Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle Forward: 710 head of cattle Comprising: 673 Feeding Cattle (53 Young Bulls, 38 Beef Feeding Cows & Bulls, 545 Bullocks & Heifers) & 37 Breeding Cattle. Young Bulls - Today’s strong trade was more a reflection of feeders pens emptying of 2018 spring born bulls with the need to sell to factories in spec and under 16 months, rather than an upturn in values at the finished end. 53 bulls penned averaged £1027 with the heavy bulls 13mths + and closer to realisation average £1095 and everything younger averaged £992.

Store Cattle - A very substantial catalogue of store cattle were presented for sale today with a high percentage of older stronger cattle on offer.  Some large consignments from numerous vendors meant for some large groups of cattle going under the hammer. A particularly good run of cattle from P&E Fox of Withgill took home both prizes for the highest priced pen of three bullocks, with two of his pens selling for £1195 and £1140. Another noted run was that of Paul Drinkall of Gargrave with 30 tremendous cattle with the highlight being 6 Aberdeen Angus bullocks at £1100. Considering where finished cattle prices currently are, these were some pretty heady prices.

Smaller, longer keep cattle were definitely saw a much more selective audience with very plain store cattle finding a much depleted buyer audience compared to the ringside of late spring.  Smart retail cattle weren’t quite as potent today due to a number of buyers busy getting on top of harvest, however smart retail heifers could still easily break £1,000 mark with a super heifer from John and Julie Carlisle of Cracoe being the stad out entry selling for £1220.

20% of the store cattle entered today were Native sired cattle with the vast majority being sold with Sire Identification. The best prices seen were for a brace of cracking bullocks presented by Craig Stephenson of Kirkby Lonsdale selling for £1140 with Herefords topping out at £1050 for a pen of 6 presented again by Paul Drinkall.    




720 HEAD comprising 100 Young Bulls, 50 Beef Bred feeding Cows, 550 Bullocks and Heifers

& 20 Breeding Cattle



 Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 4th September


Prices and Averages

Young Bulls Continental x average £1042, Native average £717


Charollais x (Av £833)

£960x2 £580 Brown Bros;

Limousin x (Av £1059)

£1340 £1290 TH&K Wood; £1195 IJ Pratt; £1175 £1155x2 R Holroyd; £1130 AJ Wade; £1125 IJ Pratt; £1105 WA VJ JA Towler; £1110 T&LM Goad;  

Brit Blue x (Av £940)

£950 D Smith; £930 P Coates;   

Ab Angus (Av £717)

£1045 Brown Bros; £390 ID&JC Briggs;  

Blonde (Av £1102)

£1150 MG&SM Elston; £1055 JJ&D Cowking;  

Bazadaise (Av £880)

£880 SJ&RK Handley;


Top price pen of three or more bulls

(£15 Prize) 6 Lim x @ £1095 L Bamforth


Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £870


Hereford             to £540

Charollais             to £1080 av £940

Simmental           to £840

Limousin              to £1240 av £935

Blonde                  to £1000

AA                          to £985 av £881

Brit Blue               to £1050 av £875


Charollais Bull    to £930


Top prices - £1240 £1080 L Bamforth & Son; £1080 £1045 RP Holt; £1050 JM Townsend; £1045 DW&CJ Towler;    


Store Bullocks
– Continental x average £971, Native average £959

Charollais (Av £1029)

£1150 P Coates; £1145x2 £1105 £1030 N&S Pinder; £1065 Brown Bros; £1050 Brogden Farms; £1045 D Beck;  

Simmental x (Av £895)

£1025 AE Schindler; £830x2 KM&L Throup;

Limousin x (Av £942)

£1200 £1195x2 £1140x2 P&E Fox; £1160 £1100x2 N&S Pinder; £1145 M Ryder; £1100 GJ Edwards; £1100 P Coates;

Blonde (Av £1072)

£1100 N&S Pinder; £1045 CR&EM Hammond;

Ab Angus (Av £998)

£1140x2 £1090 GCL Stephenson; £1100x6 KP Drinkall; £1090 JF Metcalfe;   

Saler x (Av £900)

£900 E&M Townley;

Brit Blue x (Av £1020)

£1195 £1140 P&E Fox; £1175 £1155x3 N&S Pinder; £1115 AE Schindler; £1100 R Naylor; £1095 DT Houseman;

Bazadaise (Av £915)

£925x6 R Naylor; £885x2 JE Naylor;

Continental (Av £791)

£840 £835x2; £785 J&A Smales;

B&W (Av £746)

£850 £840x8 RJ Ashworth; £800 R Naylor;

Hereford (Av £1015)

£1050x6; £970 N&M Hugill;


Top price pen of three or more bullocks

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1195 P&E Fox

(£10 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1140 P&E Fox



Store Heifers – Continental x average £883, Native average £734

Charollais x (Av £912)

£1005x5 DW Sunderland; £970 S&NV Jowett; £970 D Beck; £970x4 JW Barker;

Limousin x (Av £909)

£1220 D&J Carlisle; £1200 £1140 Bob Lancaster; £1130x2 KP Drinkall; £1100 TH&K Wood; £1100 SJ&RK Handley; £1095 Fair Place Farm;  

Blonde (Av £748)

£995 CT&EM Hammond; £920 £905x2 E&M Townley; £885x2 JR Taylor; £850x2 R Dodson; £790 B&D Stancliffe;

Ab Angus (Av £725)

£970x2 J&D Barritt; £895x4 N&J Thwaite; £790x2 RD Capstick; £790x2 AJ&HC Clarke;

Bazadaise (Av £885)

£1125 A Rayton; £840 £820x3 R Naylor;  

Brit Blue x (Av £841)

£1125 £1035x2 £1030A Rayton; £1070 KP Drinkall; £1055x2 R Naylor; £1000 MJ&RH Wallbank;  

Simmental (Av £921)

£940x2 KM&L Throup; £940x2 R Naylor; £905 CH&OF Hammond;

B&W (Av £595)

£595 CN&SA Harrison;

Hereford (Av £846)

£885 N&M Hugill; £830 JR Taylor; £690 B&LN Dibb;


Top price pen of three or more heifers

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1040 KP Drinkall

(£10 Prize) 3 BB x @ £1035 A Rayton



37 Head Beef Breeding Cattle

Pedigree Beef Shorthorn Cow with Beef Shorthorn Bull Calf £1450

British Blue X Cow with Lim X Bull calves to £1300

British Blue X Cows with Lim X Heifer Calves to £1500

British Blue X Cow with British Blue X Heifer calves to £1280

Lim x Cows with Aberdeen Angus X Heifer calves to £1300

Lim X Cows with British Blue x Bulls to £1250