CCM Auctions conducted the Northern Area Texel Sheep Breeders Club Sale at Skipton Mart – Leading price at the Northern Area Texel Breeders Club Sale was the 4000gns paid by Mr George Wilkinson of Aspatria for ‘Moor Top Vodka’ a shearling ram by the ‘Procters Pay As You Go’ son Wigglesworth Spellbound consigned by David Towell of Glusburn. Vodka was selected from an exceptional pen of shearling rams which went onto average £1910 and included the first prize shearling ram and overall Supreme Champion ‘Moor Top Vegas’ which made 2000gns and Moor Top Vip which made 3000gns.

The Stonebridge Flock of Steve & Sherry Ricahardson made 2000gns of Stonebridge Victor an Oldfield Upperclass son that was supreme champion at Lincoln show a price shared also by Tatham Hall Viking a ‘Loosecare Oh Ewe Star’ sired shearling ram from Procters Farm Slaidburn.

The shearling ram section saw unprecedented  demand at this sale with a year on year average up by £25.61 to £712.31. Good ram lambs were equally sought with James Robinson Kaker Mill flock the high flyers at 2100gns for Kaker Mill War Horse a Sportsman’s tremendous son which joined the Gillians Laithe flock. Philip Makin repeated his success in the ewe lamb section buy sending out the 2nd highest price with Williambeck Walter a Garngour Ultimatum sired ram lamb which join Alex Bissett of Hexham.


Female Champion was a Baltier Thunderbird sired shearling bred out of a Garngour Onyx sired ewe consigned by James Robinsons Kaker Mill Flock of Carnforth. The stylish first prize shearling is an ET sister to the Penrith and Garstang show Interbreed Champion and sold to Stonehills Flock of Messrs Richardson for 1000gns. The evening prizes were headed up by the Gib Farm flock of Spiros Spyrou with the Anglezarke Uno daughter, a shearling gimmer which sold to Graham Taylor, Parkholme flock for 1200gns.

The ewe lamb section included an excellent pen of ewe lambs from Philip Makins, Williambeck flock which were all sired by Procters Van Gogh. The pick was a January lamb bred from a ewe sired by Llangman Noddy which was purchased by J Ashton of Crossroads for 460gns.


Sale Sponsors

Carrs Billington, Minexcel Nutrition, Craven Sheep Breeding Services, Signet, Jamesons  & CCM Auctions.


Show Results –

Judge – George Wilkinson. Arkle Flock.


Class 1 – Shearling Ewe

1st – J Robinson Lot 140 sold for 1000gns

2nd – J Mellin Lot 95 sold for 800gns

3rd – W Watson Lot 101 sold for 700gns

4th – SC Currie Lot 162 sold for 700gns

5th – JD Houghton Lot 24 sold for 1100gns

6th – JM&M Perrings Lot 14 sold for 400gns


Class 2 – Ewe Lamb

1st P Makin Lot 184 sold for 460gns

2nd W Watson Lot 189 sold for 350gns

3rd AF Harker Lot 199 sold for 190gns


Class 3 – Shearling Ram

1st – DA Towell Lot 222 sold for 2000gns

2nd S&S Richardson Lot 381 sold for 1200gns

3rd T Nesbitt Lot 285 sold for 1150gns

4th A Nairey Lot 247 sold for 800gns

5th G Taylor Lot 330 sold for 1000gns

6th P Makin Lot 354 sold for 550gns


Class 4 – Signet Recorded Shearling Ram

1st S&S Richardson Lot 376 sold for 2000gns

2nd T Nesbitt & Son Lot 284 sold for 1000gns

3rd Procters Farm Lot 392 sold for 1400gns

4th JS Lodge Lot 316 sold for 700gns

5th J&RM Lucas & Son Lot 254 sold for 900gns

6th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 386 sold for 550gns


Class 5 – Ram Lamb

1st – JL North Lot 563 sold for 650gns

2nd PK Woof Lot 462 sold for 1000gns

3rd  P Makin Lot 534 sold for 500gns

4th Procters Farm Lot 489 sold for 1050gns

5th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 553 sold for 600gns

6th J Robinson Lot 442 sold for 2100gns


Class 6 – Recorded Ram Lamb

1st T Nesbitt & Son Lot 540 sold for 600gns

2nd J Mellin Lot 482 sold for 700gns

3rd M&V Collins Lot 434 sold for 450gns

4th SJ&SL Beachell Lot 552 sold 400gns

5th S Spyrou Lot 520 sold for 580gns

6th PK Woof Lot 467 sold for 750gns


FEMALE CHAMPION – J Robinson Lot 140



MALE CHAMPION – DA Towell Lot 222

RESERVE MALE CHAMPION – S&S Richardson Lot 381





AVERAGES – (2014)

Shearling Ewes – av £358.93 (£370.61)

Ewe Lambs – av £257.56 (£224.70)

Shearling Rams – av £712.31 (£686.70)

Ram Lambs – av £423.81 (£444.94)



Shearling Ewes;

1,200gns 900gns x2 800gns S Spyrou

1,100gns 900gns JD Houghton

1,100gns FA Nairey

1,000gns 800gns J Robinson

980gns 750gns 700gns SC Currie

800gns JW Mellin

700gns W Watson


Ewe Lambs;

460gns 440gns 420gns 340gns 300gns 260gns PT Makin

350gns 200gns W Watson


Ram Lambs;

2100gns J Robinson

1950gns PT Makin

1050gns Procters Farm

1000gns 750gns PK Woof

800gns DA Towell

700gns JW Mellin


Shearling Rams;

4000gns 3000gns 2000gns 1800gns 1400gns DA Towell

2000gns 1800gns 1600gns 1200gns S&S Richardson

2000gns 1400gns Proctors Farms

1250gns J Robinson

1200gns PC Longdin

1150gns T Nesbitt & Son

1100gns JW Mellin

1100gns O Taylor

1100gns G Taylor