NATSB WINTER SALE OF IN LAMB PEDIGREE TEXELS Forward: 96 head of Pedigree Texel Sponsors – Harrisons Agricultural Supplies A strong ringside of buyers made a good trade for the vast majority with Spyros Spyrou taking the top honours in the pre sale show judged by Tom Harrison. The Champion, a Shearling, In lamb to the Anglezarke Uno went on to reach the sale high 1300gns. Commercial sheep were well bid for with a full ringside of buyers assembled.


Judge Mr Thomas HArrison


CLASS 1 – Best Ewe NATSB Trophy

1st JW Mellin Lot 87 sold 400gns

2nd JW Mellin Lot 84 unsold

3rd JS Lodge Lot 76 sold 450gns

4th JS Lodge Lot  78 sold 400gns                                                                                  

CLASS 2 – Best Shearling Ewe Wilf Wood Trophy

1st S Spyros Lot 63 sold 1300gns

2nd Procters Farm Lot 9 sold 750gns

3rd MA Keighley Lot 33 sold 550gns

4th JW Mellin Lot 19 sold 650gns

CLASS 3 – Best Ewe Lamb NATSB Trophy

1st JW Mellin Lot 96 sold 260gns

2nd JW Melling Lot 97 sold 340gns

3rd Pateman Lot 91 sold 120gns


CHAMPION – S Spyros Lot 63 sold 1300gns

RESERVE  –  Procters Farm Lot 9 sold 750gns


Gimmer Lambs –  Av £208 (2014 £214)

Shearling Gimmers –  Av £387 (2014 £409)

Aged Ewes –  Av £311 (2014 £547)



Shearling Ewes -

S Spyrou              1300gns 950gns 800gns

Procters               750gns

JW Mellin           600gns


Aged Ewes –

Procters               500gns 400gns

JS Lodge               450gns 400gns

JW Mellin           400gns


Gimmer Lambs

JW Mellin           340gns 300gns x2 260gns