RARE BREEDS The rare breed sale at Craven Cattle Marts at Skipton Auction Mart was once again well supported, with a wide variety of sheep up for grabs at this sale.


Cattle –

Galloway Bull                          to 500gns

High Cow & Calf                      to 820gns

Sheep –

Kerry Hill                                 to 350gns

Grey Faced Dartmoor             to 230gns

Ryeland                                   to 210gns

Shetland                                  to £170gns

Woodland                                to 140gns

Badger Face                            to 110gns

Valais                                      to 110gns

Clun Forest                              to 75gns


Easy Care Sheep

Shearlings           to £126                 av £103

Rams                     to 170gns



Special Show & Sale of Goats

3rd Sale of Pedigree and Pure Bred Goats with a decent catalogue put together prior to the sale. 175 goats went under the hammer with the large majority being Boer or Boer X Goats.

21 Goats making 200gns+ with all breeds on offer. Trade topped from CG Dickinson at 300gns for a Boar Buck and a family of 1 nanny and 2 kids selling to 360gns. Nanny goats of all ages with plenty of size and frame sold the best today. Buyers from all over bidding for more quality stock. Derbyshire and the North very well represented. Nannies with kids at foot sold to a wide audience ranging from £110 an outfit with £280 for the better-bred goats. 3 Golden Guernsey nannies sold at 260gns a head. Smart Boar Bucks sold around the late 100gns up-to 300gns.


Principle prices

300gns 240gns CG Dickinson; 290gns K Stuart; 260gns RW Hebden; 250gns R Burniston; 240gns M Smith;