION – SJ Buckley Lot 684

RESERVE – B Hardcastle Lot 633


TEXEL – Judge – Roger Craddock

Ram Lamb –

1st R Wilson Lot 305

2nd JW Mellin Lot 318

3rd R Wilson Lot 304

Shearling Ram –

1st  Procters Farm Lot 348

2nd Procters Farm Lot 346

3rd P Woof Lot 300

Female –

1st J Perrings Lot 225

2nd JL North Lot 229

3rd JL North Lot 228

CHAMPION – Procters Farm Lot 348

RESERVE – R Wilson Lot 305


BLUE FACED LEICESTER Judge – Jonathan Hodgson

Ram Lamb –

1st CD&RF Kitching Lot 195

2nd D Lodge Lot 198

3rd N Peacock Lot188

Shearling Ram

1st CD&RF Kitching Lot 88

2nd AJ Mason Lot 143

3rd EW&JR Parkinson Lot 42


1st AJ Mason Lot 1

2nd AJ Mason Lot 2

3rd JC&N Throup Lot 5

CHAMPION – CD&RF Kitching Lot 88

RESERVE – AJ Mason Lot 1


BELTEX Judge – Tom Walmsley

Best Ram

1st Ellis Bros Lot 820

2nd DP Roberts Lot 1245

3rd C Windle Lot 1276


CHAROLLAIS Judge – Martin Preston

Aged or Shearling

1st S Hodgson Lot 1234

2nd R Tindall Lot 1199

3rd CW Marwood Lot 1214

Ram Lamb

1st J Stott Lot 1234

2nd J Stott Lot Lot 1197

3rd CW Marwood Lot 1216

CHAMPION – S Hodgson Lot 1234

RESERVE – J Stott Lot 1196


ZWARTABLE Judge – Martin Preston

Best Zwartable Ram

1st JJ Beckwith Lot 1372

2nd PI&TJ Harsley Lot 1378

3rd S Hird Lot 1367

Best Zwartable Female

1st S Hird Lot 1368

2nd S Hird Lot 1369

3rd S Hird Lot 1370

CHAMPION – JJ Beckwith Lot 1372

RESERVE – s Hird Lot 1368






The suffolk section today was kindly judged by Keith Denby of Longtown. He cast his expert eye over some strong classes of lambs and shearlings. Keith’s pick was a lamb from Steve Buckley of Buxton and reserve going to Ben Hardcastle from Pateley Bridge. The champion went onto sell for 460gns to James Foster, Bolton Abbey. Top price in the Suffolk section went to a quality run from G&MA Lawn with 700gns highlighting a run of shearlings averaging 495gns.

Part of the Suffolk Section was a flock dispersal of Messrs Gornalls Pendleton Flock, boasting some solid pedigrees along with eye catching quality they received some heady prices with a lovely shearling ewe sired by Solwaybank Major and inlamb to Rhaedr Rhonn sold for 500gns to Keith Denby of Longtown.

Another notable price was a 3crop ewe Birness Battalion again inlamb to Rhaedr Rhonn and sold for 450gns to Messrs Berry of Haslingden.

The suffolks met a slightly easier trade compared to last year however a good clearance rate was still achieved.



Shearling Ram                   Av £354

Lamb Ram                           Av £274

Shearling Ewe                   Av £248


Prices (gns) –

700gns 650gns                  G&MA Lawn

500gns                                  M&N Gornall

480gns                                  JA Key

480gns                                  F Reeday

480gns                                  B Hardcastle

460gns                                  SJ Buckley




There was a solid trade but not spectacular trade for Blue Faced Leicester rams and females at Skipton on Friday for the annual sale. Four shearling rams sold for topside of £1000 and it was Thomas Walker from Messrs WP&B Walker, Appletreewick that took top price honours on the day with his shearling ram at 1600gns.

The product of a Mereoak G2 sired ewe purchased as an inlamb sheep from Robin Booth, Feizor and served by Smearsett G11 which is known as Ted. This stylish ram sold to John and Claire Mason, Oddacres. Next inline was the Champion sheep chosen by judge Jonathan Hodgson, Windermere a shearling ram consigned by Frank & Jack Kitching from Threshfield sired by their Smearsett ram, it sold for 1400gns to the judge.

Francis and James Caton from Weston got in the money at 1200gns with their leading shearling again by Smearsett sire, it sold locally to WB Woodsworth, Storriths.

John Mason of Oddacres took second in the pre sale show and his shearing ram stepped into the ring to be subject of spirited bidding from several parties. Sired by an Asby Hall from a Killstown ewe she went home with Jonathan Hodgson for 1000gns.

Ram lambs topped at 900gns for an entry consigned from Oddacres sired by Johns 2018 bought Smearsett tup, out of a Micklaw got ewe which goes back to a Smearsett ewe. It found a new home with Robin and David Booth,  


Aged Ram                           Av £305

Shearling Ram                   Av £410

Lamb Ram                           Av £330

Shearling Ewe                   Av £420

Ewe Lamb                           Av £115


Prices (gns) –

1600gns                               WP&B Walker

1400gns                               CD&RF Kitching

1200gns                                FA Caton

1000gns 900gns                AJ Mason

900gns                                  R&KA Burley




Good clearance sale in the MV Texel ring with plenty of choice for buyer and same exceptional runs of sheep on offer. David Towell at the scene of numerous previous personal highlights achieved yet another this year with the top price shearling ram which sold to Henry Harvey & Son from Waxham. Mr Towell pen of 19 rams averaged £842. Other notable shearling averages were Procters Farm, Wray with 23 to average £709 and John Green of Melrose with 13 to average £622.

The ram lamb section was headed at 2000gns by John Mellin whose Hull House flock was selling lambs for the last time with a flock average for 20 lambs at £432. Peter Woofs Stainton Hall Flock with their annual consignment 12 lambs averaged £426.


Shearling Rams                 av £505 (£564)

Lamb Ram                           av £307 (£287)

Shearling Ewe                   av £252 (£289)


Prices (gns) –

3000gns 1100gns              DA Towell

2000gms                              JW Mellin

1100gns                                R Green

920gns                                  P Weaver

900gns x4                            Procters Farm




403 Pure and Cross Bred Continental tups went through the Lingfield ring today with healthy trade throughout the day. A strong clearance rate showed that trade was brisk through the majority of the sale with highlights once again coming in the from regular supporters of the Skipton Multi Breed Sale with Messrs Robinson of Pannal who had 50 rams up for sale, topping the proceeding with a cracker of a Texel X Beltex Shearling selling for 1400gns to Frankland Farms, Rathmell. Next in line was James and Thomas Whiteford of Brampton with no fewer than 70 rams in their run peaking at 1200gns selling to JR Jones, Wales. Another regular supporter, Rob Ellis of Ellis Bros, Addingham Moorside saw their tup win first prize in the pre sale beltex show and go on to sell for 1100gns to Paul Simpson of Bolton By Bowland. On the whole a strong day for most vendors with tups selling away nicely, right until the end.  


The non MV sheep section

In the non MV Commercial ring


Texel Shearling Ram                       av £377

Beltex Shearling Ram                     av £465

Charollais Shearling Ram              av £332

Charollais Ram Lamb                      av £178

Beltex Shearling Ewe                     av £248


Prices (gns) –

1400gns 850gns                                                RC Robinson

1200gms 950gns x2 900gns x2   850gns TC WHiteford

1100gns                                                                Ellis Bros

1100gns                                                                Richard Wilson

850gns                                                                  SD Bennett



The MV sheep section

In the commercial MV ring


Beltex Shearling Ram     Av £326

Beltex Shearling Ewe     Av £223

Texel Shearling Ram       Av £337


Prices (gns) –

850gns 720gns 650gns                  S&A Taylor

440gns 400gns                                  JA&R Geldard




Shearling Ram   av £267                 Top 280gns

Ram Lamb           av £287                 Top 370gns

Shearling Ewe   av £321                 Top 490gns

Ewe Lamb           av £309                 Top 300gns   


Prices (gns) –

490gns 450gns 440gns                   DCS Alexander

300gns                                                  AM&E Hartley




Shearling Ram   Av £305

Lamb Ram           Av £300


Prices (gns) –

580gns                                                  S Hodgson

400gns                                                  A Lambert

360gns                                                  J Stott Jnr



Zwartable Shearling       av £136                 Top 130gns

Zwartable Ewe                  av £115                 Top 120gns

Bleu du Main                     av £215                 Top 220gns

Hampshire                         av £126                 Top 120gns