**NEW ** SHOW & SALE OF PEDIGREE SUFFOLK FEMALES A solid trader across the board for Suffolk females at Skipton on Saturday when CCM conducted their In Augural Sale. A complete clearance of inlamb sheep topped at 850gns from Pamela Lupton for a Manorhouse Hotspot daughter out of a Rhaeadr Razzle Dazzle ewe, who had show breeding pedigree, which was sold scanned twins to Rhaeadr Jet Set.

. It found a new home with G Brass from Kirkby Stephen. The same vendor also achieved 700gns for the Ballynacanon daughter scanned twins to Jet Set. Geoff Biddulph presented a nice run on Inlamb shearlings, the best of which was 800gns by Sitlow Concept carrying triplets to Carony. All Inlamb shearlings averaged £653.63 and Inlamb ewes £423.94.

A strong show of ewe lambs were better to sell than anticipated with a good commercial following. The Maverick flock of M Brown had a successful sale with Lakeview Harbinger daughters to 800gns and 750gns and their pen of 6 ewe lambs averaging £616. Stephen Bolland from the Wharfe flock made 1000gns of a Strathbogie Supershot ewe lamb selling for export to the Redcreek flock. SJ Buckleys Sitlow flock topped at 750gns for a Strathbogie Peaky Blinder daughter and other to 600gns. Ewe Lambs averaged £508.77



Show Results –

Judge – Liz Needham


Class 1 –

1st G Biddulph Lot 6 sold for 600gns

2nd MA Evans Lot 10 sold for 420gns

3rd J Pryce Lot 2 sold for 300gns


Class 2 –

1st J Pryce Lot 14 sold for 650gns

2nd G Biddulph Lot 15 sold for 800gns

3rd P Lupton Lot 13 sold for 700gns


Class 3 –

1st MA Evans Lot 30 unsold

2nd G Richmond Lot 48 unsold

3rd ID&JC Briggs Lot 50 unsold


Champion – MA Evans Lot 30

Reserve – J Pryce Lot 14



Principle Prices –


Ewes av £423.94:

600gns 400gns G Biddulph; 400gns x2 MA Evans;


Shearlings av £653.63:

850gns 700gns P Lupton; 800gns G Biddulph; 650gns J Pryce;


Gimmer Lambs av £508.77:

800gns 750gns M Brown; 750gns SJ Buckley; 700gns  PJ Lupton;