Fortnightly Sale of Young Feeding Bulls, Store Bullocks & Heifers, Breeding Cattle Forward: 596 head of cattle Comprising: 415 Feeding Cattle (60 Young Bulls, 60 Beef Feeding Cows, 295 Bullocks & Heifers) & 33 Breeding Cattle & 148 Pedigree Cattle (Separate report)


Feeding Bulls - Young Bull numbers short of requirements and strong sorts would be a nice trade. Messrs TH&K Wood from Birstwith topped the sale at £1135 for a pair of 11month Limousin, with another single animal at £1130, the same vendors also made £1060 of a pen of 3 Limousins ranging from 9 to 11mo. Messrs Mason form Gardner from Chapel le Dale presented a nice pen of Continental bred bulls topping £1110 for a yearling Blue x and £1090 for an 11mo Blue x. Gary Lodge of Malham Moor had some nice bulls, best of which made £1100 at exactly 12months, whilst Rob Tennant from Kilnsey made £1090 of an Aberdeen Angus at 15mo. JH&SM Mason from Keasden were upto £1080 for a yearling Blue x, also with Blue crosses was I Barrett & Son Brasity Woods made £1065 of a New Years Eve born bull.
The 2019 bulls were led at £1090 for a pair of February born Limousin Bulls from WA,VJ&JA Towler from Grindleton, whilst Procters Farms had a pen of 4 Limousins born Jan-Feb 19 at £1040. JG Bamforth & Son from Slaithwaite made £1025 of February 19 born Blue crosses. The younger more commercial types of bulls were in the 700’s and £800’s whilst nice 8-10mo old square bulls £850 to £950.


Feeding Cows - Grazing Cows were a sharp trade selling to a good ringside of buyers. Messrs Townley of Clapham led the way at £1175 with a Blue cross selling to JB Eastwood & Son, Emley. Messrs Butler, Top oth Hill had a nice run which included £1090 for a Blue x and £1065 for a Limousin. SD Bennett of Silsden made £1090 of a blue and S&T Fawcett, Drebley were up to £1080 for Limousin. Plenty of strong cows from late 800’s to £1000, medium keep cows £650 to £800. Some older cows and lean types £450 to £580. Overall Average of £730.58.

Stores –
In relation with the slightly lifted fat price, an improved store cattle trade was seen today with some purchasers going home empty handed and some not able to fulfil orders. A clearance rate of 100% as well.

Stronger farm assured cattle taking as much of a lift as the 15 month old dairy bred sorts.

British blues sold better than recent weeks with DT Houseman topping his blues at £1145 and an Blue Steer breed avg of £962 topping the trade today was a limousin steer from Fair Place Farm at £1220 with Limousin steers avg £941. Suckled Calves were a sharp trade with plenty of interest in the smarter Bullocks and Heifers.

All cattle today entered were sold with vendors going home with a better trade than expected. More cattle required for next fortnight sale. Overall averages heifers £847 steers £899






600 HEAD comprising 100 Young Bulls, 50 Beef Bred feeding Cows, 400 Bullocks and Heifers

& 50 Breeding Cattle


Catalogue Entries close 4pm Wednesday 13th November



Prices and Averages

Young Bulls Continental x average £902, Native average £845


Charollais x (Av £756)

£865 D&A Livestock; £720x3 A Rogers;

Limousin x (Av £929)

£1135x2 £1130 £1060x3 TH&K Wood; £1100 A Lodge; £1090x2 WA VJ JA Towler; £1080 JH&SM Mason;  

Brit Blue x (Av £912)

£1110 £1090 Mason & Gardner; £1065 I Barrett; £1025 £940 JG Bamforth; £975 JC Walker & Son;  

Ab Angus (Av £845)

£1090 R Tennant; £600 JC Walker;

Blonde (Av £630)

£660x2 £650 £550 RW Mason;  

Saler (Av £755)

£755 JG Bamforth;


Top price pen of three or more bulls

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1060 TH&K Wood

(£10 Prize) 4 Lim x @ £1040 Procters Farm



Beef Bred Feeding Cows av £730


Simmental           to £980

Limousin              to £1080 av £713

Blonde                  to £1090 av £833

AA                          to £760 av £628

Bazadaise            to £715

Brit Blue               to £1175 av £771


Top prices - ££1175 E&M Townley; £1090 £1030 SD Bennett; £1090 £1065 J Butler; £1080 S&T Fawcett;    



Store Bullocks – Continental x average £925, Native average £791

Charollais (Av £995)

£1150 Brogden Farms; £1080 A Fawcett; £905 Firm of William King;

Simmental x (Av £902)

£1080x2 £1050 A Fawcett; £950x2  KM&L Throup; £880x4 B Mellin;

Limousin x (Av £941)

£1220 Fair Place Farm; £1140 M Ryder & Son; £1140x3 DT Houseman; £1135 JA&J Harper; £1100 Thornhill Fenwick;  

Blonde (Av £830)

£830 A&SE Duckworth;  

Ab Angus (Av £862)

£1095 £960x3 MJ Holmes; £1090x2 Rowntree Farms; £950x2 KM&L Throup;   

Shorthorn x (Av £780)

£780x6 J Drinkall;

Brit Blue x (Av £962)

£1145 DT Houseman; £1055x5 KM&L Throup; £980 Thornhill Fenwick; £945 P&J Borwn;

B&W (Av £665)

£775x4 P&J Brown; £755x2 £705x2 B&J Sutcliffe; £680x3 T Clancy;


Top price pen of three or more bullocks

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1140 DT&LA Houseman

(£10 Prize) 3 Sim x @ £1080 A Fawcett



Store Heifers – Continental x average £862, Native average £734

Charollais x (Av £774)

£925 £865 £860 £800 D&A Livestock; £875 F&K Estates; £790x2 Brogden Farms; £670x2 R Wilson;

Limousin x (Av £921)

£1140x3 £1120x3 TH&K Wood; £1090x3 M Ryder & Son; £1065 J&JH Whaley;   

Blonde (Av £767)

£790 £745 JA&J Harper;   

Ab Angus (Av £753)

£880x3 E Pennock & Son; £855x5 £800x3 R&A Wallbank;

Shorthorn (Av £710)

£750x3 F&K Estates; £700x6 J Drinkall Ltd;  

Brit Blue x (Av £859)

£1000 R Naylor; £1000 W&A Lambert; £1000 Brogden Farms; £980 E&M Townley; £980 Ellis Bros; £900 R&VJ Brown;  

Simmental (Av £906)

£955x2 £810 R&A Jennings;

Hereford (Av £718)

£950 G&R Bulmer; £750 £735 R Shepherd; £605 B Mellin;

Bazadaise (Av £833)

£905x4 £860x3 £850x2 R Naylor;


Top price pen of three or more heifers

(£15 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1140 TH&K Wood

(£10 Prize) 3 Lim x @ £1120 TH&K Wood




Suckler cattle again selling very well yet again with buyers looking for replacements and with a very commercial offering selling to a total clearance.


Incalf Ab Angus                                 to £720

Char Hfr with AA Calf                      to £1020

Lim Cow with Lim Calf                    to £1140

S/horn Cow with S/horn Calf       to £1050