Skipton Auction Mart Market Report – Mon 27th May 2013 (Bank Holiday)

FORWARD: 24 PRIME CATTLE comprising 1Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 2 Clean Cattle (over 30 mos) & 19 Cast Cattle 2,091 PRIME SHEEP comprising 381 Spring Lambs, 1111 Prime Hoggs, 268 Mature Hoggs, 331 Cast Ewes & Rams 163 EWES & LAMBS 62 REARING CALVES 18 DAIRY CATTLE

PRIME CATTLE (under 30 mos)


650+kg                                   to 189.50p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

J Hall                                      Longhorn Str                         £1299                    189.5p

PRIME CATTLE (over 30 mos)

Overall Average                   171.20p/kg           £1074

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

RG Church                             B&W                       £1147

RG Church                             B&W                       £1001


Strong demand for cattle due to Bank Holiday light show and short week for processors. Very few cows carrying meat in all sections. Cast bulls getting away well.

Overall Average                                   124.95p/kg           £776.09

Black & White                       to 141.50p/kg                      av 123.06p/kg

Lim x                                      to 146.50p/kg

Brit Blue                                                to 128.50p/kg                     

Brown Swiss                         to 136.5p/kg                        av 123.55p/kg

Top Prices (£ per head)

JD Crabtree&Son                  B&W                       £976

JW Hall                                  Longhorn               £908

G Abbott&Sons                     B&W                       £872

G&PS Fleetwood                  B&W                       £861

R&KA Burley                         Limx                        £850

G&PS Fleetwood                  BBx                         £829

D&P Brown                           Brown Swiss         £819

JD Crabtree&Son                  B&W                       £797

KM&L Throup                       B&W                       £770

Top Prices (p/kg)

R&KA Burley                         Limx                        146.5p

JD Crabtree&Son                  B&W                       141.5p

D&P Brown                           Brown Swiss         136.5p

RG Church Ltd                       B&W                       136.5p

JW Hall                                  Longhorn               136.5p

G&PS Fleetwood                  B&W                       132.5p

KM&L Throup & Son            B&W                       130.5p

G&PS Fleetwood                  BBx                         128.5p

G Abbott&Son                       B&W                       125.5p

JD Crabtree&Son                  B&W                       123.5p


Overall Average                                   139.65p/kg           £1205.68

Limousin                                to 142.5p/kg        av 139.73p/kg

AA                                           to 139.5p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

TH&A Pickard                       Lim                          £1482                    142.5p

RG Church Ltd                       AA                           £1214                    139.5p

H Carr                                    Lim                          £921                       135.5p


PRIME SHEEP (2,091 Head)

Bank Holidays are meant to be quieter! But with over 2,000 head penned for sale there was no holiday at Skipton. A great entry given that we are in the last week of May. The sale started with nearly 400 new seasons lambs and the top of over 300p belonged to Mark & Richard Ireland from Whalley purchased by Vivers Scotlamb, Annan. The whole sale averaged 251p, down on last Monday but still stronger than the second half of last week.

In the hogg market a total of 1,379 head were presented for sale but quality was a little more variable than of late as customers tidy up their end of season runs, but trade could match last Mondays high point. Meated sorts were 200p plus, commercial types 175p to 200p, plain types around 150p. Mature hoggs varied in price from 120p to 180p.

Next Monday – 3rd June 2013 – Monthly Show & Sale of Prime Lambs – Pens of 5

PRIME LAMBS  – Overall Average £98.69 per head or 251.5p/kg                                                            

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 271.4p/kg         av 247.0p/kg        or  £84.09 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 301.4p/kg         av 252.1p/kg        or  £99.29 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 252.2p/kg         av 250.7p/kg        or  £118.11 per head

Charollais average £100.91 per head or 241.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £110 JA&JM Wade & Son or 270.5p/kg BA&B Perkins

Texel average £96.67 per head or 250.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £131 PW Houseman or 301.4p/kg RH&MR Ireland

Suffolk average £102.14 per head or 256.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £128 RW Marston & Son or 279.5p/kg









PRIME HOGGS  – Overall Average  £77.52 per head or 185.0p/kg                                                           

32.1kg to 35.9kg to 174.3p/kg         av 153.0p/kg        or  £51.71 per head

36.0kg to 45.5kg to 228.0p/kg         av 186.9p/kg        or  £77.15 per head

45.6kg to 52.0kg to 231.9p/kg         av 191.5p/kg        or  £91.78 per head

52.1kg and over   to 193.9p/kg         av 176.5p/kg        or  £105.75 per head

Beltex average £71.05 per head or p/kg

TOP PRICES: £82.50 R Naylor or p/kg

Texel average £83.34 per head or 191.8p/kg

TOP PRICES: £111 G Bell or 223.4p/kg JG Senior

Suffolk average £86.35 per head or 178.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £117 JM&VJ Howard or 215.7p/kg JG Senior

Charollais average £84.20 per head or 196.9p/kg

TOP PRICES: £104 GW Thackray or 231.9p/kg JG Senior

Mule average £76.96 per head or 170.1p/kg

TOP PRICES: £99 or 194.1p/kg G Bell

Lonk  average £78.19 per head or 175.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £89 or 189.4p/kg GW Thackray

Swaledale average £58.79 per head or 158.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £73.50 R Naylor or 186.5p/kg GW Thackray

Gritstone average £75.25 per head or 173.9p/kg

TOP PRICES: £88 or 183.3p/kg JG Senior

Cheviot average £77.69 per head or 190.5p/kg

TOP PRICES: £86 or 200.0p/kg GW Thackray

SBF average £66.68 per head or 171.4p/kg

TOP PRICES: £77 or 187.8p/kg T Kiernan

Herdwick average £75 per head or 178.6p/kg

TOP PRICES: £75 or 178.6p/kg R Naylor

CULL EWES average £46.89

Suffolk to £114.50, Texel to £107.50, Charollais to £33.50, BFL to £91.50, Mule to £78.50, Gritstone to £62.50, Cheviot to £79.50, Lonk to £47.50,  Lleyn to £66.50, Swaledale to £53.50, Masham to £63.50 Bleu De Maine to £109.50, Beltex to £56.50.


LOWLAND: £109.50 BA&B Perkins; £107.50 G Beresford & Son;

MULE/MASHAM: £78.50 JH&K Dewhirst; £74.50 AN Bolland

HORNED: £53.50 C Nelson & Son; £47.50 A Guy & Son

HILL: £91.50 SL&SD Lund; £79.50 £67.50 M Butterell;

CAST RAMS average £53.03

Suffolk to £90.50, Texel to £88.50, Beltex to £74.50, Gritstone to £80.00, Cheviot to £46.50, Lonk to £61.50, Swaledale to £34.50.

TOP PRICES: £90.50 JW Brown; £88.50 £80 J Cheetham

EWES & LAMBS (163 head)


A nice entry sold very well after last week’s blip. Mule Hoggs & Lambs up to £185, whilst older ewes & lambs were very much in demand, only one pen under £100 and they were Swaledales with Single Lambs.

Mule Hoggs & Singles                          to £185 av £173.20

Mule Ewes Crct & Twins                     to £170

Mule Ewes b/m & Twins                    to £158  av £156.50

Texel Hoggs & Singles                         to £170

Texel Hoggs & Twins                           to £190

Texel Ewes Crct & Twins                    to £185 av £165

Texel Ewes Crct & Singles                  to £130

Texel Ewes BM & Twins                      to £145

Suffolk Hoggs & Singles                       to £135 av £120

Swaledale Ewes BM & Twins             to £125

Swaledale Ewes BM & Singles           to £92


REARING CALVES to £435  average £162.73


Limousin x                             to £405                  av £320                  CD&RF Kitching                   

Brit Blue x                             to £435                  av £302                  G Booth                                

Aberdeen Angus                  to £190                  av £181                  M Fewster                           

Black & White                       to £250                  av £94                    M Ryder & Son                    


HEIFER CALVES                    

Limousin x                             to £230                  av £216                  JC&DJ Marshall & Son                        

Brit Blue x                             to £380                  av £330                  Church Farm Enterprises                  

Aberdeen Angus                  to £185                  av £180                  GD&JC Holme                      


A small but quality draw of dairy cattle were seen at the May show and sale of dairy cattle. Robert Metcalfe of Brearton was set with a stern task when selecting the Newly Calven Heifer class and picked two fine heifers from Church Farm Enterprises as Champion and Reserve. The top price of the day went to a Pedigree Heifer from Jonathan Caygill of Rylstone, which showed itself tremendously in the sale ring and is on its way to Tarvin, Cheshire with Wilmot Blockley, along with the champion and reserve pedigree heifers from Church Farm Enterprises.

Next sale 17th June for a BOCM Sponsored show and sale.

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st Church Farm Enterprises

                                                                                2nd Church Farm Enterprises

                                                                                3rd M Baul & Partners

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st FA Broadwith

                                                                                2nd TD&M Bell

                                                                                3rd AH Price & Son

                                Maiden Heifers:                   1st 2nd & 3rd A&SL Throup


CHAMPION – Church Farm Enterprises           RESERVE – Church Farm Enterprises


Newly Calven Heifers:                        av £1760 to £1800 FA Broadwith   

Newly Calven Cows:                           av £1607 to £1760 TD&M Bell

Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers:       av £2066 to £2250 J Caygill & Partners

Pedigree Newly Calven Cow:            to £1600 AH Price & Son

Maiden Heifers:                                   av £740 to £760 A&SL Throup