CCM Auctions conducted the Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders Club Sale at Skipton Mart – FEMALES James Robinson’s ‘Kaker Mill’ flock from Carnforth headlined the Evening sale of females when his 3 rd prize Shearling Ewe bred by ‘Sportsmans Tremendous’ out of a ‘Hilltop Predator’ bred ewe made top price of 2100gns when selling to Mesrs HW&SW Jones of Llansannan.

Second high was  a 1000gn bid from Paul Strickland for a ‘Beautry’ flock  Shearling Ewe from Stuart Currie of Rathmell which was by ‘Loosebeare Voldeort’ out of a ‘Millars Omen’ ewe.

Peter Woof’s ‘Stainton’ Flock produced the 5th prize Shearling Ewe and the third highest price at 950gns  when their ‘Anglezarke Uno’ daughter sold to Mr W Peill of Whittington.

Top price ewe lamb was also the first prize lamb consigned by Alan Harkers ‘Bendgate’ Flock . The March born lamb by ‘Bendgate Uncle Rufus’ joined Mr W Benn of Cotherstone for 380gns.


Sale Sponsors

Carrs Billington, Minexcel Nutrition, NFU, Townson Bros, Jamesons & CCM Auctions.


Show Results –

Judge – Jonathan Watson, Brijon Texels.


Class 1 – Shearling Ewe

1st – F&HJ Booth Lot 63 sold for 800gns

2nd – JM&M Perrings Lot 67 sold for 600gns

3rd – J Robinson Lot 99 sold for 2000gns

4th – S Spyrou Lot 104 Unsold

5th – PK Woof Lot 139 sold for 950gns

6th – J&RM Lucas Lot 40 sold for 550gns


Class 2 – Ewe Lamb

1st A Harker Lot 158 sold for 380gns

2nd F&HJ Booth Lot 161 sold for 200gns

3rd D Pickervance Lot 151 sold for 280gns

4th A Harker Lot 157 sold for 280gns



The shearling ram sale was dominated by David Towell’s ‘Moor Top’ flock when bids of 2300gns and 2200gns secured shearling rams bred back to ‘Wigglesworth Spellbound’. The 2300gn ‘Moortop Waterloo’ was bred out of a ‘Moor Top Thunder’ bred ewe and joined Sharphaw Farms whilst Mr Towell’s second highlight 2200gns ‘Moortop Woodstock’ went to AJ Meredith, of Kidderminster. The ‘Hull House’ flock  of John Mellin of Hellifield were to the fore with 2 shearlings by ‘Langside Thunderbird’ catching the eye. At 1900 gns ‘Hull House Winner’ is bred from a ‘Hull House Rothschild’ ewe and joined Richard Wilson’s ‘Crimple Head’ flock whilst the 1600gn ‘Hull House Wolverine’  bred out of a ‘Castleknowe Matchmaker’ ewe stayed locally when joining P Crabtree of Clifton.

The ram section was headed by Peter Woof whose Stainton flock produced the first prize ram lamb, ‘Stainton Yellow Ribbon’ at 900gns which was eclipsed by  ‘Stainton Yackety Yar’ a February ‘Hexel Wildcard’ son bred out of a daughter of ‘Sportsman’s Tremendous’ which sold to Mesrs A Peart&Son of Frosterley for 2600gn. The recorded section attracted strong interest with the ‘Fimber ‘ flock of J&RM Lucas & Son producing a number of high ranking entries. ‘Fimber Yeti’ a February son of ‘Corriecravie Union Pacific’ who stands 5th in the national listings for gigot got away well to join Mr D McNiven of Glenfarg for 1350gns, whilst the second prize ‘Fimber Yuppy’ by the same sire sold to Mr J Fairweather of Howden for 1000gn. Procters Farm, Slaidburn matched this price with ‘Proctors Yours Truly’ the ‘Knap Wot a Nut’ son born in February, from a ‘Cairnam Talisman’ ewe which stayed in North Yorkshire when joining Mesrs KR&AL Lyth of Lealholme. Trade for ram lambs was solid with buyers looking for lambs with conformation and skin which if combined with top 10% EBVs created exceptional trade.


Class 3 – Shearling Ram

1st J Aiken Lot 202 sold for 1100gns

2nd HM&PC Longdin Lot 189 sold for 1200gns

3rd Procters Farm Lot 345 sold for 1000gns

4th A Nairey Lot 194 sold for 1000gns

5th DA Towell Lot 276 sold for 2300gns

6th S Garth Lot 255 sold for 1350gns


Class 4 – Signet Recorded Shearling Ram

1st T Nesbitt Lot 339 sold for 1600gns

2nd S&S Richardson Lot 319 sold for 1100gns

3rd RH&EA Payne Lot 327 sold for 1250gns

4th J&RM Lucas Lot 230 sold for 1400gns 

5th RP&S Whiteley Lot 211 sold for 300gns


Class 5 – Ram Lamb

1st PK Woof Lot 395 sold for 900gns

2nd JM&M Perrings Lot 442 sold for 800gns

3rd GL Riby Lot 452 sold for 260gns

4th Procters Farm Lot 370 sold for 1000gns

5th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 365 sold for 650gns

6th Dr SR Symes Lot 440 sold for 420gns


Class 6 – Recorded Ram Lamb

1st SJ&SL Beachell Lot 364 for 850gns

2nd J&RM Lucas Lot 477 for 1000gns

3rd PK Woof Lot 394 for 2600gns

4th Procters Farm Lot 371 for 650gns

5th T Nesbitt Lot 375 sold for 450gns

6th J Aiken Lot 453 sold for 400gns





MALE CHAMPION – J Aiken Lot 202






AVERAGES – (2015)

Shearling Ewes – av £404.96 (£358.93)

Ewe Lambs – av £241.02 (£257.56)

Shearling Rams – av £727.68 (£712.31)

Ram Lambs – av £432.29 (£423.81)



Shearling Ewes;

2,000gns 800gns J Robinson

1,000gns 800gns S Currie

950gns PK Woof

800gns F&HJ Booth

800gns JS Lodge

800gns SR Symes


Ewe Lambs;

380gns 280gns A Harker

280gns D Pickervance

280gns F&HJ Booth


Ram Lambs;

2,600gns 900gns PK Woof

1,350gn 1,000gns 800gns J&RM Lucas

1,050gns Procters Farm

880gns JL North

850gns S Beachell

800gns M Perrings



Shearling Rams;

2,300gns 2,200gns DA Towell

1,900gns 1,600gns JW Mellin

1,600gns T Nesbitt

1,500gns PC Longdin

1,450gns 1,400gns J&RM Lucas

1,350gns S Garth