CCM Auctions in conjunction with United Auctions conducted the dispersal sale of the renowned Ribble Aberdeen Angus herd on behalf of Henry Rowntree. Forward – 390 head: 157 Outfits, 2 Cows Incalf, 40 Heifers Incalf, 26 Heifers & 7 Bulls





Pedigree Cows & Calves

to 6500gns av £3596

6500gns Lot 42 Ribble Pride with Heifer calf

6000gns Lot 62 Ribble Bellemere with Bull calf

5500gns Lot 83 Ribble Passionetta with Bull calf

5200gns Lot 86 Ribble Nereid with Heifer calf

5000gns Lot 40 Ribble Black Belinda with Bull calf

5000gns Lot 73 Ribble Elita with Heifer calf


Pedigree Heifers & Calves

to 7500gns av £3887

7500gns Lot 150 Ribble Black Belinda with Heifer calf

5000gns Lot 151 Ribble Passaic with Bull calf

4500gns Lot 148 Ribble Elka with Heifer calf

4500gns Lot 166 Ribble Portia with Heifer calf

4200gns Lot 130 Ribble Lady Jet with Heifer calf

4200gns Lot 143 Ribble Equidora with Bull calf

4200gns Lot 144 Ribble Eliza with Heifer calf

4200gns Lot 167 Ribble Emma with Heifer calf


Pedigree Cows Incalf

to 2200gns av £1925

2200gns Lot 75 Ribble Elize

1300gns Lot 3 Ribble Scherie



Pedigree Heifer Incalf

to 2900gns av £2428

2900gns Lot 199 Ribble Equidora

2800gns Lot 174 Ribble Black Belinda

2800gns Lot 182 Ribble Spartina

2800gns Lot 187 Ribble Eartha

2800gns Lot 196 Ribble Elka

2700gns Lot 203 Ribble Spartina



Pedigree Heifers

to 2200gns av £1558

2200gns Lot 211 Ribble Lady Jane

2200gns Lot 229 Ribble Passionetta

2000gns Lot 214 Ribble Black Belinda

2000gns Lot 227 Ribble Essie

1900gns Lot 225 Riible Elize




to 7500gns av £5250

7500gns Lot 235 Ribble Eritrean

7000gns Lot 240 Fordel Bishop Monkton

6000gns Lot 239 Ribble Martin Porres

6000gns Lot 237 Rulesmains Jimo Eric