Annual Rare Breeds Show and Sale for 2016 .......


Wensleydale Longwool Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 90gns          P Woodall

Shearling Rams           to 350gns        A Fisher

Ram Lambs                 to 250gns        A Fisher

Ewe                             to 120gns        JA&F Elliott

Shearling Ewes            to 320gns        H Collinge

Ewe Lambs                  to 520gns        M Smith


Jacob Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 260gns        J Atkinson

Shearling Rams           to 580gns        S Dodsworth

Ram Lambs                 to 1100gns      DJ Price

Aged Ewes                   to 190gns        K Gaskell

Shearling Ewes            to 1000gns      RF&DJ Price

Ewe Lambs                  to 2600gns    A Reilly




White Faced Woodland to 150gns A Needham

Dorsets to 88gns S Smith

Grey Faced Dartmoor to 270gns M Twigg

Ryeland to 190gns A Iveson

Herdwick to 300gns IK&AM Grisedale

Hampshire to 90gns K Brookes



Shorthorn Cow & Calf to 1850gns



Goat Kids  £95

Toggenberg     £90




The rare breed sale at Craven Cattle Marts at Skipton Auction Mart was once again well supported, with a wide variety of sheep up for grabs at this sale. Today’s sale began with the cattle section and the pedigree beef shorthorn heifer and heifer calf at foot which was presented by A&C Ivinson of Ousby. The outfit which was highly sought after and sold for 1850gns to E&M Teesdale.

In the Sheep, the pre- sale show was won by the Herdwick 3 Shr from Ian Grisedale of Milnthorpe and went on to sell for the days top price of 300gns. In Reserve was a superb little Ryland Tup lamb from Miss A Ireson which sold for a breed top price on the day of 190gns.

Other noted prices was a Greyfaced Dartmoor Shearling Ram from M Twigg which sold for 270 gns. In the goats a set of three white goat wether and nanny kids sold for 95gns each at the end of the day. The Dorset 2shrs found a healthy market with some 2shr ewes selling for 120gns.

The rare breed sale was again another success with an 87% clearance for the sale held in the Craven Ring today.

Sheep –

Shetland Female:

1st M&M Parkin

2nd M&M Parkin

3rd M&M Parkin

Shetland Male:

1st M&M Parkin

Hebridean Shearling:

1st C Shevelan

2nd C Shevelan

3rd D Smith & A Hailstone

Hebridean Gimmer Lamb:

1st C Shevelan

2nd C Shevelan

3rd C Shevelan

Longwool Male:

1st M Twigg

2nd D Smith & A Hailstone

Longwool Female:

1st D Smith & A Hailstone

Down Female:

1st D&TA Blenkhorn

2nd D&TA Blenkhorn

3rd D&TA Blenkhorn

Ryeland Male:

1st A Ireson

2nd S Hipps

Hill & Heath Male

1st I Grisedale

2nd C Campbell

3rd Countess of Swinton

Hill & Heath Female

1st I Grisedale

2nd I Grisedale

3rd J Keefe

Champion – I Grisedale – Herdwick Female

Reserve – A Ireson – Ryedale Male



The 125th Show & Sale held on behalf of the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders Association saw Andrew Fisher lift the championship at the Friday evening show with the male champion, a shearling ram sired by Maesafon Tornado which sold to Adrian Tattersall of Hindley for 350gns. Andrew Fisher also took the reserve championship with the Naesafon Leonard Lloyd sired shearling gimmer selling to Jim and Sandra Thompson of Deytheur for 250gns. Mr & Mrs Thompson also won the reserve champion female prize with a ewe lamb by the same sire which made 320gns a prize matched by Helen Collinge of Silsden with a shearling by Nosterfield Flashman.


Class 1 – Aged Ram

1st JN&SM Prescott Lot 597

2nd P Woodall Lot 557

Class 2 – Shearling Ram

1st A Fisher Lot 603

2nd JN&SM Prescott Lot 604

3rd H Collinge Lot 607

Class 3 – Ram Lamb

1st J&S Thompson Lot 567

2nd J&S Thompson Lot 566

3rd A Fisher Lot 612

Champion Ram – A Fisher Lot 603

Reserve Ram – JN&SM Prescott Lot 597


Class 4 – Aged Ewe

1st JA&F Elliott Lot 574

2nd TA McDonald Lot 573

Class 5 – Shearling Ewe

1st A Fisher Lot 575

2nd H Collinge Lot 580

3rd JA&F Elliott Lot 579

Class 6 – Ewe Lamb

1st J&S Thompson Lot 549

2nd J&S Thompson Lot 551

3rd M Smith Lot

Champion Female – A Fisher Lot 575

Reserve Female – J&S Thompson Lot 549


Supreme Champion – A Fisher Lot 603

Supreme Reserve – A Fisher Lot 575



The 41st Jacob Sheep Society Northern Area show and sale saw a breed record equalled at 2600gns. Presented by Tony Riley’s Deerpath Flock in East Lothian the Supreme Champion and First Prize Ewe Lamb sire by Hyndshaw Highland Laddie and bred by Wyn and Siwan Harris sold to  the Show judge Gordon Connor of West Lothian. A strong trade for both females and rams saw 4 sheep change hands for 1000gns, or more including the first prize ram lamb from DJ Price (Pentrenant) at 1100gns, the second prize ewe lamb from S Dodsworth (Overdale) at 1200gns and the first prize shearling ewe from RF Price (Pentre) at 1000gns 

Aged Ewe

1st K Gaskell Lot 418

2nd DJ Price Lot 415

3rd RF Price Lot 419

4th DJ Price Lot 416

5th JA Barnes Lot 422

Shearling Ewes

1st RF Price Lot 438

2nd K Gaskell Lot 431

3rd R Verity Lot 423

4th D Sizer Lot 441

5th WM Hurford Lot 430

6th JR Atkinson Lot 435

Ewe Lamb

1st A Reilly Lot 532

2nd S Dodsworth Lot 464

3rd RF Price Lot 498

4th S Carpenter Lot 500

5th Mr & Mrs Moore Lot 451

6th J Lewis Lot 458

Aged Ram

1st E Wilson Lot 503

2nd E Wilson Lot 504

Shearling Ram

1st S Dodsworth Lot 512

2nd GA Wood Lot 508

3rd JR Atkinson Lot 506

4th S Kendall Lot 507

5th KA Metcalfe Lot 510

Ram Lamb

1st  DJ Price Lot 521

2nd H Walsh Lot 525

3rd G Ridout Lot 526

4th M Munro Lot 531

5th S Dodsworth Lot 517

6th D Sizer Lot 529


Overall Champion - A Reilly Lot 532

Reserve Champion - S Dodsworth Lot 512


Chief Prices

Shearling Ewes

MR & MRS R Verity (CRAMBE) 2720gns

K Gaskell (PIKEFIELD) 800gns


Ewe Lambs

Mrs DJ Price (Pentrenant) 750gns

Ms J Lewis (Milldale) 450gns

RF Price (Pentre) 820gns

Mr & Mrs S Carpenter (Lickhill) 550gns

T Riley (Deerpath) 380gns

Mrs AE Urwin & N Crook (Whowells) 250gns





Mr S Dodsworth (Overdale) 580gns

GA Wood & Mrs S Dickinson (Moorhouse) 400gns


Ram Lambs

H Walsh (Thornley) 900gns

Mr & Mrs G Rideout & Mrs HV Higginson (Meadowland) 450gns


Class 1 – Best Pen Large Fowl

1st R Pickles

2nd R Turnbull

3rd L McKechine

Class 2 – Best Pen of Small Fowl

1st R Pickles

2nd J Hindle

3rd Orchard Chickens

Class 3 – Best Water Fowl

1st MI Bowman

2nd MI Bowman

3rd BE Teasdale

Champion – R Pickles

Reserve – R Pickles