Skipton Auction Mart Market Report – Wed 15th May 2013

The ‘Coachhouse’ herd of Barry & Gill Heald & Co of Retford exhibited the Supreme Champion at the Craven Limousin Day. ‘Coachhouse Gladstone’ a 2011 bull by ‘Mereside Daytona’ out of ‘Coachhouse Tiggy’ a ‘Haltcliffe Picasso’ cow won his Senior Bull class and went on to sell to Jack & Keith Allen at Ings, Kendal for 4000gns.

The Reserve Champion ‘Nether Hall Henry’ a 15 month old ‘Malibu’ son out of the ‘Fieldson Alfy’ sired cow ‘Nether Hall Expresso’ exhibited by David, Maggie & Harriet Kelly of Mansergh met strong breeder interest before joining Will & Gillian Sedgley of Garsdale for 5000gns.

Similar interest followed the fortunes of the young junior bull class the Garrowby Farms entry ‘Garrowby Hurricane’. The 14 month old son of the 24,000gns ‘Glenrock Ventura’ and full brother to the 2012 Limousin Extravaganza Champion was snapped up by the ‘Brontemoor’ herd of Stephen  & Michael Priestley at Brampton for 4400gns.

John & Claire Mason of ‘Oddacres’ presented a good pen of junior bulls headed up by ‘Oddacres Huntsman’ an April 2012 son of the 10,000gns ‘Homebyres Vanhee’ out of a favourite French cow ‘Teos’ stayed in the parish when joining Rowland Carr of Bolton Abbey for 3700gns. Another highlight from the Oddacres pen was ‘Oddacres Hector’ who was 2nd in the young junior bull class and bred from a French cow ‘Elve’  and joined Stephen & Brian Porter of Gunnerside for 3300gns.

Yet another high was achieved by Oddacres with the 14 month old ‘Oddacres Hitman’ bred from a ‘Usant’ daughter ‘Oddacres Empress’ which sold to Malcolm Campbell of Arncliffe for 3100gns.

Back in the impressive Coachhouse pen Mesrs Heald & Co produced’ Coachhouse Grandprix’ a 26 month old son of the ‘Cloughhead Umpire’ sired ‘Overthwaite Crackerjack’ out of ‘Coachhouse Bethany’, which went north to Darlington with JN Swinbank for 3500gns.

Carl & Julie Stephenson of Bishop Auckland enjoyed a spirited following with ‘Pikestone Gimli’, by the highly successful pedigree & commercial sire ‘Waindale Someboy’ which at 23 months caught the eye of Mesrs Sandham at None Go Bye Farm Shop, Horsforth selling for 3500gns.

Mention in the bull section should be made of a good pen of Intermediate bulls from Stephen & Michael Priestley with a 1st & 2nd prize in both classes, seeing a Sept 2011 ‘Elite Benn’ son make 3200gns and two ‘Searview Upstart’ bred bulls make 3100gns each.

Mesrs Heald & Co, Retford rose to the top in the female section as well taking both the Champion & Reserve. Their Champion ‘Coachhouse Huckleberry’ a 14 month old heifer by ‘Coachhouse Amos’ joined Jan Feather of Oxenhope for 3050gns along with the reserve ‘Coachhouse Gladtidings’ an ‘Epson’ sired 17 month old heifer for 2800gns.

Exhibitors at the Craven Limousin Day continued to raise the bar with a quality entry at the 2013 renewal. The fixture attracted a packed ringside for the bull section with commercial buyers from throughout the North and Midlands consciously seeking strong bulls ready for work and junior bulls with shape and growth potential. Opportunity also arose in the junior bull section for breeders, with a number of well- bred prospects meeting spirited support when coming under the hammer to find homes with pedigree herds.

The breed at Skipton continues to generate interest from new herds and those with herd expansion plans and this was reflected in a solid trade for females.

Head – 75       Judge – Mr Harry Emslie, Peterhead.

Show Results –

Class 1 – Senior Bull born 30.08.10 – 30.04.11

1st – Heald & Co Lot 7 selling for 4000gns to Allen

2nd – Heald & Co Lot 5 selling for 3500gns

3rd – W Richardson Lot 2 selling for 2500gns

Class 2 – Intermediate Bull born 10.05.11 – 18.08.11

1st – Heald & Co Lot 15 selling for 3000gns

2nd – JM Priestley Lot 20 selling for 3100gns

3rd – WI Suddes Lot 12 Unsold

Class 3 – Intermediate Bull born 03.09.11 – 22.10.11

1st – JM Priestley Lot 25 selling for 3200gns

2nd – R&R Gornall Lot 29 selling for 2700gns

3rd – TC Altham Lot 31 selling for 2600gns

Class 4 – Junior Bull born 12.11.11 – 08.03.12

1st – Nether Hall Farms Lot 42 selling for 5000gns

2nd – T&JM Sedgwick Lot 36 selling for 2900gns

3rd – IK&M Griesdale Lot 38 Unsold

Class 5 – Junior Bull born 10.03.12 – 20.08.12

1st – Garrowby Estates Lot 50 selling for 4400gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 53 selling for 3300gns

3rd AJ Mason Lot 54 selling for 3700gns

Male Champion – Heald & Co Lot 7

Male Reserve – Nether Hall Farms Lot 42

Class 7 – Maiden Heifer born 05.06.11 – 20.12.11

1st – Heald & Co Lot 72 selling for 2800gns

2nd – P Summers & Daughters Lot 68 selling for 1350gns

3rd – P Summers & Daughters Lot 67 selling for 1450gns

Class 8 – Maiden Heifer born 26.02.12 – 16.05.12

1st – Heald & Co Lot 78 selling for 3050gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 82 selling for 1450gns

3rd – AJ Mason Lot 84 selling for 1380gns


Female Champion – Heald & Co Lot 78

Female Reserve – Heald & Co Lot 72

Overall Supreme Champion – Heald & Co Lot 7

Overall Supreme Reserve – Nether Hall Farms Lot 42

Averages –

Senior Bulls                             to 4000gns av £3087

Int Bulls                                   to 3500gns av £2952

Jun Bulls                                  to 5000gns av £2726

Maiden                                    to 3500gns av £1668

Cows with Hfr Calves              to 2060gns

Cows with Bull Calves                        to 3000gns av £2625

Chief Price amendments

Heald&Co- Coachhouse

Sen. Bulls-                          4000g, 3500g

Int. Bulls-                            3000g

AJ Mason- Oddacres

Jun. Bulls-                           3700g, 3300g, 3100g, 2500g, 2400g, 1500g, 1500g

Cows/Bull calves             3000g

Cows/Hfr calves               2600g

Maiden Hfrs                       1580g, 1450g, 1380g, 1350g, 1280g, 1080g

Nether Hall Farm Ltd- Nether Hall

Jun. Bulls-                           5000g

Garrowby Estates- Garrowby

Jun. Bulls-                           4400g

C&JC Stephenson- Pikestone

Int. Bull-                              3500g

JM&SM Priestley- Brontemoor

Int. Bulls-                            3200g, 3100g twice, 2400g

W&A Holden- Boldventure

Int. Bulls-                            3100g, 2200g

IK&AM Grisedale- Angiean

Jun Bulls-                            2900g, 1500g

T&JM Sedgwick- Gallaber

Jun Bull-                              2900g

R&R Gornall- Dokra

Int. Bull-                              2700g

P Fletcher- Siddall

Sen. Bull-                            2700g, 2000g

TC&CA Altham- Lune Valley

Int. Bull-                              2600g

Cows/Hfr calves               2000g

P Summers & Daughters- High Birks

Int. Bulls-                            2600g, unreg. 1800g

Maiden Heifers-               1450g, 1350g

W Richardson- Laverock

Sen. Bulls-                          2500g

WP Brewer- Coredale

Sen. Bulls-                          2400g

E Priestley- Prietec

Jun Bull-                              2000g

Int. Bull-                              2300g

WM&JM Shuttleworth- Barbondale

Sen. Bull-                            2300g

DG Johnson- Rivington

Jun Bull-                              2000g

D&S Robinson- Hutton

Maiden Heifer-                 1180g