Forward – 14 Store & Breeding Cattle, 468 Native & Rare Breed Sheep, 34 Goats & Store Lambs Craven Feather Auction – 116 Pens of Poultry & Waterfowl; 18 Lots of Equipment & Hatching Eggs


Wensleydale Longwool Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 55gns          P Woodall

Shearling Rams           to 210gns        J&S Thompson

Ram Lambs                 to 230gns        A Fisher

Shearling Ewes            to 200gns        MA Elliott

Ewe Lambs                  to 280gns        J&S Thompson


Jacob Sheep

Aged Rams                  to 80gns          KA Metcalfe

Shearling Rams           to 500gns        G Wood

Ram Lambs                 to 350gns        G Wood

Aged Ewes                   to 200gns        DJ Price

Shearling Ewes            to 400gns        RF&DJ Price

Ewe Lambs                  to 720gns        R Francis





White Faced Woodland to 170gns JT&TA Wigham

Kerry Hill to 185gns RF&DJ Prince

Grey Faced Dartmoor to 190gns P Paisley

Ryeland to 215gns JA Thornton

Wensleydale to 210gns TA Mcdonald

Zwartble to 160gns TA Mcdonald

Herdwick to 270gns IK&AM Grisedale

Lincolnshire Longwool to 85gns PJ Pennell

Dorset to 150gns NA Thompson

Badger Face to 92gns P Paisley

Portlands to 70gns S Maskill

Hebridean to 50gns C Shevelan

Shetlands to 38gns M&M Parkin

Balwen to 40gns JH Dewhirst




Dexter to 560gns T&G Mcgarrell

Dexter Cows and Calves to £500 PB Butler



Golden Guernsey 37gns

Togg x Pigmy + Kids 60gns





Cattle –

Female Cattle:

1st P Butler Lot 690 + 691

2nd P Butler Lot 686 + 687

3rd P Butler Lot 688 + 689


Male Cattle:

1st S Capstick Lot 680

2nd S Capstick Lot 681

3rd T&G McGarrell Lot 684


Sheep –

Primitive Male:

1st C Shevelan

2nd C Shevelan

3rd M Parkin

Shetland Female:

1st EE Cooper

2nd M Parkin

3rd EE Cooper

Hebridean Shearling:

1st T Hailstone

2nd C Shevelan

3rd C Shevelan

Hebridean Ewe:

1st C Shevelan

2nd C Shevelan

Hebridean Gimmer Lamb:

1st C Shevelan

2nd C Shevelan

Longwool Female:

1st TA McDonald

2nd TA McDonald

3rd M Twigg

Ryeland Male:

1st B Wright

Ryeland Female:

1st JA Thornton

2nd JA Thornton

Hill & Heath Male

1st I Grisedale

2nd S Seed

3rd I Grisedale

Hill & Heath Female

1st I Grisedale

2nd P Paisley

3rd I Grisedale

Champion – I Grisedale – Herdwick Female

Reserve – J Thornton – Ryedale Male



Class 1 – Aged Ram

1st Jill Bobek

2nd P Woodall

Class 2 – Shearling Ram

1st EL Sherwin

2nd J&S Thompson

3rd JA&F Elliott

Class 3 – Ram Lamb

1st N Oliver

2nd A Fisher

3rd J&S Thompson

Champion Ram – EL Sherwin

Reserve Ram – N Oliver

Class 5 – Shearling Ewe

1st MA Elliott

2nd JA&F Elliott

3rd JN&SM Prescott

Class 6 – Ewe Lamb

1st J&S Thompson

2nd J&S Thompson

3rd J&S Thompson

Champion Female – MA Elliott

Reserve Female – J&S Thompson

Supreme Champion – EL Sherwin

Supreme Reserve – MA Elliott



Class 1 – Best Pen Large Fowl

1st JT Hardaker

2nd PJ Heeley

3rd D&L Clapham

Class 2 – Best Pen of Small Fowl

1st K Chatburn

2nd D&L Clapham

3rd RS Brittain

Class 3 – Best Water Fowl

1st RS Brittain

2nd D Hatham

3rd M Stansfield

Champion – JT Hardaker

Reserve – RS Brittain