BELTEX TOP 9500gns AT SKIPTON. NEW RECORD PRICE FOR A SHEEP AT SKIPTON MART. BELTEX SHEEP SOCIETY ANNUAL SHOW & SALE OF PEDIGREE RAMS AND FEMALES. At this years’ Beltex Society sale, Skipton once again demonstrated the sound base of strong commercial trade for which it is known, with shearling ram averages rising by £140.78 to level at £726.49p.

However it was the breeders sheep that really caught the eye, especially a pen of strong rams and females brought for sale by George Cropper. Out of this pen came the leading sale price of 9,500gns for the supreme champion, a shearling ram. Out of a ewe sired by the 18,000gns Dooley Napal, and sired by Hudhey Rockafella, which itself was 1st Prize aged ram and Reserve Champion at the sale, it sold in a two way split between Brian Hall, Ainstable, Carlisle and Henry Jewitt, Romaldkirk, Barnard Castle.

The same vendor also sold a shearling ram at 2400gn, sired by Dooley Napal, to MJ Daniels & Son, Norwich, Norfolk and another shearling at 2000gns, sired by Cree Sparticus, to R Hall & Son, Dalston, Carlisle.


The sale itself set off at a blistering pace with Hudhey Rockafella consigned by Sean Forshaw being the first lot to be sold. In the show it had stood first prize aged ram and reserve supreme champion. Itself being the sire of the supreme champion, it created a vast amount of interest pre sale and the successful bid of 2600gn was made by RW Mickleburgh of Norwich.


Dooley Napal also featured again as the sire of the first prize aged ewe consigned by George Cropper, and this stylish ewe was snapped up at 2,500gn by Mr H Wood, Longridge, Preston.


John Wood, North Valley who was dispersing his flock weighed in with the 4th prize ewe and second highest price ewe at 1000gns. Sired by Buckles Masterpiece it was knocked down to DE Owen, Conwy, North Wales.


Back in the ram section, Messrs Jones and Roberts made the long journey from South Wales with a nice pen of shearling rams, and making sales with a pair of Matts Playboy sired rams, at 1750gns to S&RE Williamson, Hamsterley, Co Durham and 1700gns to J Whitton, Spaldington, Goole.  


Forward: 346 head;

4 Aged Rams; 156 Shearling Rams; 38 Lamb Rams; 28 Aged Ewes; 97 Shearling Ewes; 23 Ewe Lambs



Judge – Mr Andrew Graham, Wigton, Cumbria.


Aged Ram –

1st S Forshaw Lot 1

2nd E&D Barrow Lot 2

3rd P&A Moss Lot 5

Shearling Ram –

1st G Cropper Lot 163

2nd G Cropper Lot 164

3rd E McAlister Lot 129

4th A Story Lot 56

5th JR Critchley Lot 183

6th E McAlister Lot 126

Ram Lamb –

1st PN&VJ Noble Lot 202

2nd PN&VJ Noble Lot 201

3rd MR Davis Lot 193

4th B&F Staveley Lot 223

5th MR Davis Lot 194

6th S Forshaw Lot 217

Aged Ewe –

1st G cropper Lot 258

2nd H Wood Lot 252

3rd G Cropper Lot 260

4th J Wood Lot 278

Shearling Ewe –

1st E McAlister Lot 391

2nd S Currie Lot 335

3rd H Wood Lot 317

4th E McAlister Lot 389

5th B&F Staveley Lot 289

6th MR Davis

Ewe Lamb –

1st G Cropper Lot 416

2nd H Wood Lot 408

3rd D Towers Lot 405

4th S Currie Lot 411

5th B&F Staveley Lot 423

6th MR Davis Lot 413


Champion Male - G Cropper Lot 163

Reserve Male - S Forshaw Lot 1


Champion Female - E McAlister Lot 391

Reserve Female - G Cropper Lot 416


Supreme Champion - G Cropper Lot 163

Reserve Supreme Champion - S Forshaw Lot 1


Averages & Prices –


Gimmer Lambs – Av £407.17 (2013 £420.00)

Shearling Gimmers – Av £395.03 (2013 £445.73)

Aged Ewes – Av £537.06 (2013 £417.90)


Ram Lamb – Av £406.79 (2013 £475.65)

Shearling Ram – Av £726.49 (2013 £585.71)

Aged Ram – Av £1325.63 (2013 £609.00)


G Cropper                            9500gns 2500gns 2400gns 2000gns 1400gns

S Forshaw                           2600gns

Jones & Roberts                 1750gns 1700gns

J Wood                                 1600gns

D Towers                             1300gns

KCB Shuttleworth               1300gns 1200gns             

H Wood                               1200gns

JH BarRow & Son               1100gns

J&E Hedley                         1050gns



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