Pedigree Charollais Females Messrs CW Marwood from the Foulrice Flock provided the Supreme Champion at the Autumn Sale of Charollais Female Sheep held on behalf of the British Charollais Sheep Society. The first prize shearling ewe shown throughout the summer is by Dalby Mount Aloe and was scanned inlamb to Cavick Up & Away selling to RJ&J Towers of Ingleton for 1200gns.

The ewe lamb class was also won by the Foulrice Flock with a Sheldon Supreme daughter, this sold to L Thompson of Fadmoor for 550gns. The first class of the day, the Senior Ewe class, was won by Mark Worthington, a Galtres Lynz Unstoppable 2 shr ewe from Logie Durno Kracker ewe which sold to E Benn of Cotherstone for 500gns.

The overall Reserve Supreme Champion was also the second prize shearling ewe shown by JK Foster of Leyburn. A member of the Fosters Show team, a Gwyndy daughter due in December sold for 700gns to Mr D Hughes of Caernarfon.

CW Marwood, Foulrice followed up their champion shearling ewe by selling 3 further sheep at 820gns 800gns and 720gns ,

Ewes and shearlings were a solid trade with a good clearance, whilst ewe lambs were more selective,


Class 1 – Ewe

1st M Worthington Lot 7 sold for 500gns

2nd M Wilkin Lot 4 sold for 400gns

Class 2 – Shearling Ewe

1st CW Marwood Lot 29 sold for 1200gns

2nd JK Foster Lot 15 sold for 700gns

3rd CW Marwood Lot 30 sold for 800gns

Class 3 – Ewe Lamb

1st CW Marwood Lot 69 sold for 550gns

2nd CW Marwood Lot 68 sold for 520gns

3rd JK Foster Lot 80 unsold

Champion – CW Marwood Lot 29

Reserve – JK Foster Lot 15


Ewes                                     to 500gns (av £395)

500gns 400gns                                   M Worthington

420gns 400gns                                   M Wilkin


Shearling Ewes                 to 1200gns (av £516)

1200gns 820gns 800gns                 CW Marwood

750gns                                                  JK Foster


Ewe Lambs                         to (av £312)

550gns 520gns 400gns                   CW Marwood

320gns                                                  M Wilkin