Beef Shorthorn The Meonside Herd of David and Tom Bradley enjoyed an excellent debut at the Annual Sale of Pedigree Beef Shorthorns held at Skipton. Meonside Hyacinth Misty had previously stood 2nd at the Royal Highland Show and 4th at the National Shorthorn Show before a third prize in todays intermediate junior heifer class. Bred from one of the best breeding cows in herd, Meonside Hyacinth and by Elliot Salute the March 2018 heifer sold for 6000gn to T Staunton of County Galway.


The overall Champion was the first prize and female champion a Red and White Poyntington Himself daughter Beautry Tessa Melody from the Beautry herd of Stuart and Gail Currie. Melody had previously won a first prize as a junior heifer at the Great Yorkshire Show. With lineage to the prolific breeding cow Tessa X683 of Upsall which has previously sold claves to 4500gns, Melody sold to Gates Farming of Overton for 4500gns. Another key highlight at 4200gns also came from the Beautry pen, Beautry Dewdrop Morgana another daughter of Poyntington Himself bred for the Excellent 93 Shawhill Dewdrop which sold to R Taylor & Sons of Stirling for 4200gns. Third highest price was the 3rd prize junior heifer from The Hon Gerald Turton of Upsall, Ury Maid X1321 of Upsall is bred from Ury Maid X328 a cow which bred Fergus of Upsall a stock bull breeding well at the Chapelton herd and with today’s daughter scanned incalf to Lucca of Upsall joining W&J Mair of Ayrshire for 3700gns.

Mesrs Thomson, Roddick and Laurie from Eaglesfield had a successful day at the sale with a first and second in the young junior heifer class including a 3000gn sale of the first prize, Shawhill Mayflower, bred from Burnside Elite to Lister Brown of Clitheroe.

This was one of the best shows of Beef Shorthorns to date at the November fixture and although the audience was selective high-quality well-bred cattle found an audience throughout the sale.




Judge – Bobby Landers


Show Results:  

Class 1 - Bull
1st PS&SE Hardcastle Lot 1 unsold
2nd PS&SE Hardcastle Lot 3 sold for 2300gns


Class 2- Junior Heifer 01.01-28.02
1st D&T Bradley Farmer Lot 14 sold for 3200gns
2nd E&T Richardson Lot 9 unsold
3rd Hon G Turton Lot 18 sold for 2400gns


Class 3 - Junior Heifer 01.03-25.04
1st SC Currie Lot 26 sold for 4500gns
2nd Hon G Turton Lot 34 sold for 3700gns
3rd D&T Bradley Farmer Lot 21 sold for 6000gns


Class 4 - Junior Heifer 28.04-10.09
1st Thomas Roddick Laurie Lot 50 sold for 3000gns
2nd Thomson Roddick Laurie Lot 39 sold for 1700gns
3rd R Paisley Lot 46 unsold


Male Champion Lot 1
Reserve Male Lot 3


Female Champion Lot 26
Reserve Female Lot 14


OVERALL CHAMPION – S Currie Lot 26 sold for 4500gns

OVERALL RESERVE CHAMPION – D&T Bradley Farmer Lot 14 sold for 3200gns


Chief Prices


Pedigree Maiden Heifers

D&T Farmer Bradley                        6000gns 3200gns

S Currie                                                4500gns 4200gns

Hon G Turton                                     3700gns

G Riby                                                   3000gns

Thomson Roddick Laurie               3000gns



Pedigree Incalf Heifers

S Currie                                               2800gns 2000gns

DSM & AJ Gibson                             1850gns 1750gns


Pedigree Cows & Calves

G Riby                                                   1500gns


Pedigree Bull

PS&SE Hardcastle                             2300gns


Beef Shorthorn Maiden  Heifers               to 6000gns av £2287

Beef Shorthorn Heifer Incalf                       to 2800gns av £1604

Beef Shorthorn Cows with Calves             to 1500gns av £1575

Beef Shorthorn Bull (2018 born)               to 2300gns av £2415


Rumsden Farm Dispersal

Beef Shorthorn Cow & Calf                          to 2000gns av £1750

Beef Shorthorn Cow                                      to 1700gns av £1470

Beef Shorthorn Heifers                                 to 1800gns av £1130

Beef Shorthorn Bull                                        to 1000gns av £805



Rumsden Farms                                                2000gns 1800gns 1700gns 1400gns