Great Annual Show & Sale of North of England Mule Ewe Lambs on behalf of NEMSA Members. SOLD: 6,929 head at an overall average of £90.75 per head (-0.47p) CCM Auctions conducted their opening Fortnightly Show and Sale of NEMSA members Mule Gimmer Lambs at Skipton Auction Mart, North Yorkshire on Tuesday 10th September with an increased entry being put forward for sale by breeders in this district.


The lambs forward for sale were more mixed than most expected given the good availability of grass this summer and so there was a more even split of tupping and running lambs than would normally be seen at this sale. Top lambs and stronger bodied lambs were a sharp trade for most of the sale, whilst running lambs were a straight trade in the morning in front of expectations, but would ease as the sale wore on.

Judging in the morning took the usual format of show for pens of ten and pens of 20. JC Walker & Son of Brennand Farm were victorious in the tens and these sold for £175 each. This price was equalled by Chris Ryder of Blubberhouses for a pen of 10, whilst highest price on the day was the 2nd prize pen of 10 consigned by Kevin and James Wilson of Blubberhouses. First prize pen of 20 was awrded to Ashley & Rachel Caton, Otterburn Lodge, later selling for £145. Francis and James Caton of Weston made joint top price of £150 for a pen of 20, later equalled by David & Robin Booth of Feizor.

A huge thankyou to all involved today, vendors for presenting a good show, buyers for travelling from far and wide to support them, our judges for expertly carrying out their task, and finally to Carrs Billington, Barclays Bank and Armstrong Watson for kindly sponsoring the prize money.



Please Note that entries for the Second Sale of 10,000 NEMSA Mule Gimmer Lambs to be held on Tuesday 24th September close tomorrow (Wed 11th Sept) at 4pm. The ballot will be drawn immediately afterwards.






(PENS OF 10) Mr P Fox & Mrs C Mole  

(PENS OF 20) Mr J Putt & Mr C Harker


Pens of 10

1st JC Walker & Son sold for £175

2nd JK Wilson sold for £190

3rd CD&RF Kitching sold for £155

4th JC&N Throup sold for £150

5th GJ Walker sold for £160

6th CM Ryder sold for £175


Pens of 20

1st JA&R Caton sold for £145

2nd JA&R Caton sold for £130

3rd FA Caton sold for £150

4th JK Wilson sold for £135

5th Ellis Bros sold for £104

6th JC Walker & Son sold for £130


Principle Prices
£190 £170            JK Wilson

£175                       CM Ryder

£175                       JC Walker & Son

£160                       GJ&ME Walker

£155 £150            FA Caton

£155                       CD&RF Kitching

£150                       S&T Fawcett

£150                       WA&A Booth

£150                       JC&N Throup

£150                       AJ Mason



Highest Flock Average (100 or more lambs presented)

(Cash Prizes sponsored by Craven Cattle Marts Ltd for highest 3 averages)

FA Caton                                                              206 av £112.96

JA&R Caton                                                        122 av £110.98

WP&B Walker & Son                                      166 av £105.82

JK Wilson & Son                                               350 av £105.13

JC&N Throup                                                     114 av £99.11

Bank House Farms                                          194 av £98.98

Highest Flock Average (under 100 lambs presented)

(Cash Prizes sponsored by Craven Cattle Marts Ltd for highest 3 averages)


S&T Fawcett                                                      36 av £131.11

K&GJ Huck                                                          75 av £113.07

WA&A Booth                                                     95 av £108.71

JC Walker & Son                                              70 av £105.57

CM Ryder                                                            90 av £103.18

GJ&ME Walker                                                 60 av £101.37