CCM Auctions held their Annual Sale of Multi Breed Rams & Females at Skipton Mart this year split over 2 days to help with covid restrictions. Forward: 754 head of Rams & Females. Thursday – 195 head. Friday – 559 head







The split sale to help with social distancing for customers did not detract from the averages at the Annual sale of Suffolk sheep as part of the Annual Multi Breed Sale of Pedigree Sheep. Buyers were looking for powerful rams ready to work, particularly with Mule sheep in the light of another good year trading prime lambs and ewe lambs. There was no show this year but regular consignments attracted their usual followings. Shearlings were up £5 on the year and and ram lambs back £20. In the Shearling rams Geoff, Margaret and Alistair Lawn of Skipton were amongst the high prices with rams at 850gn, 700gn, 620gn and 550gn and a pen average of £475. John Key of Midhopstones sold shearlings to 650gn and 500gns twice with Ben Hardcastle of Middlesmoor not far behind at 640gns.

Ram lambs averaged £324 with Stephen Bolland of Bolton Abbey producing a pen to average £459, a top of 600gns and further sales at 550 twice. Regular consignor Steve Buckley of Dove Holes sold ram lambs to 450gns with Ben Hardcastle also producing quality lambs to 380gns.


Shearling Ram                   Av £409

Lamb Ram                           Av £324


Prices (gns) –

850gns  700gns  620gns  550gns  G&MA Lawn

650gns  500gns                                  JA Key

640gns                                                  B Hardcastle




The MV sheep section -

A mixed sale of the tups with purchasers coming to buy tups from regular vendors as before even with having the sale on the Thursday. A run of Tex x Suff Shlg tups sold well with buyer’s keen to try out some powerful tups with size and frame. All Tex x Suff tups sold from 380gns-480gns. Top price came to 720gns for a rouge tup from FA Nairey. Charollais tups sold well with usual purchasers here to buy for both tupping hoggs and ewes. 420gns was top price from CW Marwood with many other strong Charollais shlgs selling from 300gns-400gns. Char tup lambs sold well with the majority 200-300gns. Blue texel shlg tups 380gns-400gns with Ram Lambs less sought after with some as low as 150gns and others selling in the 200gns+. Tex x tups regularly sold at 300gns+ with top price from AW Davies at 450gns and Beltex tups to 480gns from S Calvert Doncaster. Blue Texel ewe lambs sold to a more active audience than the tup lambs around 240-350gns.


Beltex Shearling Ram                     Av £435

Texel cross Shearling Ram            Av £408


Prices (gns) –

480gns                  S Calvert

480gns                  PJ Lupton

450gns                  AW Davies



Shearling Ram   av £399                 Top 380gns

Ram Lamb           av £213                 Top 240gns

Ewe Lamb           av £318                 Top 350gns


Prices (gns) –

380gns                  C Windle

350gns                  H Dean



Shearling Ram   Av £336

Lamb Ram           Av £294


Prices (gns) –

420gns 400gns 350gns 300gns   CW Marwood

400gns                                                  AW Davies



Hampshire                         av £231                 Top 220gns

Cheviot                                av £331                 Top 370gns

Rouge                                   av £756                 Top 720gns







A good response from buyers of Texel sheep to the split format for Annual Multi Breed Sale saw all sections up on the year. With no show this year the high light was an exceptional run of sheep from Procters Farm, with every shearling ram sold 1000gns or over, to a top of 1700gns and every ram lamb 400gns or over. Buyers were looking for power and good skins. Prices and averages can be found below.


Shearling Rams                 av £604 (2019 £460)

Ram Lamb                           av £339 (2019 £282)

Shearling Ewe                   av £344 (2019 £222)


Prices (gns) –

Shearling Ram

1700gns 1250gns 1200gns 1000gns(x8)  Procters Farm;

1500gns                                                               S&A Taylor

1100gns                                                                J&J Aiken

900gns                                                                  R&S Green

900gns                                                                  JM&SM Priestley

900gns                                                                  CD Cornthwaite


Lamb Ram

750gns 600gns(x2) 580gns(x2) 500gns    Procters Farm

580gns  480gns                                                  R Wilson


Shearling Gimmer

400gns 380gns x2                                            JV Perrings

380gns                                                                  FA Nairey

360gns x2                                                            P Weaver




The Non Mv Section –

There was a super selection of Continental tups for this years sale with many regular consignments of quality rams mainly for crossing.
Leading the trade in Ring 3 were Messrs Whiteford, Brampton, Cumbria with a shearling Beltex Texel ram at 1,300gns, purchased by a regular vendor of quality prime lambs at Skipton in Tony Kiernan of St Michaels. Messrs Whiteford had a further ram at 1,100gns and 5 more at 1,000gns each, in a run of 60 head that averaged £787.

SJ Buckley from Doveholes, Buxton was next in line at 1,250gns with a Beltex Texel x.
Messrs Robinson from Pannal topped their run at 1,200gns, with others at 1,100gns and 1,000gns.
Rob Ellis from Addingham Moorside, well known locally for producing quality prime lambs produced a Beltex shearling at 1,200gns. Jason Craddock from Bolton by Bowland was another in the money at 1,100gns, with Simon & Audrey Teylor, Cumberworth, Mark Crabtree Kettlesing, and Messrs JM&SM Priestley, Brampton all topping their runs at 1,000gns.
Strong rams with good skins and a bit of style for prime lamb production regularly 700gns to 1,000gns, good working tups 500gns/600gns, and commercial types 250gns/450gns.


Texel Shearling Ram                       av £513                 Top 1300gns      T&C Whiteford

Beltex Shearling Ram                     av £625                 Top 1250gns       SJ Buckley

Beltex Lamb Ram                             av £397                 Top 500gns         AL Thompson

Charollais Shearling Ram              av £437                 Top 800gns         RC Robinson

Charollais Ram Lamb                      av £212                 Top 280gns         AL Thompson


Prices (gns) –

Shearling Ram

1300gns 1100gns 1000gns(x5)    TC Whiteford

1250gns                                                SJ Buckley

1200gns 1100gns 1000gns            RC Robinson

1200gns                                                Ellis Bros

1100gns                                                T Craddock

1000gns                                                S&A Taylor

1000gns                                                M Crabtree

1000gns                                                JM&SM Priestley


Lamb Ram

500gns(x2) 420gns 380gns           AL Thompson