FORWARD: 682 HEAD OF REGISTERED LLEYN SHEEP CCM Auctions conducted the Annual Sale of MV Acc Registered LLeyn Sheep at Skipton Mart on Thursday for members of The Lleyn Sheep Society. Champion was a shearling Ram (Lot 48) from WJ&DJ Williams which sold for 500gns and joins Miss H Dean of Appleton Roebuck. The Williams family also had the 1st Prize pen of Ewe Lambs these sold for £125 per head and travel to Dunfries with J Kingan. 1st Prize pen of Shearlings came from JK Goldie these sold for £205 per head and join H Metcalfe of Silsden.

Judging this year was in the hands of Colin Price, Brecon and he awarded the following results:


Rams –

1st –  WJ&DJ Williams

2nd –  Orchard LLeyn

3rd – T&B Fort


Shearlings –

1st – JK Goldie

2nd JA&R Geldard &Sons

3rd AW Davies


Ewe Lambs –

1st – WJ&DJ Williams

2nd – Orchard Lleyn

3rd Farmstock Genetics


CHAMPION –  WJ&DJ Williams

RESERVE – Orchard LLeyn


Trade for the females was


Averages – (2015)

Rams – £1050 (£504.14)

Shearlings – £205 (£130.27)

Ewe Lambs – £125 (£95)


Principle Prices –

Shearling Ram

1000gns M Shields; 750gns, 700gns H Goldie; 700gns T Fort; 650gns H&M Dugdale &Son; 650gns T Fort;  


Yearling Ewes

£205, £180 H Goldie; £155 DCS Alexander; £155 D&SK Crane; £155 AW Davies; £150 JA&R Geldard;

£148 WJ & DJ Williams


Ewe Lambs

£125 WJ&DJ Williams; £120 Farmstock Genetics; £112 Peter Knowles; £110 AW Davies; £95 Famstock Genetics