CCM Auctions conducted the Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders Club Sale at Skipton Mart on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September 2020. As ever, this sale was witness to some fantastic runs of sheep for both pedigree and commercial use, and trade was fast for the well fancied types resulting in both shearling ram and shearling ewe averages seeing sizable rises on the year.


Procters Farms from Tatham Hall Farm in Wray represented by Jeff and Jenny Aiken brought forward a superb pen of 8 shearling rams, with all 8 of them selling at 4 figure prices, including the sale leading price of 3,000gns for a Thrunton Younique son followed by another Younique at 2,000gns and a Smithy Ben son at the same price. 43 rams sold at four figure prices which highlights the premium quality available at this sale for pedigree or other use, but its worth also noting that 37 rams sold from 250gns to 500gns showing that there are rams to suit all uses and budgets, and buyers for everything at the club sale. Shearling rams levelled at £852.

Angela Nairy led the females with a gimmer shearling from her Meins Pride Flock with a granddaughter of Glenway Universe, and virtually a full clearance of females to level at a superb £512.
Rams lambs were a nice selection, but the commercial types would find a tougher day than recent years. A few real breeders types hitting four figures, with Jen Aiken leading the way at 1,400gns and John North 1200gns (Full report next week)


AVERAGES – (2019)

Shearling Ewes – av £512.43 (£363.05)

Shearling Rams – av £852.35 (£740.12)

Ram Lambs – av £384.30 (£388.13)





Shearling Rams;

3000gns 2000gnsx2 1800gns 1600gns                     Procters Farm

1600gns                                                                                J&J Aiken

1500gns x2                                                                         D Pawson

1500gns                                                                                GL RIby

1500gns                                                                                Marsdens Farms


Ram Lambs;

1400gns                                                                               J Aiken

1200gns                                                                                JL North

1100gns 700gns                                                                T Nesbitt

900gns x2                                                                            T Pateman

700gns                                                                                  Messrs Teward



Shearling Ewes;

1400gns                                                                                FA Nairey

1100gns                                                                               Messrs Teward

900gns                                                                                  JS Lodge

900gns 850gns                                                                   JD Houghton

800gns                                                                                  JV Perrings