Forward: 4,893 head of Gimmer Shearlings A large show of Gimmer Shearlings forward today for our Annual Show & Sale and all classes got away to a fast selling trade with the 4893 head averaging £152.05 across all breeds. The morning set off with Continental and Suffolk crosses sold first, and the quality types and strong Texel cross Mules were easily sold with prices around £10 up on the year as buyers were keen for this class of sheep, but the commercial types of sheep were forward in greater numbers and not as keenly sought.


Socially distanced judging of sheep took place in vendors pens in the morning, and the champion pen of Continentals came from S&L Robinson, Barnoldswick, and they went on to sell for £300 per head.
Suffolk Mules were short of requirements and sold to a nice trade, but several customers left empty handed and we need more of these for buyers ringside.
A good entry of Masham Gimmer Shearlings included the MBSA Association annual show. There was tremendous interest in these and a sale average of £156 represented a hefty rise on the year, with WD Dowthwaite’s second prize pen taking top price at £178.
The sale of Mule Shearlings started just after midday, and the new sale format was very well received by all involved. John Greenhalgh from Bashall Eaves was again awarded the Edgar Boothman Trophy for the champion pen, and he promptly went on to top the section at £220. A very solid breed average of £149 was achieved, some £11.70 up on the year.
Some excellent interest displayed all day for runs of sheep of all breeds that were vaccinated for Enzo and Toxo, and this is a good point within the sale and we encourage vendors to carry on with this practice.





Wednesday 26th August

Show & Sale of 10,531 Store Lambs

Annual Shows for Pens of 25 Beltex x Lambs,
Pens of 50 or more Down cross lambs (Robert Morphet Memorial Trophy) &

Pens of 50 or more Mule Wether Lambs (Stephen Foster Memorial Trophy)


Tuesday 8th September

Opening Show & Sale of Mule Gimmer Lambs

Catalogue entries close 4pm Wednesday 26th August



Tuesday 15th September

Second Sale of Shearling Gimmers & All classes of Breeding Sheep

Entries close Monday 7th September





Judges – Ashley & Dani Moran & Simon Pickard

Mule Shearlings (Pens of 10)

1st J&E Greenhalgh selling for £220

2nd WA&VJ&JA Towler selling for £200

3rd J&E Greenhalgh selling for £200

4th JW Hall selling for £190


Continental Shearlings (Pens of 10)

Judge Tom Hill

1st S&L Robinson selling for £300

2nd LW&EJ Coverdale selling for £220

3rd T Harrison selling for £220


Masham Shearlings from Members of The MSBA (Pens of 10)

Judge Chris Gibson  
1st WD Douthwaite selling for £165

2nd WD Douthwaite selling for £178

3rd W Pinder selling for £160


Masham Shearlings (Non Members)

Judge Chris Gibson

1st V Verity & Son selling for £150

2nd JW Hall selling for £175

3rd W&M Oldfield selling for £130






Mule Shearlings                               av £149.03                          +£11.70               

Masham Shearlings                        av £156.82                           +£31.84

Texel Shearlings                               av £154.07                          -£3.75                  

Suffolk Shearlings                           av £151.19                          +£9.12

Cheviot Mule Shearlings              av £179.02                          +£29.45

Beltex Shearlings                             av £194.62                          + £37.95





J&E Greenhalgh                £220, £200 £195

WA VJ JA Towler               £200

T&S Binns                            £190

JW Hall                                  £190 £188



WD Douthwaite                £178 £174 £172 £165

MJ Spensley                       £175 £170 £168

JW Hall                                  £175

KA Liddle                              £165



RA Hird                                 £220 £210

TA Harrison                         £220

LW&EJ Coverdale             £220

A Sharp                                 £205

KW Gamble                        £205



TJ Burke                               £155 £140


Cheviot Mule-

D&SJ Pinder                       £200 £195 £180

LW&EJ Coverdale             £185 £180



SJ Robinson                        £300

PN Dalby                              £220 £190

R Mortimer                         £205 £180